How can I help my hair grow faster and longer?

I have shoulder length brown-reddish hair. And I need something that will work to help it grow faster. Does anyone know how to help your hair grow faster and longer?

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I dunno yeah just dont wear elastics in your hair lots because it will give you split ends than your hair will not grow as fast

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use almond oil it will make your hair brighter and grow faster

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drink water, eat healthy, and get a trim every 6-10 weeks. works for me.

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use hair extetions!!!

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oops duplicate

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mirical grow lol

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Sorry, there’s no miracle product or trick to make your hair grow faster, your best bet is to take really good care of it and have patience. Here are some tips:

  • A lot of professionals will say to get a trim every 6 weeks or so, but all that did was make my hair shorter. The best thing to do is to only trim it when you notice split ends and trim it only enough to get rid of them.
  • Invest in a great deep conditioner. It’s best to condition your hair when it’s dry, because wet hair is already saturated and doesn’t absorb the product as well.
  • Use a shampoo formulated for babies, as it’s much gentler.
  • Don’t over-dye your hair
  • Keep heat-styling to a minimun, preferably special occasions only. Your heat will weaken your hair and make it more likely to break, which will result in your hair shortening instead of lengthening.
  • If you do a lot of swimming, either wear a swim cap or comb a blob of conditioner through your hair and pull it into a tight bun to prevent the chlorine and salt water from saturating your hair.
  • When applying product, take extra care in making sure ends are covered.
  • Buy a protein-mist which will strengthen hair and make it less likely to break.
  • Eat a balanced diet and drink lots of water which will maximize your hair’s growth.
  • Instead of using a brush, use a wide-tooth comb, which doesn’t cause as much breakage.
  • Keep stress levels down. If you’re very stressed, it can slow hair growth.
  • Do not comb or brush hair when it is wet, as that is when it is the weakest.
  • Always apply conditioner from the ears down and never on the scalp. Conditioning too often can cause the cuticle layer of hair to lift making hair brittle and leading to breakage. *Protect your hair from over-exposure to the sun, salt or chlorinated water, wind and air pollution by wearing a hat, cap or scarf.
  • Use styling products with extreme care as they often contain alcohol or other harsh chemicals used to keep the hair in place and to give the appearance of shiny healthy hair and tend to damage the hair. *Try a satin pillowcase instead of cotton case so that the hair glides when you move in your sleep. Hair should be put in a ponytail on top of the head. Always use rubber bands that are wrapped in cloth, commonly known as “scrunchies.”
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yeah just take really good care … make sure you dont have split ends

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I’ve heard that Mane ‘N Tail shampoo is supposed to make hair grow faster and stronger.

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don’t wash it to make wash your hair about every 3 weeks…well thats what I did and my hair is really long now

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tell me how it goes ok? ^_^

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it helps if you wash your hair daily lol or just get hair extensions.

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Well, first of all make sure you wash it at least once every 2 days and eat lots of vitamen B. Getting a small trim will also help in faster hair growth. Hope this helps, but remember even if you do all these things, it will probably naturally only grow about half an inch a month!

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By trimming it often and dont put any hot equitment on it because it burns your hair and stops it from growing as quick x lv kita

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Get a trim every 3 months and take any kind of vitamin.dont put gel, hairspray or anykind of chemicals in your hair just wash it every other day trust me it works.

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if you get it trimmed evry 6 weeks it grows faster

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I used to have shoulder-length hair also but what I did was put my hair in braids before I went to bed. Also when your hair is wet dont brush it starting at the top. Start at the bottom to prevent breakage. And for me within a matter of weeks my hair was just below my belly button. I hope this works for you!

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Im from South Africa and we have an essence you pour into your shampoo called Bergemott Essence, it makes your hair grow very fast, because it is an essence it gets absorbed into your scalp and boosts hair growth. You hair grows faster in the winter than in the summer, at least thats what my hairdresser says.

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I wanted to make my hair grow fast last year cause I wanted a longer style, so I looked online for something to help me. I eventually ended up at the website

So I bought the guide (which didn’t cost much), and I used some of the techniques and recipes they gave me and used the special jumpstart program, and they really worked! I was so surprised at how fast my hair started growing. It was awesome. So if you got a couple bucks to spare, I say you mind as well check out that guide. I’m glad I did. It was the best purchase I ever made. :)

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Drink milk… and trim your hair!

