What are some good foods to buy when you are low on cash?

My boyfriend and I just moved in with our best friends and of course money is tight. We budget $300 for 2 weeks of food for 4 people. This is grocerys. Anyone have ideas of things to buy besides canned tuna, Ramen and Rice?

Answer #1

Buy vegetables ! . Its healthy . and if your low on cash ;P You loose weight :I . I dunno if its exspencive in the states

Answer #2

I ate a lot of pasta in my first few years at uni, and I would make meat go further using lentils. I love lentils and they are really cheap. Buying seasonal vegetables is great because they are cheaper. Also, cheaper cuts of meat can be really nice if cooked properly - I learned to make amazing melt in your mouth cassaroles with the cheapest meat ever.

Answer #3

Frozen stuff can be cheaper. Use more sides dishes, they tend to cost less than giveing more food on the main coarse, that’s all I can think of right now, hope it helps :-)

Answer #4

I’ve been watching this show lately called extreme couponing. These people buy $600 worth of food for $6! Of course they buy many of the same items, but I’m sure it can be scaled down. If you have extra time to cut coupons, search for sales, and meticulously plan out your meals for the month you will save money. Its not really difficult, its just kind of time consuming. My buddy and I are going to try it out next month.

Answer #5

Dry beans and rice are about the cheapest food you can get. Add some seasonal or frozen fruit and vegetables and it is even healthy.

Answer #6

Good food that is healthy is hard to find at a cheap price. If you don’t plan on putting on weight I suggest staying away from frozen foods. Frozen foods may taste good but they are a processed food which is very unhealthy. Chicken and fish products tend to be cheap and are healthy. Fresh fruit may seem expensive but it is on sale most of the time. If your goal is eating healthy and keeping your figure then I suggest using coupons to stay within your budget. You can save lots of money from couponing. Not only would you save on food but other beauty products as well.

Answer #7

shops own brand

Answer #8

First I would go through the circulars every Sunday to get coupons and to get what’s on sale. Also go to stores that are cheap like if you have an aldes by you. If you do go to yur grocery store always walk through the isles for whats on sale. Some things I find that are super cheap without being onsale is def the ramen noodles soup that you get like 6 pachages for a $1 or 12 for like $1.50 SUPER CHEAP though it is very high in sodiem and not always good for you. Even though fruit is good for you, its always super expensive!! I would just get apples that would be the cheapest out of all of them. Alos spaghetti is cheap.

Answer #9

the dollar store!

Answer #10

definitely ramen noodles

Answer #11

Yeah my mom does that. She buys stuff on sale with double coupons and she brings home easily $400 worth of groceries and pays less than half

Answer #12

frozen dinners, fruits, already made salads, stuffing..

Answer #13


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