Can a felon work as a medical assistant?

I am a convicted felon in the zanesville, ohio area and need a job badly to support my sons

Answer #1

I feel your pain. At the age of 50 I find myself needing a job again and I am a convicted felon. I recieved a 40 year suspended sentence for selling lsd. Actually my room mate new a person who wanted some and we went and got it . Nothing more nothing less. I was 23 then. Well to make a long story short my room mates friend was an undercover cop. He turned states evidence and said I was running a major drug operation. All under the advice of his lawer. My room mate recieved no time and no felony conviction. What a surprise! I had never been in trouble before besides a traffic ticket for speeding. I had no lawyer. my parents wanted me to learn my lesson. I have been learning my lesson for over 25 years. I did serve an 8 month sentence. All this because we(my room mate and I ) knew someone who had some acid for sale.

 It is hard to find work when one of the first questions is "have you ever been convicted of a felony"?
 I got to say this. In the state of virginia there are no pardons. But, one can get their political rights restored. I have done this. It took me 8 years to do so. I am a registered voter, own my own home and pay my bill and taxes on time. I recieved an associates degree in computer electronics. I can still not find work since the layoff at work.    I could not find work in my field of choice in college. all because of a mistake I made over 25 years ago. I applied with Capitol One here in richmond, va and they told me my restoration of political rights was not worth the paper it was written on! Darn I wasted thousands of dallors! This is the attitude of most employers in this country. The insurance companies are behind most of it. it is called bonding companies.
When I got out of jail and off probation I thought my time had been served but, sociaty feels differently. I will pass a drug test. Do a police check 10 or 20 years back my record will not be found. I have gotten jobs by lieing on my apps and passing the back ground checks. But if you are honest file 13 is where it goes. It is flat out DISCREMNINATION!
 It is time that none violent felons stand up for our basic rights. We need to unite and be heard and I encourage all none violent felons to unite and begin to fight for our right to work and have decent job. There are a few who have gotten decent jobs. But all to often we are thrown off to the side and have to take what we can find. Now that illegal alliens are comming into lthis country more and more and taking our jobs it will get hardser for us. All none-violent felons need to wake up, ban together and do something and stop thinking we can do nothing!
I do not know if you can be a medical assistant. I hope you can . I fear you will wind up having to take a chance and lie on that application.
Answer #2

Sorry to tell you but a college degree will not help anyone in Virginia obtain employment. There are so many employers who have taken the personal aspect out of hiring. Most all have you apply online and when you answer the question if you have “EVER” comitted a felony it just send it to file 13 and you never hear back. In society, every felon regardless of rehabilitation by sending themselves back to college they are seen as a vey bad individual. Since we have done away with the personal aspect of employment we have set ourselves up to completely disconnect from society as a whole. Thirty (30) years ago, and yes even in Virginia,applications used to ask if you had committed a felony in the past five (5) years. That is then, this is now. There is power in numbers and everyone needs to speak up. If you have not found out you will found out that the majority of people who have jobs do not care if you have a job or not. They have never made a mistake even though they each know someone who has and can not believe society will not give them a chance. All the while they do not give anyone a second chance either. I am not negative I am just being truthful. You see my son comitted a felony 15 years ago, served his time, got out and went to college, got a 4 yr. degree and has not been able to get a job since. I have written evey political official I can find and no one is interested in helping felons find employment. VA Cares and VA Employment told him he may as well forget he went to college and that has held true. So when someone in VA tells you that instead of helping you find employment (which is their JOB)they tell you you may as well forget it then where do you turn. There are no second chances in VA so seek another state that is not so backwards in thought. I am sure each and every one of you have matured beyone your age and just want a life. I wish you all well.

Answer #3

yes it is a decreminationsher in richmond va about convicted felons gettin a job some thins have to be done fast about our legal system.It’s not fair a allyou continently paying for the same mistake for the rest of your life and label like you can’t make a change for your family & self .I think we should ralley
& march on washington 1000 times until we be heard the answer to your question about being a medical assistant in Va no ! a big fat no not here in gelmore’s backyrd ! Come on people lets do something a concern mother !

Answer #4

No not here in richmond va here you are branded for life !

Answer #5

Political activist, pizza delivery, trades(carpentry,cable,roofing etc.) and (ase certified)auto mechanic are all possibilities. My suggestion is move to a liberal state like Hawaii or one with similar laws…You may get a second chance that way. Bombard your government with letters and emails…eventually someone must take action if enough people stand united. Power in numbers. Try Alcoholics Anonymous or your local church as well. Good luck!

Answer #6


To find companies hiring felons in your area, go to and find your local employment office.

They should be able to put you on the right track to finding a job.

Good luck!

Answer #7

Okay felons can restore there voting rights…can some of these state org. help felons with jobs placement..but they need to hurry and pay the court fines and backup child support how? when you fill out appl. for 2months and the only callback you get is to confirm that you are a felon

Answer #8

This is horrible!!! I am a 3 time felon (for checks) It all happend when I was 18 and in 3 different counties that’s why I was hit with 3 felonies. Anyways I am currently in school for medical assisting. I have been told that I will be able to do my internship but finding a job afterwards will be up to me. This is something I already know and deal with when looking for jobs anyways. Thankfully I am from a state that usually will let you prove yourself. Hopefully that rings true for the medical fields in my state. If not I guess I just learned a bunch of stuff that won’t get me anywhere! Anyways GOOD LUCK!!!

Answer #9

I agree 100% I was convicted of uttering(cashing stolen) checks that I thought were paychecks a girlfriend of mine had. Come to find out they were stolen from her place of business(her dad owned) and he pressed charges against me but didnt against his daughter for check fraud and forgery. I find myself with a child I can barely support. I went to jail for 8 months, completed programs, probation, paid all fines, and obtained a GED and want to go to college but am scared too because I dont know if I will be able to get a job. I honestly dont know what to do anymore. I cant afford everyday necessities, bills, and child care off of just any old job. If anyone knows of anywhere in Virginia to obtain a job with a felony please lead me in the right direction.

Answer #10

I am all for the standing up for my rights. I have a non-violent felony conviction for uttering bad checks also and my probation officer is constantly on me about not having a job, I have put in numerous applications and the online apps boot you off as soon as you click yes to having a felony. I am a single mom that made a bad decision and omg am I paying for it. I have even been threatened to be sent back to prison if I don’t find a job. What am I to do??? If you have some advice for me let me know.

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