My 3 year old pitbull just bit my new puppy

I have a pitbull male jaden which is now 3 years old. I have had him since birth. He is completely spoiled and has always been a perfect dog. I just recently adopted a beagle mix male puppy from the animal services. I have had him for 6 days and eveything was going good until last night. I had brought home 2 toys one for each. Jaden decided he liked the puppies toy better and took it, when the puppy went to take it back in a very playful way jaden snapped and bit the puppies face putting a cut by his eye and a bloddy nose. I yelled at jaden and punished him right away and tried to comfort the puppy while treating his wounds. This morning the puppy was scard to go anywhere near jaden and is not his playful self. Jaden however took everyone of his toy out put them in the middle of the floor and was trying to play with them all at once. What do I do now? I want them to become best friends but I don’t want the puppy to get hurt again? How do I address the problem? It seems that everything is fine until it comes to the possessivness of toys and food. Jaden has grawled and showed teeth before but I didn’t think he would bite. I almost think that jaden didn’t mean to really bite and hurt the puppy like he did. I give the both equal attention. Please help?

Answer #1

Donna don’t lose hope for a peaceful home!! I have 8 Cockers and when we first decided to become breeders and add dogs, it wasn’t always easy, but Phrannie hit it right, YOU have to be the leader and owner of ALL things. When my Lacey was little, she would pick up my hair ties, socks, anything of mine and growl at the other dogs if they got close. It was the very start of resource guarding and we caught it and used enforcement of the rule that we are the owners of the food until we give it to the dogs. we own the toys and we end a problem before it starts. Our dogs enhoy each others company and really are a big “family” I think it is great that you are seeking solutions now, the first occurance. No one should hate a specific bred of dog. They are all beautiful and each breed brings its own distinct aspect. It is not fair to hate a breed because it is powerful and protective. No dog is a bad dog until it is either taught to be that way or not taught correct behavior. Keep an open mind!!

Answer #2

Well, you’re lucky you have had the chance to see the “problem” first hand…”toy possessiveness” is common with dogs.

So, the first thing out is this…ALL TOYS are put up, unless you are in the room to watch over the pup…YOU must be the alpha here, and a good alpha doesn’t allow fighting among the beta ranks.

That pup DEPENDS on you to protect it…DO NOT let them fight it out, or that pup will die.

Pits are wonderful dogs, but they don’t know their own strength, and they are bred to be tenacious (never give up)…Two toys out, at any one time…with you watching over…if the Pit approaches the pup’s toy…YOU send him back to his own…Dogs always want what the other has…be it toys or food.

Their getting along is going to be up to your leadership abilities…and you will be tested, so absolute vigilance for a while is going to be necessary.

Answer #3

Hey hey hey, no need to showin the pitbulls hate. They’re good dogs, very loyal very protective. Like any other dogs they are only aggresive if they are raised or trained in an aggresive enviroment.

Answer #4

You just gotta let them fight it out, its dog nature, eventually your new puppy will recognize Jaden as the alpha dog and they’ll get along just fine.

Answer #5

Find the puppy another home. The Pit Bull is showing dominance over his territory, and it will eventually get worse. They aren’t bad dogs, but they are genetically predispositioned to show aggressiveness. If the puppy is killed, you’d have to live with that.

So find him a new home

Answer #6

Let them fight it out? exactly what chance do you think a puppy will have against a pitbull? most adult dogs wouldnt have a chance!

I dont know, I had the same problem with my cats… just make sure you’re in the room with them otherwise keep them apart…

Answer #7

Do what Phrannie says. You are to be the Alpha male. Canines will assume leader position when the Alpha male is not playing his role. You need to control the possession of the toys and the space the dogs maintain. Do not allow fighting, stare downs, standing over the other or humping. When playing with your dogs together, live in the now, do not antisipate a scuffle. They feel that energy on you and it will then happen. Calm..happy…in the now…

Answer #8

Thank you for the advise Phrannie!! and to the others that have responded Thank you. I want things to work and we got the puppy (Max) because Jaden has always showed gentle play with other dogs and we thought he could use a friend. I will definately take the toys away unless I can interact with the play. Jaden is not your typical pitbull he is the most lovely I have ever seen. Despite the mistake he made last night I believe and hope things will work out. I posted this blog to get advise on how to help the situation maybe someone else has had the same problem. I have never been on this site before today but I was desperate to get advise. Thank you to all and please more great advise is appreciated!!! Donna…

Answer #9

Either keep jaden or get rid of the puppy. or vice versa! If not Jaden will kill that puppy. Trust ME! I have had sooo many pit bulls. Once they figure out who is the agressor they need to be separated. I know you posted this 3 months ago, and your dogs are probably getting along good. Once you are away for a long time and they get to fighting there will be no more puppy. I have endured all situations with my pit bulls. You either love them or hate them. God bless you!

Answer #10

Once the puppy backs down it means he has learned that Jaden is the alpha and he will respect Jaden. Its just how most mammals are.

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