Music help!!!

I'm into the bands all time low, boys like girls, short stack and cobra starship... Any idea's of other bands that play music like they do ?

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green day, linkin park, breaking benjamin, Evanescence, My Chemical Romance, nicklback and Three Days Grace
I thing they are good bands
have fun hope you find what you are looking for

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senses fail
pink spiders
all time low
escape the fate
gym class heros
the used
hollywood undead
(if you like them try jeffree star also)
fall out boy
sick puppies
metro station
the medic droid
the higher
cute is what we aim for
the darkness
story of the year
kill hannah
taking back sunday
head automatica

I think that should give you enough to at least look into

Mood Music Help.
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I like all the bads so here are sum of the ones I like:
my chemical romance, AFI, all-american rejects, funeral for a friend, fall out boy, 30 seconds to mars, evanescene, paramore, escape the fate, linken park, a day to remember, good charlotte, senses fail, slipknot, bring me to the horizen, the used, bullet for my valentine, hawthorne heights, and too many more to mention.
enjoy :]

help wid music!!!
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well, escape the fate, forever the sickest kids, the friday night boys, mayday parade, good charlotte, kisschasy, hey monday, a rocket to the moon, nevershoutnever!, breathe carolina, tokio hotel, family force 5, we the kings, the academy is..., cute is what we aim for, yellowcard and the red jumpsuit apparatus all come to mind :)
have fun. the bands you said are really awesome :)


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