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well you might have dead ends. go to the hair dressers and have them cut the dead ends off. usually it’s about an inch or more. when you cut the dead ends off, your hair will be able to “breathe”. so it will grow faster. and longer. HOPE THIS HELPS =)

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By hair growing cream my uncle uses it and he sayz it works

Emm nt tat I’ve ever tried it :D xxx

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I heard there was a shampoo called “mane and tail” thats what I want to use. even though its for horses humans can use it and it helps your hair. try it!(:

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at least you want it only a little longer my hair it too long it 2’9’’ I hear if you cut it during a full moon that your hair will grow faster or you don’t straighten it that and I hear there is a shampo and conitioner call mane or something like that it will make your hair longer but its expensive

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I wash my hair once a week to keep the oils in my hair its healthy for your hair it does mine te world of good

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use mane ‘n tail

it works miracles

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I wamt my hair to grow faster to. so get exstenshions or wash it daily.

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If your hair is naturally red then that is great, but if you are coloring it then the first thing I would suggest is not to dye it for a while. Next, apply as little stress to your hair as possible; that means no pulling it and/or twisting it into tight buns or tight braiding. The only products that I know that speed up hair growth are vitmain E by mouth, Vitamin B liquid, and Beauty 4 Ashes super gro products. Although, it is extremely hot this summer stay away from pools that are loaded with chlorine or atleast wear a swimming cap.

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use mane tail and body shampoo in your pet department it really works but, be sure and use the conditioner to cause it will dry your hair.

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rogain :D I use it sometimes :]

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While there is no miracle product, there are many things that you can do and products that you can use to grow your hair faster, no matter the hair texture. The advice given below is great. I echo much of it. However, there are certain foods and plants that facilitate hair growth, similar to how many plants have unintended medicinal effects. For example, Aloe Vera heals wounds and burns. Here are some tips that have worked for me.

Step 1: Protein is a must. Incorporate protein in your foods, supplements, and hair care products, it will strengthen the hair shaft, reduce breakage, and stop shedding. Great foods that contain protein and hair strengthening vitamins are fish, turkey, chicken, beans, sunflower seeds, coconut, spinach, carrots, whole wheats, and soy. Consider drink a soy supplement daily or taking amino acids daily.


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that’s true, you HAVE to be patient!! my hair is a little bit under my bra from the back!! and it’s the first time I see it this long, and it became this long by triming every month or 6 weeks, and I usually trim it like around 2 fingers! not more!! it became this long in 2-3 years!!! and it becomes more healthy by using hot oil for your hair! it’s great!! dandruff goes, it becomes stronger and it becomes healthy in general!! so I suggest triming and using hot oil!!

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My sister says that she takes Fish Oil gelatin pills and her hair has grown about 6 inches longer than it ever has. She says her diet has not changed and that is the only addition to her routine. Who knows? I am going to try it.

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Hi: I was a cosmetologist and was told hair only grows 1/2” a month, but they neglected to say that was the ‘average’ growth. Some grows slower and some faster. Decades ago two sisters came in for upswept hairdoes for a party they were attending. Their hair was down past their waists and very thick and healthy. They both complained that it grew 2” a month, so they couldn’t afford to keep it short, for that meant a haircut every one or two weeks.

 Since that time I have done a huge amount of research into natural health and beauty remedies and feel that there is a way to speed up hair growth beyond the 'average' 1/2" a month.  However, it entails becoming much more conscious about your diet and lifestyle.
 The most important factor in vigorous hair growth, is a very robust thyroid gland.  Kelp (especially red or brown kelp & marine algae) and coconuts and coconut oil are very helpful in promoting a healthy thyroid.  Also, you can take thyroid raw glandulars, but you must be cautious here.  Thyroid glands contain some thyroid hormones and you never know how much or little they contain.  If they contain too much, you could find yourself battling with hyperthyroidism--bulging eyes, nervousness, and fast-growing, but fine hair.  Better consult a naturopathic physician to see if your thyroid could use a natural boost.  He can prescribe an iodine/potassium solution, Armour Thyroid or T3 or T4 to help boost your thyroid if sluggish.  Many an endocrinologist has told his patients that their thyroids are just fine, when, in my opinion, they aren't.  The allopathic medical practitioners have guidelines for normalcy that are so broad, you could drive a semi through them.  A naturopath is much more likely to be helpful in this area.  It is conjectured that at least 70% of Americans currently suffer from undiagnosed thyroid malfunction.
 Other areas that will help greatly improve your hair-growth rate and the quality of your hair are the essential fatty acids and fresh-frozen royal jelly (not freeze dried or honey added).  Glory Bee Foods of Eugene, Oregon sells the most economical royal jelly I have ever used and it is of great quality.  Royal jelly is loaded with the B vitamins, and you hair needs them aplenty.
 Another miracle food is rice bran oil.  You will find processed rice bran oil at some Asian grocery stores.  Or, you might find an organic brand at your health food store, or online.  Rice bran oil is loaded with over 70 kinds of antioxidants and the most superior form of vitamin E ever--tocotrienols--not tocopherols.  Tocotrienols are 20x better than tocopherols.  You can replace some of your cooking oil with rice bran oil, since it can stand the very highest temperature of any oils.  Also, coconut oil is very good for the thyroid, and consequently, for hair growth.
 Lastly, make sure you are getting enough high-quality protein.  Almonds, beans, lentils, seeds and nuts and raw dehydrated organs and glandulars are available in capsules for supplementation, and they are far superior to muscle meats/hamburger, steaks, chicken, etc.
 Remember, that it takes two to three months to see your hair growth rate improve and the hair quality to improve, but it is worth it.  (Back to seaweed and algae--eat tons of it.  It also thickens the skin and will smooth out wrinkles and hollows in your skin.  
 Lots of success on your program.  If you have any questions, email me at
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Ok so I’m hear to tell you all what really works.

