How come Mexicans and Arabs have the same features ?

Answer #1

way long ago arabs used to be in mexico…they were everywhere! And then mexico started getting used to it and said hey how bout we make tent stores (dunno what they’re actually called) (they are just regular store made out of tents) and they started making all sorts of arab-related things. Then i guess there were a whole lot of arabs at one point that mexicans started getting together with some and havin mexi-arab babies. and so the mesicans now probably look like they are arab or some arabs look like they are mexican and what not because of their ancestors and what not. Other words they have arab/mexican ancestors in their blood which makes em look like that. :P

Answer #2

mm I don’t think this seems right historically speaking

Answer #3

well my old spanish teacher told me that arabs used to be in mexico if not mexico maybe she said spain and i got kinda confused…but i remember her saying that…maybe it wasn’t THAT long ago maybe just in to 1920’s or 1800’s or something…idk

Answer #4

i menmt 1940’s or 1960’s or something not that what i said is wayyy too long ago lol

Answer #5

The current theory is that all indigenous North and South Americans came from Asia between 25,000 to 40,000 years ago and crossed a land bridge when sea levels were low from the areas we know as Siberia and Alaska today. From Alaska they continued Southward by land and sometimes boat eventually populating both continents. When Europeans traveled to the Americas thousands of years later they brought diseases that the indigenous populations had no resistance to Wiping out a large percentage of the native population. Modern Mexicans are of mixed indigenous and European heritage. I believe you mean to say that Middle Easterners and Central Americans have a similar appearance. There is some truth to this statement; an Hispanic friend of mine visited Saudi Arabia and brought back souvenir shirts and when she wore shirts with Saudi Arabia or anything Arabic people assumed she was Arabic but when she wore other clothes they assumed she was Hispanic. I don’t know if Middle Easterners and Central Americans themselves would mistake each other for themselves; it may a “they all look the same to me” phenomena among people not that familiar with either ethnicity. In any case, resemblance between the ethic groups can probably be explained to their adapting to similar climates; the two ethnicities developed separately.

Answer #6

ya I think she said Spain , now it makes sense . Thanks for answering

Answer #7

Thanks for answering , ya spanish looks like Middle Easterens . But I mean that how come Middle Easterns and Mexicans have common features like skin color, big brown eyes and dark hair. I guess because Arabs used to be in Spain and spanish got mixed with Arabs , then the spanish went to the US and get mixed with the Natives . It seems that the whole complicated world shares one ancestor !!

Answer #8

The two groups adapted separately. Similarities in the appearance are coincidental or perhaps because they adapted to similar conditions.

Answer #9

Prior to the Spanish Inquisition starting in 1480 the majority of Spaniards were Muslim. During the Inquisition many Muslims were killed, forced to convert to Christianity, or were driven from Spain. Could this be what your Spanish instructor was talking about? When Spain was majority Muslim Spaniards were Mediterranean in appearance.

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