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Hey there, I have a cat and she is my baby. But lately she has been peeing everywhere! Like on my clothes, couches and beds. I clean her litter box a lot, and when she does pee, it is a hugggeee spot. But when she sometimes pees in her litterbox, she only pees a little bit, but when she pees on the couches and beds its a huge spot. Please help, im sick of cleaning it up all the time! Thankss.

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Make sure her litterbox is always clean, first of all - cats don't like messes anymore than you do.

If she's been soiling specific areas, you'll need to treat those areas with a urine neutralizer (you can get it anywhere you buy animal products). If she can smell the urine in those areas, she'll continue going there.

Just keep reminding her where her litterbox is, and avoid leaving clothes in a pile on the floor, or blankets thrown on the couch...if she can move the items around to create litter areas, she won't stop. You may have to keep her out of the bedrooms until the behavior corrects itself.

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She may have a UTI, you can have her urine ran at the vet hospital to see what is going on

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