Qualifications for being a mortician??

What are the qualifications for being a mortician??

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Have a look here -http://www.connexions-direct.com/jobs4u/index.cfm?pid=18

It tells you everything about any job you can think of. Qualifications, salaries and training.

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Well, for 1--u need to have no problems w/ working with dead people. Lol
Seriously, try calling some of your local mortuaries and asking them for the req's needed--as is everything nowadays, I would think there is some college involved. Even if just a certificate. Good luck?

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Genererally it requires a Two Year Degree in Mortuary Science. Some Colleges offer the program.
Worsham College near Chicago has a 1 year program, then you have to be employed with a Funeral Home, be sponsored, then Pass State and National Exams.
Contact Worsham or St. Louis Community College, or Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

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