Music on iPod without iTunes?

How can I put music on my ipod without having itunes but if I have music in the my documents part of my comuter

Answer #1

I think you can only use itunes because itunes goes with ipod

Answer #2

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? iTunes SUCK!!! I’ve had my ipod touch for a month and have NOT used iTunes. It’s annoying and stupid. I agree with those who say google alternative programs because iTunes is programmed for the ipods to SELL YOU PRODUCTS!!! DUH people. Just because something comes with it doesn’t MEAN it’s the best. Think for yourselves for once.

Answer #3

No. You gotta use iTunes or your ipod won’t be able to recognize the files and you won’t be able to listen to your music. You can always download it for free from the main website. It’s free as long as you type in the product code. I’m not sure, but it should be located somewhere on the ipod… Hope that helps :)

Answer #4

You can’t. You can download music on your computer but you have to have iTunes to put music on your ipod.

Answer #5

I use a program called imesh. it allows uyou to download your music forfree and it’s totally legal. you can then tranfers the music directly to your ipod without having to use itunes.

Answer #6

the easiest way is to get a zune no need to learn a whole new language to be able to load music to your mp3 devise… all you do is plug your zune in and load your program and pop in a disc and the disc pop up in the zune program. drag the cd to the zune and it copies it no problem no need to convert music files.

Answer #7

I personally use iTunes but I’ve noticed that Realplayer has options to load music on iPods. I’ve also read that Linux users can use GtkPod to load music on iPods.

ITunes is the path of least resistance but since the iPod can be configured to look like an external hard disk I’ll bet there is more than one way to load music on them

Answer #8

–Anapod Explorer–

Created by Red Chair Software, Anapod Explorer is great for managing the content on your iPod through Windows Explorer. Your iPod will show up as a device in “My Computer” and from there you can drag and drop your media content! You also have right-click menus with the option to copy and paste, and “send to” menus.

Unfortunately this isn’t a free option. Anapod is currently offered as Shareware and will cost about $30 to buy. It is compatible with Windows 98, ME, 200, XP, and Vista.


Unlike Anapod, Floola is a freeware option. You can manage your iPod using the software, and it’s compatible with Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows (including Vista). Using Floola you can copy both music and videos to your iPod and from your iPod on just about any computer. Aside from offering the basic iPod management, Floola is capable of helping you manage your music and play lists, and it also checks for duplicate songs. If it finds a duplicate, it will remove it.

Once you download the application, you’ll drag it onto your iPod, and then you’ll be able to use Floola wherever you go.

–Winamp iPod Plugin–

Winamp is a popular media player that can also be used to manage your iPod. If you’re using an older version of Winamp, you’ll be required to download the iPod plug-in if you’d like it to work. If you’re using a recent version, you’re all set to go. Getting your music on your iPod is as simple as adding your music to Winamp and right-clicking to choose the option to send your music to your iPod.


Xplay is yet another option for managing your iPod. It’s a drag and drop application which makes it easy for you to get your music on your iPod. You can also automatically synchronize your iPod with your music selection on your computer Unfortunately this is another manager that will cost you money, but they do have a free trial version available for you to play with.

Hope this helps. Matt

Answer #9

Xilisoft iPod rip is a perfect iPod copy, iPod ripping software to rip and copy photos, music, songs, video, movie, podcast and TV program from iPod to PC, iPod to iTunes. The iPod copy software supports iPod to iTunes transfer.

Answer #10

Ok your people arent very smart except for filletofspam and mister macintosh up there is following company policy. Various third party applications come up with a simple google search for putting things on your ipod, I personaly use songbird ( its a open source program like firefox so it supports add-ons and plug-ins its also free. I have run into to many problems with limitations in itunes.

Hope this helps you out man!

Answer #11

You really need iTunes, its the eaisest way. =)

hope I helped! =]


HAVE A HAPPY DAY!!! -jasaa-

Answer #12

You can’t .

iTunes is made ESPECIALLY for iPods.

I’ve never tried it. But maybe Rhapsody? that works for MP3’s ?

Why would you not wanna use iTunes? It works pretty Well !

Answer #13

No you do not need itunes you people that keep saying you do have no clue I dont care if your the presidents daughter you work for apple good for you itunes you do not need it to put music on your ipod. Do a google search on programs like floola I bet you money it will put music on your ipod but not the new ipod touch. X=play is another program that allows you to put music onto your ipod but its built for vista 32 users. But there are more programs out that you can use to put music on your ipod you people are full of bs cause I’ve used floola to put music on my classic 80GB so you dont work for apple unless your not that smart to know its possible and you dont need itunes.

Answer #14

loulou11 is completey correct! I work for Apple Inc. and YES you have to have itunes in order to download it to the ipod!


Answer #15

this link can give you exact software you want ,the link is:� the guide It tells you how to use it ,it’s very easy. If you need to transfer other things, you can check the website: If you have a problem when you use a ipod, you can go to here:

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