Can I get money from the government at 17?

So my moms kicking me out, for reasons that dont matter, and i have to be out my next friday. I live in ontario,adn its called ontario works ( i guess wellfair ) and ill need to go on it to get an apartment. and then also look for a job. can 17 year olds go on ow ?

Answer #1

In my country you cannot get any money from the government at any age. Either you earn it or you f\suffer to death. We are such a poor country.

Answer #2

You beeter call your dad or your other relatives. If you want other party to get involved, better call the police or social department. At 17, you still need to go on with your study. It is parents and government’s responsibility to educate you and to make sure that you are not hungry.

Answer #3

lol my dads dead

Answer #4

These are the kinds of things that are killing our ecenomy,you can not depend on our government to give you free money just because you need some extra cash.Our government is going to get rid of wellfare because it can not afford it. Our ecenomy is in so much debt and all you care about is yourself!! Sorry for getting upset with you but this is the truth nothing in America is free you have to work for it just like everyone else, please make your own money, get a job, something, but do not apply for money from the government, GIVE OUR ECENOMY A CHANCE TO HEAL BEFORE YOU START TO DESTROY IT!!! Thank your for your concideration.

Answer #5

In my country there are special study benefits for people under 18 who have been kicked out of home. You should go to the place that handles benefits etc for your area (over where I am we have IRD and WINZ). If that doesn’t work, you might be able to get an ‘allowance’ from the govt depending on what you are studying. Try going to a homeless shelter before an apartment so that you won’t be in debt to the apartment owner before you start getting any money. Most fights start over money :’( Oh, I’m assuming here that you are at school? If you are not at school (left early), it may be harder to get govt financial assistance as they want to keep you in school. Maybe you could get a job a few days after school and on Saturdays? You could try selling some of your stuff for start-up money so that you can pay the rent before the benefit kicks in (it may take a few weeks for you to start receiving the money). I sold most of my clothes/old games and toys when I needed money a while ago and it’s hard but if it’s something you have to do, you have to do it.

Answer #6

I’d rather your Government gives this girl some extra cash so that she can continue her studies, than have her living on the streets as a call-girl for the rest of her life. Think about it, if the Government doesn’t help her now, it’s very likely she will have to drop out of school and get a menial job, resulting in her needing government help for the rest of her life. Whereas if the govt helps her now for 2 or so years, she will get an education and grow up in a good work industry, making good money, PAYING HER TAXES AND INSURANCE, and bringing up her children in an environment that sees that they are financially supported all the way through their studies. Think before you throw off at people in difficult situations. I’d rather your govt use a small amount of money ($3,000) to get her through school, than have to support her (and her future children)throughout their lives (costing $30,000+)

Answer #7

I’m pretty sure boocamp was referring to how situations like her’s should be avoided in the first place.

Answer #8

uhm, she has no place to live whatsoever and she needs money to support herself, how is that “needing extra cash” and being all about herself may i ask? yes their are people who use it for themselves with things they dont need but shes not one of those people im sorry to tell you this.

Answer #9

I live in canada. Just so you all know. ( she said soemthing about the USA) anyways. Im not planning to stay on the governments help for my whole life. I need help getting started because i have never been on my own. im being kicked out of my home with no where to go. im only 17 right now and i dont have a job because i dont have money to get a birth certificate( ive never had one in my life, my mom didnt apply for one for me) and i still need my SIN but i cant get that untill i have my birth certificate. so you see where it gets tricky. I hate asking people for help. like taking charity. i like to be able to support myself, but i cant do that now. so i was only asking if anyone knew if 17 was of age to go on “welfair” so that i can get an apartment, get my birth certificate,and all that other “fun” stuff, and then get a job, and get myself off of welfair when im no longer in need of it.I am in school, so i am studying and getting a good education. I will be able to get a good job if i continue to attend school,but i dotn think i would be able to if im homeless because i think my priorities would be a little bigger than school. I don’t think it was fair of you “boocamp” to judge my situation or my being on this singular question. Thank you guys ( kayla and renee) i apreciate it.

Answer #10

but thank you

Answer #11

thank you :) I shall try this.

Answer #12

See you said absolutely nothing about Canada, and i answered your question without reading the description because i was just browsing the questions and i came across yours, after i had already hit the submit button did i read the description, i did not mean to be so blunt in my answer i got caught up in what i was typing. I did not try to seem like i was judging your situation, i am no one to judge and neither is anyone else. I also understand that you were looking for real advice because this is a very serious time that you were trying to get help with, and i did not provide you with the right information my answer was more of a lecture than an answer. I am sorry for my misunderstanding and my rude answer. Sincearly, Boocamp1

Answer #13

That’s fine. It’s kind of called “think before you speak”, though…

Answer #14

You live in Ontario - yes you can…the legal age here is 16.

Answer #15

no problem, i hope everything gets fixed and everythings okay for you!

Answer #16

Note: i was thinking entirely off the question not the description because of where the question was i could not acess the description, i would have had a different answer if i had read it, and next time i will be sure to do that before i answer.

Answer #17

yeah, i could see where your coming from just from the question because i know plenty people who do that stuff, its just shes in a completely different situation than the people taking advantage of the help for people who really need it

Answer #18

thank you !

Answer #19

Thank you guys :) and ok thats fine “boocamp1” thanks for clarifying. :)

Answer #20

I feel so lucky, being born in Norway. We have money to feed the ones who are sick, schools are free, and we take care of people who cannot work for some reason, and we have free healthcare. We pay high taxes for this, but noone really complain, since it’s for the good of everyone.

And I bet USA could have that money as well, if you was not too occupied spending billions of dollars each year on weapons and warfare.

Answer #21

If you are aiming this at me, FU<K you. Im not in the USA i do not even like the usa. i live in canada. free health care, free school till grade 12 and its just a good place. i just am currently not in a good place in my life, seeing as im being kicked out with no where else to go. so ya, it sucks.

Answer #22

its not people in usa’s fault where our money goes okay you norway people aren’t perfect yourselves so don’t make it seem like norways perfect and we usa people are horrible, im sure norway spends money on weapons too, if not your country or whatever would adventually not be able to protect itself so don’t say that; k thanks.

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