What do you think of men that work out and get excessively big?

Answer #1

excessively what?

Answer #2

My guess is “ muscle-bound “

Answer #3

Big sorry :)

Answer #4

I don’t like to much muscle, it doesn’t look right to me

Answer #5

i dont think guys who are “big” are very attractive i think when they have a good amount of muscle and all that muscle is toned is very attractive. I think every guy, and girl should work out though to improve their health but by using steroids and going on crazy diets i think is taking it to far.

Answer #6

Some muscles r fine, but u can b to big

Answer #7

Is there such a thing as too big?

Answer #8

That’s to much

Answer #9

yea that is beyond to much and is just gross. I think bulky men are gross but lean toned men are sexy

Answer #10

tbh i think they care enough bout there body to try and make it look good but i dont go to the gym and i can baely climb a flight of stairs without nearly dying and im pretty healthy…. i think

Answer #11

I agree

Answer #12

that is revolting

Answer #13

I think if they’re too big, it’s highly unattractive.

Answer #14

i agree

Answer #15

i second that!

Answer #16

i would personaly prefer this

Answer #17

Oh no

Answer #18

I think it is “forced”, is far beyond the natural body.

Answer #19

better then some mucho man

Answer #20

http://www.funadvice.com/photos/friend_203 i think this is alot better than both XP

Answer #21

http://www.funadvice.com/photos/friend_203 i think this is alot better than both XP

Answer #22

I like a well musculed natural man, not one that is buldging muscles. I think it looks gross.

Answer #23

My boyfriend has a lot of muscle but he’s not like super huge. But there is a point on when to stop.

Answer #24

If I’m being honest, I find it revolting. No man or woman should go and do that. There’s nothing attractive or great about it.

Answer #25


Answer #26

i like guys with muscle, but not toooo much. or else it just looks kinda gross, no offense to guys that have major muscle :P

Answer #27

That is just gross. It doesn’t look natural.

Answer #28

Too me guys that look sexy are guys that don’t lift weight, but still have a lot of muscle, like rock climbers, surfers, swimmers etc. Too big is just gross.

Answer #29

That scares me….lol

Answer #30

It’s impressive if he got that way without steroids, but its kinda gross looking.

Answer #31

really? I think it looks better to be a little more bulked up than that guy. i think an ideal body would be like Bradley Cooper or Vin Diesel.

Answer #32

Stick with being very toned. To much muscle is a turn off..

Answer #33

Not sure if you were posing this question to the group as a whole or just the ladies. Being a very fit attractive man with what some have described as the perfect physique, I felt obliged to weigh in. First and foremost, if you are not well endowed, then no amount of bulk will mitigate your lack of girth where it counts. Also, the big muscles can make your manhood appear smaller than it actually is which is no good. Work in plenty of cardio into your training and keep the reps high so you achieve that well toned or chiseled look and everything else will fall into place.

Answer #34

That is not at all natural looking and extremely unattractive!

Answer #35

I think it’s okay. I’m an amateur bodybuilder, and the goal of it is not to look “big” but to be proportionate with your height and very symmetrical. People say it’s too “big” because you only see them on their photo shoots and pre-contest diets where they are at 3-4% body fat. That’s incredibly low and thus, why they have that “bulging” muscle look. If you follow a normal bodybuilder’s diet off-season, that fat spikes up to nearly 19% and then they just look like a giant cannonball rolling down the gym floor.

Referring to the Frank McGrath video above, he is a bodybuilder. His whole career is based on being symmetrical and proportional. Contrary to what some of you believe, that man is totally natural. If you want to see someone who isn’t natural, you need to look at the the pro’s like Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman and even Lee Priest. Steroids isn’t a bad thing in that sport, it’s all part of the “game” in their minds. Also, before people go and point fingers saying “steroids”, first educate yourself on what steroids do to the body and the various types of steroids out there. Arnold used roids, yet he looked very natural.

There’s never such a thing as too big, only too small. That photo of the friend someone posted is a little small. Sure, he looks toned, but so do the little scene kids at my school. I’m jealous of their 6-8 packs, but when I see the size of their legs, and back muscles, they’re small and disproportionate to their body.

Answer #36

Yeah, he’s 100% natural. He’s really not that big compared to other guys in that sport of bodybuilding. McGrath stands at 5’10” or 5’11” which is actually very proportionate with the muscle. And if you’re questioning how I know he’s natural, take a look at his stomach. If he was on the popular form of steroids used, his stomach would be very bloated, but it isn’t. Also, he’s been tested many shows and such, and he’ always come out natural.

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