It’s true, there is no magical supplement that will help your hair grow over night, or even in the matter of a few weeks, It takes time, effort and patience.

Keeping yourself healthy, as well as taking VITAMIN supplements such as florasil will help your hair and nails grow stronger, and also activates the follicles in your hair which stimulate the growth.

it’s true, it does start at the scalp. cutting your hair won’t do anything but make it shorter, it doesn’t grow from the ends. avoid straighteners, curlers, blow dryers, too much product ,etc. and take this advice- don’t get extensions!

Seriously, that was the WORST mistake of my life, and I’ve made my share.

They are bad because you style and cut your hair to look natural with the extensions, and in the process thinning out your hair actually isn’t healthy for your hair at all, and they get trashed very easily plus they’re expensive.

And if your straightening, brushing, curling, washing or blow drying them often they get trashed. fast and easy.

They start to look and feel gross, so after they’re had their toll, and your forced to throw them out, your left with short thinned out hair which leaves you two options, live with it or buy new extensions all over again which keeps up in the same pattern and your hair with never grow. so take my advice, and stick to the natural options, and don’t listen to magical shampoo + conditioner scams!

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yeah, I live in New York and I had pretty long hair, but I had to get a trim and I wanted the stylist to add some LONG layers, and instead took off a few inches more then I wanted! I was and still am a bit sad that its not as long, but they say your hair grows 1/2 an inch a month so lets just say (like in my case) they chopped off 3 inches. well that means in about 5-6-7 months or later on in the summer my hair will even be longer then it was. so just make sure you condition your scalp, massage it for circulation, keep a high protein vitamin E and Vitamin D diet, get a dead-end trim, and brush your hair starting at the bottom to prevent breakage. oh and also if you hold your head upside down for about 20-30 seconds a day it promotes hair growth by awakening your hair folicals. I hate the thought of waiting for it to grow but don’t stress!!! in a few months you’ll look in the mirror and say to yourself, “wow, it is growing. thats what I did to get them and after the cut that left my hair much shorter I’m following these rules to get my long hair back. =)

Increase blood flow by gently massaging the scalp. Eat plenty of leafy green vegetables and plenty of protein. Soy (I,e., tofu) and a variety of beans are a good source of protein. Drink plenty of water. Stay away from drugs and alcohol. Stick to a healthy diet. This regimen should be followed for several months, as hair only grows about a half-inch per month.

Do not comb or brush hair when it is wet; this causes breakage. If hair has been damaged (perm or coloring), use a good conditioner. Try to air-dry versus using a blow dryer

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try using Garnier length and strength shampoo and conditioner it works great. I dye my hair all the time and I couldn’t get it to grow until I started using Garnier products, they even work better than Main and Tail and Pantene.I also use their leave in conditioner and other things as well. Also try a vitamin with vitamin B and E and their are vitamins that carry biotin in them, this works great for your hair and nails. Gelatin containg products are good for your hair and nails too. Try not to wash, blow-dry or use any type of heat styling. Hope this works for you as it worked great for me, and I do a lot over-processing to my hair,and my hair grows like weeds now.

