What can i do to get in the modeling services

I need to know what can I do to get in the modeling services

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Models have to be usually 5'7" or over.
Go onto a site you want to model for and send them an email. Don't expect anything big at first. You have to do smaller jobs like modelling for leaflets no one looks at at first, I'm afraid...

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I used to model for a company called models direct. You will have to pay if you go for the less well knows agencies, but its only around £60.00 for 2 years (obviously its different wherever you go). Go to somewhere like olan mills that take pictures professionally and say you want a portfolio. Then they'll make one for you and you can take it to castings!

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no ageny is supposed to charge you. Thats illegal... No model has to pay unless youre entering a school to be a model. Google agencies for modeling

Im a model and I didnt have to pay to get an agent. You need to send regular pics to an agency... They prefer you dont take proffessional pics unless you had modeled for an agency before. Also, when you audition for an model scout, agent etc. Dont wear makeup and wear a pony tail to let them see your face. Thats really important.

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I dont know exactly where but make sure you check it out because I have modeled before & one was a sceme so if they ask for money its a skeme when you get paid money its not

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