My boyfriend In Jail

Okay my bofriend Edward is in jail and he won’t be getting out until June 3rd and he’s been in there since January six months.But I have a huge problem that I can’t get off my mind .He’s really scared that I’ll cheat on him while he’s in there (which I haven’t) but I told him that I liked someone else ,his name is DJ I found out that he’s a total creep and I don’t like him anymore and wish I never told Edward that I liked him in the first place.And because I told my boyfriend that I liked DJ he broke up with ,me .I love him soo much I can’t picture myself with anybody else.I’ve wrote him 3 times since all this happened and he hasn’t wrote back yet…HE called but I was asleep and this was all happened not even to weeks ago.I don’t know what to do,if any ya’ll have boyfriends in jail can give some advice.I know he loves me and I love him and don’t want to give on this that easily.I AIN’T GIVEN UP WITHOUT A FIGHT.Please any advice is welcome.Please and Thank yous.

Answer #1

my boyfriend has been in jail multiple times, and hes about to get 2 years..and I dont know how im going to get through it. hes always scared ima cheat on him - which I dont. I know how you feel. hopefully everything will work out with you and him. goodluck!

Answer #2

My boyfriend has never been in trouble before but he did something so retarded and he is know in jail. I don’t know what to think. I love him. He is my whole world and I definately want to wait on him. I am scared though. He tried to rob someone. He didn’t get anything and he didn’t have a weapon but he is charged with robbery. Robbery is an F-2, does anybody have an educated guess on how long he may be going away for. I kind of think they will give him a lesser charge since he didn’t hurt the person or actually get any money. This not knowing is killing me. Advice is welcome. As I said, he has never been in trouble before. He has an addiction to oxies which is alot of the reason he did what he did. Maybe he will just get rehab, which he needs. My mind is racing, I’m so worried about our future. I can’t imagine being with anyone else but if he goes to prison for a year… that would be the hardest thing. It’s really not fair that he left me like this, now both of our lives are on hold. I am pissed, upset, lonely, and so worried.

Answer #3

Hey…I know what you’re going through. boyfriends, well pretty much boyfriends in jail and he gets out may 4th and hes been in there since Septemember 12th…And he gets out may 4th which is a forever time away it feels like. He tells me to get a boyfriend till he gets out but i deffently can’t do that. i was in a serious relationship b4 i met him..and i have known him since july & we hung out ever since…but then he went to jail. Umm me and my ex. hang out somtimes..but he doesn’t care bc hes in i feel bad because i know he says he loves me..but its weird, bc i say i love him….but yet i just got out of a serious realationship..but i dont know….Its hard to date someone thats in jail..and he made me really happy but then he went to jail…its so hard..–let me know if you have aim.

Answer #4

I just hope you can stay loyal to your boyfriend because I’m sure he is counting on that. I know because I have to go to jail in a few days and I’ll be in there for 18 months…and I’m hoping my girl friend stays loyal to me. you got to realize it’s hard on the guy because you’re behind bars with no way of knowing what your girlfriend is doing. my girl’s friends all think I’m bad and keep tellin her to break up with me and her parents don’t like me either because I’m black…she’s white. so the whole time I’m in jail they going to be tellin her to cut me loose and there ain’t nothing I can do about it.

bottom line is, don’t waste time with this other guy if you don’t love him. tough it out for your boyfriend because I know he’s thinking bout you.

Answer #5

Sorry but I think you ruined your chances with this one. You f*cked him up emotionally, especially when he’s in jail, and he did what instinct told him to, breakup. God whatever the hell put it in your mindto tell him you like another guy you should be damned. In lamence terms, you killed your relationship and your to blame. Peace and love, Alex

Answer #6

I am almost done going threw the same thing, my fiance has been in prison since July 07, he will be out in a couple of weeks, dude, these poor guys are locked up, of course they are going to worry if you will cheat, mine did also, but he trusts me, what we have is real and strong, our love for each other got us threw this, if you love your man then you would not even think about cheating while he is in jail,and reassure him of that, if what you have is real then you wouldn’t cheat or think about it, I could not imagine cheating on mine while he has been helplessy locked up, our love is strong and real, keep the letters going and teh phone calls and visit when ya can, you will both get threw it, trust me

