Microwave reheating

I have a thick home made soup that is in a gladware with the lid on. Is reheating through the microwave as bad as they say it is? how about I microwave it and then let it stand for about 5-10 minutes, will the radiation or whatever ‘waves’ be dissipated by then?

Answer #1

microwaving is not safe and is not healthy but I think that once in awhile won’t kill. This is for the people who want to seek the truths and facts that are reliable and trusted. http://www.mercola.com/article/microwave/hazards.htm

Answer #2

A microwave produces electromagnetic radiation that excites the water molecules in your food, causing them to vibrate and produce heat through friction. It does not produce radiation that would cause anything to become radioactive. As soon as the microwave is turned off, your food begins to cool. There is absolutely no danger from any radiation produced by a microwave.

The most dangerous part of your scenario is microwaving soup with the lip on, which could cause steam pressure to build inside the Gladware until the top pops off and soup sprays everywhere.

Answer #3

well, microwaves were created awhile ago and advertised to be really convenient and made a lot of profit like McDonalds & etc… and everyone goes there but there are people who don’t go there and they tend to be a whole lot healthier, wouldn’t you agree? As time goes by new studies show things that were not known before and still many people don’t know because they don’t research but the proof is there. stove top and ovens are healthier alternatives to reheating foods but can anyone answer my first post please?

Answer #4

It’s not the microwave that makes McDonalds unhealthy.

Answer #5

lol Just microwave your soup and eat it. The most harm that could come to you is heating it too long and burning your tongue.

Answer #6

If the microwave were really that bad, do you think everyone would have one?

Answer #7

Microwave is safe in glass containers. In plastic containers there is evidence that chemicals leach out of the plastic into the food.

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Answer #8

Crack the lid open a little so it doesn’t burst off, but still leave the lid on in case the soup splatters. Some plastics don’t microwave well, probably from the heat, so if your container doesn’t say microwave safe then you might want to try another bowl and then just cover it with plastic wrap or a paper plate or something.

“Radiation” is a general term; it’s not nuclear radiation. Microwaves don’t make food radioactive, and you can eat it immediately. Any problems from microwaves come from the damage they do to food, partially destroying certain nutrients and maybe making it less tasty. So it’s totally safe, but if you want better soup then reheat it a little in a pot.

Personally I use a microwave sometimes for convenience for things like leftovers, but most of my food is prepared without one.

Answer #9

There is no radiation left in the soup. The microwaves are just a form of energy that is at just the right wavelength to cause water molecules to vibrate. This causes them to release that energy as heat. (I once tried to heat up pure motor oil in a microwave, and it didn’t even get warm. Oil molecules need a different wavelength. NOTE: do not do this.)

The heat from the soup may warp the Gladware however. I recommend putting the soup into a glass bowl. Also stir the soup at least once while heating. And remember you are just trying to heat, it to eat it. Not get it hot enough to melt teeth.

CAUTION: Overheating liquids in a microwave can result in SUPERHEATING. If you let the item sit for a minute or two before moving it or stirring it, this will not be a problem. Otherwise if you put anything into the liquid, do it carefully. SUPERHEATING can cause the liquid to explosively boil over, causing burns.

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