My cat is pooping everywhere!

My cat joxer is a 9 year old Devon Rex. He is an indoor only cat and he is 9 years old. He has always been very good at using a litter box and never had accidents. We moved 7 months ago into a new house and ever since then he poops wherever he feels like pooping. SOmetimes he even pees. Its always in a corner (ANY corner) or in the basement (his litter box is down there and he will poop literally 2 feet away from the box and its CLEAN!) I dont know what his problem is but I rent this house and my landlord is tired of it and is ready to kick me out or make me get rid of him.

I have cleaned every spot he poops or pees in every time, the carpet doesnt smell ( I have smelled it) I use pet odor remover to clean it and then I spray a ton of this pet training aid spray that is supposed to keep cats from soiling in areas they shouldnt. It doesnt work because he pooped on top of a spot that I sprayed today!

Why would a cat suddenly start pooping and peeing everywhere even though the litter box is cleaned out every single day? How can I fully remedy this situation before my landlord kicks me out or makes me get rid of my cat?

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Fau, there are so many responses possible to your idiotic little speech, I wouldn’t know where to start. You sound like my exhusband .. I wonder if you are as cold about life in general as he is.God help you.

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My cat has recently started doing the same thing. He’s 10 years old. We’ve recently moved but we’ve been living in this house for about 2 years now and just about 4month ago started pooping all over my house. I have no clue why he does it but I’m pissed about it. there really seems to be no solution. He’s just stupid and lazy. cant even make it to his own litter box anymore.

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So glad to hear that xxpixiesworldxx!! :)

Answer #4

the vet can give him something - he may have an infection

Answer #5

maybe he is just adjusting to the new house. I dunno, you should take him to the vet and get him checked out

Answer #6

You stupid idiot Fau, go get a life you sad lonely freak

Answer #7

You have to retrain him to use the litterbox again. New house, new rules.

Maybe the litter box smells too clean? The next time he does it, scoop his poop and put it in his litter box. As usual remove odor evidence of the old spot he pooped. Cats by nature smell out their poop so that they can do it in the same place again. Hopefully, he’s sniff his poop out in the litter box and go there from now on.

Another thing you can try is to watch your cat for the next few weeks. Whenever he squats down to poop, quickly pick him up and put him on the litter box to do it. Wait until he does it to make sure he doesn’t escape to do it somewhere else. Give your cat a pat and play with him for awhile after that. The cat needs to feel comfortable in his new surroundings, at least you can play with him and give him some attention so that he can feel some normalcy.

Answer #8

steve… its YOU who is a stupid idiot. Fau is absolutely right. Animals live OUT in the jungles and people live in houses. You or any pet owner has absolutely NO BUSINESS to domesticate these animals if you really appreciate them or their lives. Domestication = Corruption of animal instinct. It makes them lazy, dependent and an mere object of recreation rather than a creature of ferocious beauty worthy of admiration. Got it Mr. dumbest-of-all-fucks Steve.

Answer #9

Thankyou everyone here. You reaffirmed my suspicion that the litter tray should be in the same room as her food, water and where she spends her days with me. I just got a rescue cat, she is old but had no problems in the cattery with litter issues, but here she either leaves packages by the litter tray, half misses, or today she just went in the corner by my bookcase. When I cleaned up there was even a drier poo that I had not seen that must have been there since I was last in that part of the room (definitely was not there earlier today!!!) so I brought in the litter tray and moved her food to another area of the room. I hope this worked, but looking at your comments there I think it will. I have only had her for 2 days and while she seems comfortable enough with me, her hygiene is not yet great. I am taking her to the vet on Wednesday and will definitely mention this to him, even if she does not “miss” again before then :-)

Answer #10

Just get rid of the cat. Cats are such a pain in the arse. All they are good for is acting like they love you (for food of course). If you think about how much you have to put into these animals versus how much you get out of them, you will see that they are not worth it. Just think about how much you spend on your cat over its lifetime, at least $10,000 (this is a conservative estimate). If you need an animal to fill a void in your life, then you should think about seeing a doctor about this. Or perhaps try some natural sedatives to help “iron out” your anxieties.

Another thing that works well for filling a void is to go to your parents house and take a dump on their living room floor, next to the toilet in the bathroom, on the kitchen counter, and then piss all over the furniture, and I mean all of it. You should also tear some holes in their drapes, shred the carpets, cut up the upholstery on their furniture. And then after you have watched your parents attempt to clean all of this up, they can take you to the doctor to get you checked out. Hopefully you will get some good medication so that you can get ripped, of course on your parents bill. This will ultimately work out for you, as it does for most cats. Owning a cat is just a ridiculous thing to do.

You should seriously consider getting rid of your stupid cat. And then try to convince everybody else that they should not have house cats. Cats are good for living outdoors on farms, where they can hunt for mice and actually do us humans some good.

