who is michael vick, and what did he do

Ok, I know this sounds crazy, but honestly I do not know…who is michael vick, and what did he do to the dogs???

Answer #1

he was actually the quarterback for the atlanta falcons before he got arrested and know hes playing for the eagles now that hes outa jail

Answer #2

Michael Vick is a famous (or infamous depending on how you look at it) football player (American football if your not from America). He was a key player because he was the quarterback position on the Philadelphia Eagles and made millions for being a good player.

Then it was discovered that for 5 years he had been running a dog fighting ring underground back in 2007. He would breed and train pit bulls to be vicious and fight each other to the death. This means that him and all his friends got together and gambled and bet on different dogs which they would gruesomely watch fight and rip each other apart. He admitted to starving dogs to make them more vicious and killing the dogs that lost matches in cruel and violent ways such as electrocuting them with a car battery, beating them to death, drowning them or shooting them. He also did this to dogs that weren’t good enough fighters or didn’t have the will to fight.

He deserved to go to jail for as long as he did but, I don’t think he deserves to get such a posh, rich life back because he has just been picked up to start playing football again.

22 of Vick’s dogs were rescued and put into rehabilitation programs with special families that knew how to care well for pit bulls and many of them now live in loving homes where they don’t show any sign of aggression. Shows you that its not the breed, its the owner.

Answer #3

I don’t know who he is. but I her the name. I think sumat 2 do wi american football?

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