What is a good but moderately cheap main course meal to serve a group of 15-20 people?

(We are hosting a Celebration in a couple of weeks and I just can’t decide what to make for the main course. Usually we make a turkey or pot roast, but I wanted to do something different this time. We cannot do pork as my husband is deathly allergic and it need to be something that most people like as some of the people coming are strangers (so I have no idea what they like) and there will be children attending. Thanks!)

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Lasagna, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Chili/Chili Beans, Barbecued Chicken, Meat Loaf?

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Spaghetti Bolognese; . . . . . or . . . . . Chilli Con Carne; . . . . . or a mild / medium curry like . . . . . Chicken Korma; / Lamb Rogan Josh; etc.. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

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My family always makes soup when we are serving our youth group. Its easy, pretty cheap, and you can make so many different kinds! Chicken, taco, potato ect.

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Thanks for the ideas! : )

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No problem, I hope I helped! :-)

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Thanks for the ideas! : )

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Thanls! I never thought of soup…….

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Your so very welcome :D

Answer #9

Um, for the kids you can do either burgers or chicken fingers…they both are a hit with the kids & you cam even hv french fries for them baked rather then fried yet still crispy!

As for the grown ups, you can get those 5 min steaks they come in packs for those that dont want to have chicken, & make a full roasted chicken in the oven, you can stuff it with rice & herbs(I like fresh cut up parsley & a nice mixture of spices, I personally am mid eastern, so I like turmic, cummin, black pepper, chicken powder & some salt.) I mix it with the rice then stuff it in the chicken & well you have to seal it so it doesnt come apart. Give the chicken the same rub of that combo of spices and a table spoon of canola oil so you can brush it on really well & it will get a nice glaze to it. Optional…I like to also make another tray of mixed vegi’s & use a similar mixture to the vegi’s like if it is mushrooms or broccoli , I will make it with some garlic, some mushroom powder for flavoring & a splash of soy sauce. But if it is like potatoes and onions & other cut up vegi’s, I will sprinkle some paprika, minced some fresh garlic, splash a bit of soy sauce, a teaspoon/table spoon of honey(depending on the amount of vegi’s tsp for small tbs for big amount) and the other stuff…turmic, cummin & so forth. now you have 2 dishes…steaks & chicken…with flavored rice as a side order & some sort of mixed vegi’s as a second side order. those that rather have the steak will enjoy that & those that rather hv chicken will have that.
Now all that is missing is a fresh salad or coleslaw on the side as well… Seems like its a win win all around! *if you need some more info funmail me ok?! Hope it helps. good luck.

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chicken and rices are good. anything you can make in bulk and serve, baked macncheese, pastas… temptress basically covered the goods ^_^

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Thank you so much!! You’re famtastic!

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awe, ur so sweet, thanks for the sweet compliment. makin me blush! anytime sweetie! Like I said funmail me if you need any more help. ;)

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I like to serve red beans and rice when I serve a crowd. It is cheap and a change of pace for most people. I usually make it fairy mild then have shakers of cajun spices for those who want to add some heat. I’d have a few servings of cheese pizza, bologna sandwiches, macaroni & cheese and chicken nuggets to accommodate kids who are picky eaters. If you think some might be vegetarian be sure to have something for them if you make your beans with meat. If you have a grill roasted corn on the cob is always a treat. Potato and pasta salad are also additions.

Answer #15

Thanks for the ideas!

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