Answer #7

hey girl, i know your hurtin, right now, but you’re right, you shouldn’t give up that easily. my boyfriend is in jail, and is facing two years prison time. he’s always afraid that im going to cheat on him, and he always ask me to stay true. now, i dont know what you were thinking telling him you liked another guy, because he’s isolated. anything and everything you tell him is going to sit in his mind and he’s only going to think the worse. so go back to him, write him endless letters, and tell him that you love him, and that you are not giving up. -always helpful

Answer #8

My boyfriend is going to jail tommorow. I have the strongest feelings for him because he’s done nothing but been nice to me and not let me feel any pail. He will be gone for 9 months and I am going to wait for him if he believe me or not so. If you love your man and he is a decent guy that does not get into trouble all the time wait for him. When he see’s you face when he walk out those gatesm it will be the best feeling for them

Answer #9

wow I cant believe there is other girlfriends going through the same thing my boyfriend adam is in jail till my 26 and it kills me everyday that I cant hold him and kiss him but trust me when I say this he is thinking about you my boyfriend tells me thats all the guys have to think about is what their woman is doing on the outside just show you love him and that you r down for him dont give up my boyfriend talks about proposing to me when he gets out and it makes me happy to knhow that not even stone brick walls can stop our love visit and write and call as mich as you can hold on hun and be down for your man and tell him EXACTLY what is on your mind all the best of luck …, <3

Answer #10

Yeah I understand, my boyfriend just went to jail a couple days ago and hes going to be in there for 6 months too, until March of next year, and we have been together for 7 months and it really sucks. I’m falling for one of my best friends, Brian, but I dont think hes the right one for me at the same time. Before my boyfriend left to go to jail he said that if he ever ended up in jail to forget about him, but I cant, and its too hard to let go. Everyone tells me hes a bad influence on me and everything, but im too attached to him, and i love him more than anything. He called me a few days ago around 6pm but i wasnt home! I was out with some friends and I was really sad that i hadnt been there to get his call. I understand what your going through, and its nice that someone knows that.

Answer #11

Im am going threw the same exact thing rite now except that my real boyfriend is in jail and the guy that I fell in love with is out here.If your man loves you he will understand how it is but if he is just as ignorant as these other guys out here than he’s being selffish.C guys in jail have so much time to think. they dont think about what if we went to jail. if we went to jail they wouldnt think twice about cheating or telling if they did so f* it. but if you really want your man back just b prepared for what he’s gonna do when he gets out and all of the stuff that he’s gonna throw in your face about how you cheated on him

Answer #12

oh my god hes the one that went to jail he should understand. my boyfriend has been in for three and still has 5 more it sucks hah just beleve in love girl you know hes just mad hell get over it

Answer #13

I know how you feel. It’s so hard when the one you love goes to jail. My boyfriend’s in jail right now, and we haven’t been allowed any contact at all. But what upset me the most was about a week after he’d just been sent to jail I found out I was pregnant to him. And I can’t even tell him. Can’t call, visit, write letters, or anything! It sucks. But I’m going to wait for him no matter what. Like, I’m carrying his child, and at the same time I’m sad and happy, it’s kind of like there’s a part of him in me. I just hope he’ll still come back for me after he’s out. I love him so much, and would do anything at all for him! Good luck, and stay strong. x.

Answer #14

I had a friend with this same problem. Her boyfriend was in jail for 18 months and for the first year everything is fine. But towards the end she began feeling that itch. I’ll give you the advice that I gave her. Think about what would happen if you got locked up for however long, would he be faithful? I’m not saying that that’s an excuse to cheat but bring this to him. I don’t think you were wrong in telling him you had a crush. It’s human, besisdes he should respect that you didn’t go behind his back I think he shoud respect your honesty and if he really thought about it appreciate your patience. I hope this helps.

Answer #15

WOAH!! Okie!! Let’s all calm down!! THE WORLD IS NOT going to END!! IT JUST CAN’T!! What you need to do is make sure that you can talk to him when he gets out of jail. It’s better to talk face to face with your lover than over the phone or t e-mail or any of that stuff. We both know that he still loves you, I just know it!! And don’t worry, I’d give you a speech, but I gtg. So, make sure you can talk to him alone and prove yourself worthy!! ^^

Ryuzaki is very hot, let’s love on him. Ama. ((Picture is Ryuzaki!!))