Answer #11

Yes, magichalo1 I absolutely do love this cat. I have used all suggestions given here and we are going on 3 days with no accidents of ANY sort at all. I resprayed the no no spray in all the corners wher he likes to go. Then I cleaned out his cat box but I left 1 poo in there to keep his scent… He now has a GIANT carpeted cat tree and a smaller cat tree with toys all over it down in the basement with a giant fluffy bed on it, food and water, and a clean litter box. He sleeps there all night and is down there when I am gone. If I am home and awake I allow him upstairs but I leave teh door open to the basement. This has worked so far. He seems to love it down there now that it is comfy for him.

Thank you all for the suggestions- I finally found our solution and just hope that it sticks for another 9 years to come :)

Answer #12

this sounds like a behavioural problem, rather than phusical. you can go to the vets, but they probably won’t be able to do much.

it seems a little bit too much of a coincidence that he started behaving like this after you moved? has he been ‘done’ becuase he could be;

distressed at being moved there was a cat there before and he is SERISOULY marking his teriitory or he really doesn’t like the move…

are all the same people living in the new house as the old? is there anyone he’s missing?

my cats were perfectly well trained, then when I had to move (to a place where they wouldn’t accept pets) I had to leave them at home with my mum, and they protested, by pooping and weeing everywhere!

I took them to the vets, and the vet said there is a medicine, but there was no way to distinguish between which v=cat, in the end they had to be put down (very very saad :( ) but if you just have the one, maybe there is a medication to help him adjust to his new home…

but this does sound a typical pussycat-territorial thing… actually, try something called ‘feliway’ it’s like a pussycat sedative…its 100% natural and is like a plug in, but it totally chills the cat out…maybe ironing out some of his anxitites may help :)

Answer #13

I would put him in the bathroom or any small room with food,water and litter box. No carpet on floor. Keep him there for a few days. He should start using the litter box again…

Answer #14

Can I hang ernest123 and Fau from a high place like a tree or a bridge or at least send a lynch mob against them or feed them to some cannibals or, of all the irony, send them to live with some considerably larger cats like pumas, leopards, cheetahs, panthers, jaguars, tigers, or lions (that is, if they do not become food for them first)?

With that being said to the sad, lonely freaks that have no social life and think of humans as the pests in the world (and that said stupid examples of humanity are not far off from being the kind of idiots that would strap bombs to their bodies and yell something stupid like “Allah Ackbar,” or “Death to those that oppose Islam,” I have a similar dillemma about some behavior of my cat. His name is Star and Star and myself have moved from Tennessee to California (USA) about four months ago and my sister has a cat named Shade. Star is a boy and Shade is a girl and Star seems to think that pooping and peeing either near or in the litterbox that Shade has is a good idea. I hate being a violent type of person and I have used a vinegar and water solution to spray Star whenever he uses her litterbox but to no avail, for he still uses her litterbox over his own downstairs. Is there a solution other than Feliway spray for this problem? The books that I have read about these things suggest that sometimes, some cats need to be permanently seperated and that is a no go for me because I have had Star ever since he was a kitten and that it was the last thing that a now departed friend of the family gave to me before she died. What do you suggest that I ought to do for my cat (and no smartass/dumbass ideas and suggestions from the Communist, anarchist, elitist, Fascist, Socialist, humanist, secular humanist, hedonist, narcissistic, egotistical, egomaniacal, suicidal, humanicidal, arrogant, condescending, stupid, imbecilic, dillweed bastards named ernest123 and Fau, please, thank you)?

Answer #15

He has been to the vet and everything checks out, he’s very healthy… At first I thought it was because the basement had sand in it, he thought it was a huge litter box. So I swept that up and washed the floors but he continued. So I cleane the room up again and blocked the room off, so he started to go other places in the house. We have been here for 7 months now and he still is doing this you would think he has adjusted. Its just me and my 9 year old daughter as it has always been. A year ago my other cat Binx ran away and has been missing since, but that was so long ago and he wasnt weeing in the house when the other cat went missing, why now?

If anyone has other suggestions let me know, I’ve even tried sprinkling ground black pepper around the edges of the basement and in the corners of every room so when he sniffs- it makes him sneeze and may deter him from going there, but it doesnt stop him…

Answer #16

I think there was a cat in the house before you moved in that marked those places. Have you checked the library for cat books on behavioral problems?

My other suggestion is to see a cat Vet one that specializes in cats?

Are there cats outside? When I moved into the house I live in now. My cat started this behavior, WELL, there are dozens of cats around us outside that are strays. My neighbor feeds them. My cat is not an outside cat but let me tell you this. My cat knows those cats are outside and the cats outside know he is in here (mine is neutered too) anyway they fight through the windows, hiss meow and at times my cat will go through wanting to go around the house and mark. I think it is when there are certain males outside??? Not sure when are why but this is what happens.

I would also try to get one or two more cat boxes. Hey do you love this cat? You must or he wouldn’ t be 9 and you still have him. So I would be trying all the suggestions you can come up with.

Good luck. Move the box from the basement. He may be afraid of the basement and is trying to tell you he doesn’t like it.

Answer #17

My cat austin is jhaving issues. we moved about 9 months ago and about 3 months ago they started construction on both sides of us - this was crazy and freeked the cat out and he had diarea everywhere - well now that’s finished but he is continuing - I did see red in his poo last week and we went away for 3 days and he did it again all over our bed. not sure what to do??? any ideas

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