How much French would I need to know in order to travel there?

I may be going to France this summer, & I was wondering, how much French would I need to know to travel there for about a week? I know pretty much all the colors and lots of kinds of food, but that’s pretty much all. What else do I need to know? Thanks

Answer #1

Depends on where you go…

If you are in any Tourist region (the Mediterranean sea, the Bretagne, the Mountains) or in Paris, you get along fine with English. If you are going to the rural parts, you won’t.

If you go to a foreign country, it’s always nicer if you first try their language. Even with the hotel personnel or the waiter, even if you know they do speak English. They’ll like you better if you first try their language. You don’t have to be good at it. Just show them you tried. The French will immediately figure out your accent. And they’ll love you for trying to learn their tounge-knot of a lanuage.

You will sure need: Bonne matin (good morning), bonjour (good day), bonsoir (good evening) and bonne nuit (good night). Merci (thanks), de rien (you’re welcome), s’il vous plait (please). Au revoir (good bye).

If you’ll go shopping, learn the names of anything you might want to buy. Numbers will also be good to know.

If you want to meet people, you might want to be able to ask their name, tell them your own name and whatever else you might want to talk about. Just imagine: you meet the man of your dreams, he’s French and he doesn’t know any English. You’ll need his name and address or you’ll never see him again… terrible thought, isn’t it ;)

have fun in France the sheep

Answer #2

aha, thats funny bcz I wanna move there too!! annnd probly alooot so you can converse with people like we do now lol have fun in france and if you go tell me how its likee [:

Answer #3

all the common words cause if you accidentally said I need your hot dog instead of I need your address it could get kinda awkward(dont ask why you would ask some one for their address,im not a mind reader)lol

Answer #4

you would need to know a lot my french teacher said french people find it rude unless you say hi introduce yourself and ask them how there doing which is pretty simple but you might also want to learn to ask questions

hope you have fun in france!

Answer #5

Depends on where you go. Most people in Paris know english. I went there on a french trip and never spoke french.

Answer #6

you would need to be fluent. like youll be able to have a convo in french without any hisitations!

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