My best friend smokes weed, what should I do?

This is going to be long…please help Well I’m in grade 12. I had this friend, he was a really great guy. We were close, as close as friends can be. I met his family slept over at his house like 50 times and our parents have become good friends too. I know probably all there is to know about him and I consider him more of a brother than even my own brother. I hadn’t talked to this guy for a month and he asks me if I want to go to an amusement park, so I say yea sure. We went together with 3 other of his friends, 1 of which who can drive. So we are going and we are hungry so we stop at this place to eat. We eat and my friend and this 1 other guy go to the car early. Me and these 2 other guys go back to the car to find my best friend smoking weed with this other pothead. I didn’t know exactly what they were doing… until I smelled the thing. Yea I know, I’m pretty white washed, w/e. I was stunned…to say the least. Like I was just like, what the fck… … … … … … Like hes the last guy I’d expect to be smoking pot. So I was just like right, well this is probably normal for them so lets not let it faze me and just ignore it, so I get into the car. Then we go to some park and the whole lot of em starts smoking pot again… I’m just sitting there like I was watching a movie or something. Only thing going through my mind is like wow, what the fck?, wow some more. I get out of the car and took a bus home. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I haven’t talked to him in a year. I tried to forget him because if he wanted to do it, then w/e, he can do it. But our parents know each other, and this guy is my brother in everything but blood and I can’t keep ignoring it, even it has been a year. He sent me an email saying that I should call him because his family bought some presents for my parents while they were on vacation. So now I’m lost. I don’t know what I should do…and it seems like hes having fun too so who the hell am I to say whats wrong and wats right. Like he hasn’t contacted me for a year, so that means that he forgot about me and is having fun living it all. But I am worried about him… it’s grade 12 and he has to go to post-secondary… he failed civics in grade 11, like I know he isn’t working as hard as he used to… Should I just forget him and ignore him? Should I try talking to him and get him off it? Should I tell his parents? Like wow, I’ve been thinking about this forever, and all answers seem like a bad answer… ignoring the problem won’t make it go away, telling his parents will make him go farther away from me than he already is, talking to him like his mom doesn’t sound that good either… Ok and I’m not asking if you think weed is good or bad, I don’t really care about that. I think it’s bad, thats all that matters, I don’t want your opinion on whether you think weed is better than cigarettes or something. so please help! wasn’t really sure where this would go under so I put it under relationships…and no I’m not gay >>

Answer #1

I had the same thing happen to me. I’m in eigth grade and I’ve been friends with this guy Pat since 5th grade, and he was always an A+ top of the class student. He loved origami, and played guitar, and was popular. This past year, for about 7 months, he’s been smoking pot. His grades have gone way down, he’s failing quizzes and test because he can’t focus. He got suspended from school for a week because the principal found weed in his locker. He went to the bathroom and would smoke because he couldn’t restrain himself. It’s just been depressing me, because I don’t know what to say to him. He just got involved with the wrong crowd, and it’s hurt his grades substantially. He’s heading down the wrong path, and I don’t know what to do because I know he had a bright future in front of him, but now.. I’m not so sure. He doesn’t seem to be improving, even though his parents screamed at him for getting caught with it. I just don’t know what to do, I need help with this too. I don’t want to seem pushy or make him hate me, but I don’t want him to continue smoking it. I hate weed, I wish he never got into it because it’s really messing up a great kid.

Answer #2

Give me a break people, I’ve never heard of anyone being found dead of a weed overdose. Kids shouldn’t smoke weed because they’re to young to handle what it does to their mind. Marijuana is an herb that has been used in may ways, for thousands of years, it is not at narcotic. The funny thing is I could buy a case of Vodka a day and the police can’t do a thing but smoke a joint go to jail. A person can be thrown in a cell with thieves, murderers, and hard core criminals all for having an herb. It’s time for us to wake up and stop demonizing something that more people than you think use, yes, I’m high as the sky right now! I worked a long ten hour day, and I came home and smoked a joint, I didn’t kill anyone, I didn’t murder anyone, hell I even gave a homeless guy food. This is a country full of hypocrites! Now I’m not going to spell check, I’m going to eat my “Combos” and smoke another fat one. After that I’m going to bed and I’ll wake up and go to work, on a Saturday, and I’ll come home and smoke another one. Not once have I ever thought about snorting or shooting anything into my body, it’s about free will. Muddy Waters, Ray Charles, Bob Marley, and many others sang about that beautiful herb, if more people smoked we’d all be a lot calmer and nicer to one another. Don’t judge your friend, let him know that smoking is not something he can spemd all his time doing but he’s not a bad guy either. I’m high from the moment I wake up because I love my life, I don’t smoke to get high, I smoke to get higher.

