My auntie called me fat... Am I really?

I never really considered myself fat… I always thought I was average! Well… I have some relatives that came to visit us here (toronto) from la… My grandaunt, her son and son’s wife (grand aunt &uncle?)… And well… They haven’t seen me ever since I was 8 months old!! And when they saw me today, my grandaunt was like ‘my, look how pretty you are!! You were so ugly when you were little, you looked like a boy’ well… That didn’t really asult me much, because all babys look like guys when they’re little! But then… She’s like ‘you’re pretty… But kinda fat!!… You’d look better skinner’ - I was like ‘wow!!…gezzz thanks!’

So yea…am I really that fat? Looking at my photos… (excluding the studio ones!!)

Answer #1


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Answer #2

No matter the size are you comfortable with yourself? Do you feel fat? I am 290 lbs but I am happy I love the way I look! I am large but I feel good. Thats all that matters

Answer #3

judging by your pics your actually prety sexy not fat at all. I honestly dont see how she could say that… unless she thinks being a skeleton is normal. Dont listen to her remark.

Answer #4

You shouldn’t let what anyone says hurt you or bother you especially people that havent seen you since you were a baby. Be happy the way you are it’s what makes you you.

Answer #5

its called being fobbed out asian. all asian people think a little bit of meat = fat. my mom says I’m a pig. and she means it. and everybody at vietnam says I am extremely fat and need to stop eating. in fact, I can’t even buy clothes at vietnam bc most of them are made 1 size and they’re for TOOTHPICKS to wear. not regular human beings. don’t feel bad at all.

Answer #6

That was very rude for her to say. You are gorgeous. I think your aunt is jealous. You shouldn’t even worry about anything she says. Anyone who says something like that, especially to her niece, definitely, has problems of her own. Don’t worry about it.

Answer #7

Tell her to Fcuk her self(excuse my french) she ad no right shes probably jealous becuase your pretty and slim

Answer #8

I think your aunt was drunk… or she’s just a prick…

Answer #9

You’re beautiful.

Answer #10

Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!

  Check out your BMI at the bmi calculator site below to see where you stand.   bmi calculator:

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  Average Teenager Weight

Answer #11

You are super gorgeous! Don’t worry. My relatives do the same thing to me, but they are bigger than I am. lol Don’t listen to your aunt.

Answer #12

Hey, sis! You are not fat! My friends always call me fat too, but whatever they said! Just believe in your heart that you are nice, dont think about another! You are the best, no one like you! Think positive!

I am psycholog, if you need my help you can contact me on my msn or email then we can talk

goodluck sis! :-)

Answer #13

U know unfortunately relatives think they have the right to tell other relatives how ugly or pretty or fat or thin they think they are. I have been through that and its so hurtful and I never could quite understand why people think they need to point out their opinions and express it as if we’ll somehow become thinner or prettier from it. your not fat. So thats solved. your attractive and thats no issue and you really have to let everything go in one ear and out the other. If I was u, I would just tell my aunt…I’m not fat and what you said was rude and insensitive. She mite actually feel bad about it. I dont know but its never ok. I have had my moms brother tell me I was over weight in front of the whole family at a family renunion!! I was only 9!!! Ok…dont we get to grow and develop until 18 !!! geeez! I was also told by my ex-boyfriend’s dad that I was over weight at the dinner table in front of his mom and my ex and his sister and her son! omg…I think I turned red and I had to go to the restroom and let out my tears! His sister defended me and shut his dad down but it didnt matter cause the damage was done. After this point, I realized…hey screw them all. I am me and I’m ok and only I gotta worry about myself. Not anyone else! So…your fine and you know it. Forget her lame comment. Furthermore, dont believe it just cause she said it!

Answer #14

well you shouldnt let lil dumb remarks like that get 2 you besides no offense 2 your aunt or anything I think she was just bein obnoxious and really rude besides even though I neva met you in person but 4rm wut I’ve seen in those pics your extremely f^ckin sexy and im not da only one that thinks so look at your pic comments besides there are like 6 billion people in dis world wit different opinions and not evry one of em is going to think you look hot and I think your aunt is just one of em besides im happy that of da 6 bllion people in dis world im one of da lucky few that got da chance 2 meet sincerly(not sure if I spelt that right how unprofessional lol) malcolm ps wut you said bout me might b da same case wit you not bein able 2 figure out your own problems as well as you do others but like you told me dats wut friends are 4 and im always here 4 u

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