Answer #16

neva give up girl..because what is meant to be will be. just keep trying,he will undastand eventually! if he dont want you ova somethin that simple then he mus didnt want you like that 4rm da get go.dont keep writin until he respond. he’ll start 2 miss you and wonder wuts up witchu. when he decide 2 come around then explain 2 him and tell em how you been feelin bout him. it will work if its meant 4 you 2,2 be together!

Answer #17

I say you keep trying. If you really do love him and cant see your life w/ out him then keep on trying. My boyfriend is in jail an I know what your going thru. Its hard to deal with but you just gotta stick with it. Yea I do get attracted to other guys but I know who the right one is for me. If I have to wait I will wait the whole 3 years so just think of ways to prove to him that you love him and he is the one for you. and if he really is the one then he will understand.

good luck lissa

Answer #18

hey babe, my man went to jail in nov. I did a search on the net for other girlfriend like me. It’s good to know there are other people out there going through the same stuff. My advise to you would be if you love him just keep writing and he will soon see that you love him. He is probably just protecting him self but if you really love him just keep it up. and if he loves you like he says he does then he’ll come back to ya! Patience is a good lesson I heave learned from this! all the best x

Answer #19

so he’s in jail if he loved you he wouldnt have went to jail so id recemdem you leave him

Answer #20

yeah i broke up with my boyfriend after he got in jail again, the second time while we were going out, and days before our 1 year anniversary. Now, he wont stop calling me almost every second he can, and its really annoying and i want him out of my life. I’m so glad i broke it off and that im single now it feels good :]

Answer #21

Hi! Looking at the date you’re probably done. Anyhow I want to say something too cause I have the same problem. Actually its not a problem for me. I’ve met a guy and I saw him once. It was 15 December 2006 and in march 2007 he’ve been locked up. Since that day we are in touch. We have been writting to each other for almost 7 months plus he has been calling me all this time. He calls me every day actually. I just want to say that I have never been happier. He is the person number one in my life. so silly how life can surprises you. Sometimes is’s hard, sucks…specially that I can not meet him there. I am from europe and he’s from canada. But I’m telling you guys, I havent been so happy with any of my ex boyfriends. We both agreed that if it wasnt for this we would probably have never met! And so at this point we are happy. We spend life together. I hope it will never change. Good luck everyone!

Answer #22

My fiance is in jail and has been for a few months now and wont get out till june 6th, babe you just need to understand were he is coming from. We know were they are at but they dont know were we are, what were doing, or who were seing. Its hard on them sitting everyday and only thinking about us and you telling him that made him proabably go crazy cause there is nothing that he can do while he is in jail. He probably is really hurt and mad at him self for putting him self there. Just give it sometime and he will come back, hes just hurt. He will write when the pain goes away I promise. Untill then just throw yourself into your job or something cause thats the only way that time will pass by faster believe me I know how you feel! Good Luck and take care!

Answer #23

i dont know exactly but my boyfriend may go to jail and i am only 16 so i know its hard to go though but just keep tring and you will get thouhg i promise oyu that okay!

Answer #24

Hey hun. I know how you feel, my boyfriend is not in jail (thank god) but i know what ur feeling….like loss of communication is gunna hurt your relationship. CAn you call him? Maybe visit him? I dont know a whole lot bout jail lol but if u cant, just wait. It will be hard, but you know he loves you. Why di du tell him you like this other guy you cray person!?(haha) YOU NEVER DO THAT!!!! Well, you already did, o well, but ur bf is probaboly just hurt, and thats why he isnt writing you back. It sucks that he called while you were asleep. Maybe call back that number? Good luck hun and i wish you all the best!!xooxx

Answer #25

I have a boyfreind who has been in jail waiting on a federal case for over a year. It is very difficult to eplain how I had delt with this becuase I have not been all together stable in my decisions about him. I can only tell you that I too have missed the phone when he reached out and called back. its tough because we cant call them the second we see the missed call on the phone. What you should do is write him again, don’t make up any story just write him that you missed the call and you would have loved to talk to him. if he does not call back or write just keep on writing to him. tell him all the things you would normaly say and just be open and honest. If he loves you too then you will eventualy get back on the same page and then who knows what could happen.good luck