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Well first of all you can’t make hair grow in a day. Try mixing avocados with low fat milk and a little bit of mayonaise. My moms mom tought her this and my mom thought it to me. Okay add the milk to a container then add the mayonaise. Mix very well until all the mayonaise Is dissolved then add the avocados mix it again until there is no avocado left exept for a little bit.(mashing works) after that apply it to dry hair and mix it all over on roots and split ends. Take a shower and make sure there is nothing left in your hai. The avocados will keep the hair shiny and the mayonaise and milk will keep it strong healthy and will help it grow. Divide your hair into two sections and comb each section 50 times each. Your hair will stay smooth after this. After you do this go to the salon and cut your split ends at least 1 or 2 fingers. Then brush hair again. Repeat all this about every 1month and 2weeks then there you go. Your hair will grow at least 1 hand every 4 weeks or so. But remember hair takes time to grow. So be patience if it doesn’t grow that much by 4 weeks just stay calm and it eventually will. It worked for a lot of my family members including me so I hope it works for you. :) (=

                                                   -Ana <3
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well you just have to be careful and there are many shampoos that say grow your hair faster. well those chemicals are really bad for your hair so first- TIME!!! It will take time I mean you cant expect that your hair will grow 6 inches in a week that is how long it grows a year! Second- If you do have that hair growth shampoo then only use it every other day you should wash with the growth one day and baby shampoo the next day and so on.Third- hair exstenons canbe bad when you take them out be careful not to pull your hair!!! Fourth- DO NOT brush it when it is wet. Fifth- do not suck or bite or chew etc. etc. that can damage your hair. sixth- you just need to keep stress down! seventh- rub your hair with a pillow it gets the blood in your hed going and it is soft!!! eighth- GOOD LUCK and hope your hair grows like it did for me!

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trimming it often might help but I wouldnt have it trimmed unless your ends are really bad! get some extentions

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ilove adarryl arnwine!

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mane and tail does work! I got all of my long hair choped off and I have to say may hair grew atleat half and inch in about 2 weeks. It makes your hair very shiny and soft. I love it.

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My wedding was 6 months away and all I wanted to do was get some layers, well lets put it this way they took almost 4 inches off I was so mad. I talked to one of my friends who is a cosmetologist and she told me that to use Main-in-tail shampoo and take prenatal vitamins… I did both of them and it grew back the 4 inches I lost plus 1 1/2 more inches then that. I was so happy. I did this process for about 5 1/2 months

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Hi: SunnyMeadows again. I forgot to include my secret weapon in the battle to improve hair growth–He Shou Wu. You can purchase this formula at many Asian grocery stores or Asian herbalists. It is very cheap–Usually under $4.00 a bottle. If you take it like the lable states, you will need four bottles a month. I have recommended it to several of my friends, and they were all very pleased with the results. It acts quickly and not only speeds up hair growth, aids in restore lost hair, but restores color to hair that is either dull or going grey. Cheers!

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The key is to make sure its healthy. You have to trim it every 6-10 weeks, you should wash your hair using Biolage shampoo once a day because it helps protect against the heat, you should also try to brush your hair daily using any kind of brush as long as it isn’t tangled. I hope this wokrs for you I tried it and my hair has gone from on top of my shoulders to 30 centimeter below my bra :)

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By hair growing cream my uncle uses it and he sayz it works

Emm nt tat I’ve ever tried it :D xxx

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the key is to make sure your hair is health all the way from the roots to the ends, trim if you have split ends because if you do , it wont grow. eat lots of dark green veggies like spinach brocoly and stuff becuse they contain a lot of silicon which is what will help you keep it healthy aiding it to grow faster, deep condition it or steam it once a week. trust me it will help.

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you can get trims alot and it keeps ur hair heathly and works little trims<3 it make ur hair grow faster

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Well,what you do is trim your hair every three months.It keeps your hair healthy and helps it grow faster and healthier!!! Good Luck

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ok theres this new stuff called grow-a-lot and you wash your hair in it and its gauranteed to make your hair grow 3 inces in a week! no just kidding. all I can think of is take care of split ends

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there this product called Jane cater it works really well on my hair and the shampoo is really gentle and her grease called nourish and shine give its a great shine a luster its pretty expensive tho!

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Your first answerer covered just about everything I would have said except for oil. When it starts to feel dry, use either Jojoba, Flax Seed, Coconut, Vitamin E or Almond oil. Leave it in. It looks gross but your hair will absorb most of it, so it won’t feel as dry after the next time you wash it.

Only wash it when you absolutely need to. Most people can get away with washing every-other day. If you’re staying home for a weekend and you don’t intend on seeing anyone, don’t wash it at all. I know it feels disgusting, but being greasy is actually really good for it.

Believe it or not, there’s a website. will tell you a lot more than funadvice.

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I have used Natural hair regrowth supplement from and i find it very effective and it really grow my hair longer.

Answer #56

Reloxe worked for me completely! I used their Natural hair regrowth supplement and within 3 months, It totally grown my hair so fast!!!

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Use Reloxe! I’ve tried their vitamins for natural hair regrowth and it really worked!

Answer #58

take a mustard oil massage.

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