My blonde hair ; wont turn out the color I want .

I understand that natural black hair has to undergo a process to achieve a blonde color . Thats why I dyed my hair like an auburn brown about last year ; then I kept on gettin the same color ; this year though I then dyed it with a blonde hair dye . It turned lighter but not blonde of course . I just wanted to keep dyin it lighter && lighter to make the change to blonde a lil easier . I couldnt wait any longer so recently on june 26 , 2008 : I bleached my whole head ; problem ? Since my roots were black : they didnt come out the same color as the rest of my hair ; so bein frustrated , the next day I went && bleached only my roots to lighten the color a lil ; omg ! So theeen half of my head was almost white at the top ! I almost cried ; I felt so stressed && went && bought a darker blonde color that quite matched my bottom hair ; && dyed all of my hair ; top & bottom ;; turns out that didnt work . My hair turned a nice blondish color at the top && a golden blonde on the bottom . But the difference was veeery noticeable .

About 3 or 4 days ago I dyed my whole head wit born blonde by loreal thinkin it wud bleach my whole hair ; I only applied it on the bottom bekus thats the one I wanted lighter ; well it lightened but not quite how I wanted . So I again went back to buy a strong bleach ; by loreal ; it did make my hair lighter ; but still my bottom hair now looks a lil orangey mixed wit yellow ; && the top of my hair is just yellow .

Ugggh ; I know I’ve heard sumthin bout toners ; but I dont know which one to get && im scared it might make one part darker && one lighter .

Heeelp ;

[ its been all in a month that it underwent all this process ; so im glad it aint fall off ; thank god ; it did get very dry && brittle && looks like I have a lot of split ends and it appears blotchy ; like cut in places here && there ]

What do you think I should do next ?

Wait a month && bleach the bottom of my hair ?

Answer #1

LISTEN! the second post.

yeah, I hate to break it to you, but hair-bleach is hair-bleach… developer is diffferent. but the hair-bleach you use is chemically the same as the hair-bleach they use at a salon. the difference is they add stuff to it to enhance certain qualities. …and its that stuff that makes the real difference… …and yeah. never use cleaning bleach on your hair… you will be wig shopping quicker then you can say “I should’ve listened to her”.

they also use strong conditioners to counter-act the harmful effects of the bleach right after. like… STRONG conditioners… conditioners you only have access to if you have your cosmotology lisense. (my mom is one, so I know.)

if you bleach your hair youself, you ARE putting harmful chemicals into your hair that eventually WILL melt your hair away at its weakest points. its not a statement, its a promise.

im a platnium blonde… with manyyy years of dying expierence (not professional thought, im going to school for spanish education.) …but the point is that I still wont bleach my hair myself. it really is too risky.

if you would like to try dying your hair a lighter shade of blonde (not bleaching it), check out my advice post on another ladys question… I believe its titled “hair color frantic”.

Answer #2

yeah, kind of but it’s supposed to put highlights in certain parts of your hair. It comes with a little brush that you brush it on certain hair. There are all different shades you can buy it in and just put it on your roots.

Good luck

Answer #3

What about getting a highlighter? You could just do your roots with it.

Answer #4


My hAiR iS VERy lONG ; AbOUt A iNCh AbOVE My WAiSt ; I’ve SEEN it hAPPEN WhERE SAlON bEAUtiCiANS ENd UP fRYiN YUR HAiR && thEN MAkE UP thE EXCUSE tHAt you hAVE tO CUt it ;

Answer #5

I think you should have it professionally done. If you keep messing with it, you will either make it worse or damage your hair.

Good luck

Answer #6

hMMM hOW dOES thAt WORk ; iS it like A ROOt tOUCh UP dYE ??

Answer #7

Ahem. hairdressers ruined my hair. wanted to do it the right way. going black to blonde? cant be done at home right? has to be done professionally. I agree. seeing as I went to the hairdresser, They bleached me out! I then had a pretty yellowish color roots and bright orange head. gross. not attractive. They rushed me in and out of there, and ruined my hair which was growing rapidy until now. so I went home took about 3 different box dyes, which were born blonde I believe? all they did was make my hair BRIGHT yellow! disgusting. so I waited until the next day, and got an ash blonde. it took all the orange out and left me with a decent color blonde, ill keep it this color until my hair is healthy enough to be made lighter.

Answer #8

Wow something similar happened to me! I absolutely ruined my butt length hair and it is now sitting above my shoulders :( I was originally blonde then decided I wanted dark hair so went black. What a mistake that was! I then went blonde again eventually after the similar problems you had with different colours and patchyness etc, In the end I just used l’oreal in the lightest ash blonde I could find and it went ash blonde alright it was a miracle I thought my orange blothy hair was ruined well it was because the worst thing I did was go to a hair dresser just before I tried the ash blonde and she conned me into chopping it. I hate her! At the time I was so vulnerable and upset with my hair, I just wanted it fixed. I regret going to a salon she just made it blonde at the roots and darker at the ends so the ash blond by l’oreal was a life saver. may not work for every one but see how you go.

Answer #9

hightlights are the best thing you can do to get the blonde you want. it takes longer but its more afective and it does not damage your hair as much! but never use bleach specialy the “natural” ones it realy damages your hair

Answer #10

well; if; you; actually; just; go; to; a; salley; beauty; salon; its; professional; hair; dye.; but; if; you; get; the; bleach; and; tell; them; if; your; hair; pulls; reds; or; blues; and; they; will; give; you; the; right; one; you; leave; it; on; there; up; to; 50; mins; and; then; wash; it; out(you; may; have; to; do; it; a;; few; times,; but; the; second; time; dont; put; it; on; your; roots.; just; the; areas; that; are; darker); after; its; all; bleached; just; color; it; the; blonde; you; want.; dont; use; the; box; dyes; they; are; not; good; for; your; hair,; after; you; do; all; this; deep; condition; your; hair; with; a; packet; you; can; get; from; salleys; then; dont; not; blow; dry; or; straighten; your; hair; for; a; while.; this; will; help; your; hair; become; healthy; again.; i; have; done; this; to; my; hair; and; my; friends; hair; many; times.; im; natually; blonde; and; went; black; and; back; to; blonde.; but; i; hope; this; helped. [:

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