Answer #3

–k if I repeat whatever the other guys say sorry-but heres what I think– just today I was talkin to someone I love sooo much just like you love your friend..its that strong love–I just need to say that they worst thing you can do is leave your friend alone–they are person is still in very recent stages of this stupid thing called weed…try and get him to turn around and get him on the straight path again–you right now are is strong arm that he can lean on…get him to talk to you–ask him to go to counciling like a therapist –what he is doing goes much deeper than just because he feels like doing weed. get him to open up–take up all his time. go with him wherever you know fight for him after awhile thoughs guys he’s hangin out w/ will get sick of it and leave him. its better that way that he loses those contacts. do whatever you can do to get him away from then. just dont up and leave him. that is truely the worst. he needs you more than ever.let him talk the whole thing out with you and then I think it would be for the best if you did tell his parents. he may hate you but he’ll forgive you in the end.

Answer #4

What to do?

Ask to smoke with him sometime. Weed isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be.


Answer #5

well, my mom used to leave me at this apartment above us with a bunch of guys well she went out drinking and parting. one of the guys that lived ther did pot, he was only like 15. I was kinda young so I didnt really know what it was but I know it was bad. just a couple of weeks ago I saw one of his roomates and he and I started talking and I asked him how that one guy was doin and he told me that he died from a drug overdose a couple of years ago. just think, if you dont help your friend through this he could end up like that guy. my mom used drugs once upon a time and look where she ended up. In jail and I havnt seen her for 5 years now. so at least talk to your friend and tell him your worried about him and you dont want to lose him. tell him exactly how you feel.

tell me how it goes. ill add you as my friend <3

Answer #6

thats the same problem with me. my “ best” friend is pretty much my sister. but ever sence shes been smoking weed shes totally changed. and our parents are really good friends so its hard to just say forget her. and plus we have to go on a week long school trip together. so I have to keep my mouth shut about all of this until after then. or else things would be weird. I want to help her so bad but I know she wont listen and she would just get even more mad at me. I dont know what to do because I dont want to be like her mom saying she shouldnt do it.

so I know how your feeling.

Answer #7

I think you should try talking to your friend and suggest that the two of you should go to a counselor and talk about it,suggest that he should go get help,go to a clinique or a place for help with his problem,or talk to im about what you are feeling the next time you run into him at school. Tell him that you care about him very much and that you don’t want him to die or be put in the hospital because of weed. Hope this helps and good luck.

Answer #8

Come on now. You seriously need to lighten up and read up on it with that erowid link. If you’re going to be close minded about it and just say “I don’t care about what you think about weed” (the truth), then you don’t deserve help from anybody. If you were to do anything that these other people have said, (counseler, etc) then for sure the guy will not want to be friends with you, since you think weed is the worst thing ever and apparently don’t like to have fun. You should learn from this, you talk about how nice of a guy he is, shouldn’t this be a clue that smoking weed doesn’t make you a loser burnout?

Answer #9

you know, one of the people closest to me had similar troubles with weed, and it was so difficult to deal with. talking to him is probably the best thing for him and telling him your concerns. although, I’ll admit… it probably won’t work. I don’t think you should give up on him, because eventually he can become the person he used to be. I gave up on a really close friend years ago because she did pot, and now we’re good friends again, since she stopped. but losing the friend was the worst for me. telling his parents would probably anger him and lead to more drug usage. I’d say the best step is to talk to him about it…

Answer #10

There’s a saying, “Friends don’t let Friends drive drunk!”

That same sentiment applies to many circumstances. Friends don’t let Friends do things that are potentially harmful to themselves or others.

Accordingly, as a Friend, I’d do whatever it takes to get him turned around. Even if it meant telling his parents. True, you might alienate him and lose him as a Friend, but, if you’re really his Friend, losing his friendship is not as important as helping him gain his way back to a safe lifestyle.

Answer #11

dude just tell him not to smoke around you and if he oes still talk to him just dont hang around him

Answer #12

call him light up pots not the worst thing

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