Michael Vick thoughts about him returning to the NFL?

Please give your opinions and back them. I have two write two separate essays for one of my classes. One for Michael Vick returning to the NFL and the other against him returning. Your backed opinions will really help me brains storm.

Answer #1

1st dog fighting is a long time tradition in the south, not that I support it , I can’t even watch Animal police on the Animal Planet. But Vick wasn’t the first, last or even the worst of his kind, so the NFL status seemed to require a punishment equivelant of that status. Why? The time money and effort focused on him could have been used more wisely on the injustice of the dog fighting traditions in general. A fight for animal rights overall could have produced more results. Do you know the specifics of Vick’s fines, fees and punsihments? I can’t say I do but I do know that he was required to pay a large sum to reabilitate the dogs that were recovered (only 2 had to be put down). Couldn’t that money have been use to do a lot of good for not only his dogs but a lot more sheltered fight dogs? And now that he’s back can’t there be a portion of his salary that keeps going towards the cause? I think his punishment was extreme and better results could have been had with a different approach. Michael Vick didn’t act alone nor learn how to do this all on his own. I think if he’s a talented player who learned from his mistakes he should be allowed back. There are others that have done what he did and didn’t suffer nearly the same punishment, why?!? Maybe vick wasn’t too harshly punsihed but others not harshly enough. None of the less whichever way it doesn’t seem fair, does it. let the man play football, maybe he can make some changes for the better by doing so. maybe not but I doubt he’ll ever fight dogs again!

Answer #2

1)well m.v. served his time for his inapporiate action. people in the nfl have done worse than dog fighting, although it was wrong people make mistakes its a part of life. he probably just wants to get better and get back on the right path. you have to give him some credit because he knows he’ll get judged and people will “hate” him but he still pursues what he loves to do,playing football.

  1. dog fighting is wrong. people treat animals as if there nothing these days, and thats what m.v. did. beating a dog or any animal is wrong and cruel. I dont know why he would go back to football if he knows that he would lose a signifacant amount of fans. I belive animals should be treated as humans, their loving and have a heart,they are only “mean” if they are trained to be that way. he should deserve to further his football cereer.

hopeee I helpedd [:

Answer #3

honestly, what he did was unforgivable, but in the same sence, what he did was totally irrelavant to playing pro football, and I dont thnk that there are any rules against pro sports players not bein able to return after a crime… the only problem for him, is findin a team that isnt scared to lose some money from bad publicity

Answer #4

Michael vick is a horrable man .. Why would you do dog fights if you basicly famouse .. Ohh I know a DUMB AŠŠ like Michael vick .. I HATE HIM

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