Answer #26

Hi! Looking at the date you’re probably done. Anyhow I want to say something too cause I have the same problem. Actually its not a problem for me. I’ve met a guy and I saw him once. It was 15 December 2006 and in march 2007 he’ve been locked up. Since that day we are in touch. We have been writting to each other for almost 7 months plus he has been calling me all this time. He calls me every day actually. I just want to say that I have never been happier. He is the person number one in my life. so silly how life can surprises you. Sometimes is’s hard, sucks…specially that I can not meet him there. I am from europe and he’s from canada. But I’m telling you guys, I havent been so happy with any of my ex boyfriends. We both agreed that if it wasnt for this we would probably have never met! And so at this point we are happy. We spend life together. I hope it will never change. Good luck everyone!

Answer #27

Hiya love. I know how you feel. My boyfriend has been in and out of jail, after been released on tag been together everyday has been the best even thought he has a curfew for 9.30! But the otherday while I was at college he texted me saying he has been locked up luckily he got out later that night. But we have been talking and its very likly he will go back he has court this upcomign wednesday I dont even want to this about him going back because I know its going to be so hard. But I luv him and decided I am going to wait for him and be faithful, he says I dont have to if I dont want to but I am we luv each other thats what matters. It is going to be one of the hardest things I have to do but I am going to wait however long (hopefully noy too long!) I wish you all the luck in the world and let him know excatly how you feel and whats going on. good luck babe! x

Answer #28

ill take the time to write a few remarks. First of all and most importantly,if you are hesistant about whether this guy is the right guy for you,do not waste your time or his. It will only hurt him,cause more problems for him while hes already stressed in his conditions,and it will cause you to be disloyal which is in my opinion, a preventable act of shame. I, sometimes feel like im on the only one in the world sailing on my ship. I met my boyfriend back in 06, he caught his cause before we met but has been serving since aug 07. Do the math, almost two years. I knew what we had was above and beyond ordinary when I made the decision to be loyal, and I told him,,”my word is my worth.” He originally was suppose to get out in 08 but it got pushed back another year. It led me to join the army,to pass the time productively and let me just say recieving a letter in basic training that read “ I wont be getting out till next year” takes a soldier of patience and strength to deal with.All im saying is, black and white,you should know deep down, if your relationship is worth the sacrifice. It is the greatest sacrifice I will ever face in my lifetime, it is also the greatest reward,and lesson,it brings many many many realizations to the table,and temptation is not even an issue for me. I always feels good, to know that im one of the few loyal chicks out there, im strong minded, and I dont let tempation or lust phase me. Hopefully this reached out to someone, because having your other half locked up,not being able to pick up the phone and call if you must, sleeping alone, crying yourself to sleep some nights, is a very difficult thing to go through and not many understand, just letting yall know , I TRULY DO.

Answer #29

you guys don’t know what it’s like at all with only being together a few months and having your boyfriend go to jail for 6 months or something insignificant. Real love is this…my boyfriend of 14-1/2 years (still) has been in prison for almost 7yrs!!! He got a sentence of 26 years for taking a plea of second-degree murder, his first and only offense in his life. I’m 44 and he’s 45. It’ll be at least another 5-7yrs before he gets out to maybe community corrections, but not out of the system. I’m waiting for him. It’s torture, I get lonely, but I do what I have to do. He doesn’t need to know that. He can wonder and think but I refuse to talk about it. It’s just an unspoken thing between us. Someone you love in prison does not need to have the added stress of knowing the person they are in love with is with one or many other men just to get by. And that’s all it is, just to get by until I’m in his arms again forever. He is my best friend, lover, soulmate forever. We talk at least 2-3 times a week and have for the last 7yrs. And we write letters. I am his only means of support: financially, emotionally, spiritually. He is the only one I want to spend my life with, but I am human and have needs. I just know that I will never fall in love with anyone else. I can’t and I won’t. Sex is just sex, it’s not being in love with anyone. You have to do what you have to do to keep sane, especially when you’re waiting for someone you love deeply and madly who is in prison for as long as mine is.

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