Mean neighbors, how can I get revenge?

My neighbors are really snobs across the street from our house. anyway they have accused my son of shooting out their window with a bb gun which he did not. they sent the police to my house 4 times she wouldn’t even come over to talk to me about it. then she actually sends me a letter from accross the street. anyway now my boys have been playing catch at a boat ramp next to their house and her husband came out and told my boys they couldn’t play catch in the neighborhoods public boat ramp. anyway how can I get back at them with out them knowing it or the first thing they’ll do is point their fingers at my kids. help me think of a good one anybody got any ideas?

Answer #1

haha, I think egging them would brilliant… hell, I would egg them for you if I lived near… and I would turn myself in and take full blame for it… it sounds like they deserve it.

Answer #2

hmm, just make sure your kids have an alliby, if there at school when someone paintballs their house you kids can’t get in trouble can they.

Answer #3

I’ve done this before…Get someone to go over to their house that you know but they don’t know. The person can tell them that there is something going on to make them run out of their house. Get someone else to go in and wreck their bathroom while the first person keeps them occupied outside…Sure there will be questions but you got your revenge…

Answer #4

I agree with filletofspam. Do something really unexpected, like invite them over for dinner. Make sure the kids are gone and try to have a pleasant conversation with them. Try to understand their point of view. kill ‘em with kindness. what is the worst that can happen?

Answer #5

Don’t seek revenge. No good will come of it and it will only make things escillate.

There is always a problem neighbor, this is part of life. You can either become mean and petty like they are or you can take the high road. Try to communicate with them. If they are unreasonable usually the best you can expect is to avoid each other and leave each other alone.

Answer #6

call the poice on them for soumthin you thought you saw them do

Answer #7

The next time he kicks your kids off public property or tells them they can not play ball on public property notify the police they will let him know he has no control over public property.

Answer #8


Answer #9

I had to buy an invisible fence for 1300.00 because my neighbor thought our dogs were “walking” on her lawn. Nothing worse, just walking. She called animal control, we got a fine. She even has video security cameras on all corners of her house. We waited until a giant thunderstorm killed the electricity, and painted her cameras black. Afterwards we could walk across the lawn without them knowing it, or seeing it anyway. Its amazing what gasoline or bleach, or some other kitchen chemicals will do to an established lawn. If you are good at it, you can even write on the lawn. Don’t sign your work. STAY AWAY FROM THE MAILBOX - This is a FEDERAL CRIME to mess with the mailbox, and your can get in serious trouble with the Feds. The Postal Inspectors have NO sense of humor and WILL prosecute heavily. This is SERIOUS STUFF. It doesn’t require defacing property either, simply putting someone else’s mail in their box can get you locked up. You want to be really sly about what you are doing so you do not get nailed for it. When I was in High school, we used to fill out subscription cards for every magazine imaginable cause they will “ bill you later”, and send this stuff to our Physics teacher who we hated. Same with Newspapers, and best of all, the subscription to end all subscriptions, is the Federal Register which is a DAILY record of every word said in Congress. It can often be Pounds and Pounds of daily reading. Get every political campaign party to send literature,have the cable guy come to an “appointment” they made, and samples of anything you can find sent. Get people to come and measure for carpet, painting, roofing, a new pool, you name it, and invite them. Really ahve fun, and invite EVERYONE at the same time, same day. Watch the fireworks. COOL. Then call the cops and complain about all the cars and trucks in the neighbors yard, and watch what happens. This is free, and no one gets hurt, you get revenge, and no one will know who it came from. You go for it. I believe people like that should live in Montana about 50 miles from a service station in the woods so no one can “bother them”.

Good luck, and happy trails. ahead.

Answer #10

I disagree with the people that say don’t. If a person is just biting you at the neck,how much can a person take?I wouldn’t move,I live here,you know? Definatly revenge.I was raised to just ignore them but thats not how I go :-) Plus for filletofspam, this person asked how to get revenge not if I should get revenge or not. :-) When I was like 10 I messed with peoples mail,don’t do it folks,it’s illigeal…lol, but you know what you should do?Act like they don’t exsist,and then have all the fun you want.But don’t include them,their house,their name,their anything.If they come out to yell at you,say this.(I got this exact same problem when I was young.I yelled this at them and they never came out.They were aweful,if I went outside on the porch to read a book or something they would call the cops and say I was stalking!The same police officers came so they thought my neighboor was just bullsh*t so they told me to just ignore them.) “You know what,I’am not doing ANYTHING to you,at all,and if this bothers you,maybe you shouldn’t look out the window like you always do to complain!GET BACK IN YOUR HOUSE AND SHUT UP!!” They did exactly that.They never bothered me again,but they would stare and scowl at me,but thats about it!! Main point is,if you got some grouchy neighboors and the anger piled up on you,let it out on them.Just do it.It will feel so good.Even if they yell back,ignore them.

Answer #11

Sounds like they consistenly harrass you. Call the cops on them and file for Harrassment and Malicious prosecution.

Answer #12

no its fun. only if they deserve it.

Answer #13

Last year, my cousin got so mad with his neighbors he got this chemical that kills grass and wrote ‘a-s-s-h-o-l-e-s’ on their beautiful lawn! After a few days, the word was very visible because of the brown grass! lol And those people spent more money on their lawn than some peoples rents. lmaoo x]

Answer #14

awww too bad I dont live by you. I’d just blast death metal at top volume and im really good at making up stuff so when they called the cops I’d just play innocent.

but seriously, I agree with r1i2c3h4 he has some really good ideas and no one gets hurt.

Answer #15

Now revenge isn’t low,because what goes around comes back around,comprende!Now give them hell but make sure your kids are at school so they can’t get blamed,then give they adresse to gangsters(just joking).Instead ruin they lives by spilling they secrets and spreading rumours about them,make jokes about them.AND IF ANYONE SAYS REVENGE IS LOW WELL IF SOMEONE WAS P*SSING YOU OFF WOULD YOU IGNORE THEM?NO YOU WOULDN’T BECAUSE THEY WOULD CONTINUE!!!

Answer #16

Getting revenge makes you as low as they are.

Answer #17

take like 300 napkins and shred them up in a garbage bag then one night when its raining go out there and dump all the napkins in their grass. thats what I do lol.

Answer #18

best idea: while they are out,get loads of balloons,and a balloon pump. blow the balloons up through the mail slot and then tie them up and post them through. when they get back the will wonder how the hell they got there. do this frequently to really annoy them!!!

Answer #19

buy some dry ice from the grocery store, put the dry ice in a 2 liter pepsi bottle and then pour isopropyl alcohol in it. it has to be 80 to 90 percent alcohol. then pour the mixture in their tires. the tires will shatter when they try to drive away because you just made a concoction about as effective as liquid nitrogen. or throw small rocks and marbles in their yard and wait for them to mow it.

Answer #20

skunk scent in a bottle or spray, yes it is true, the end all has arrived

it might take some engineering to deliver it, but once you do

you can be rid of an offending scum bag for several weeks , maybe more

its used by cities to keep squaters and dopers out of abandoned homes

to hear someone say trust me makes me ill

but here is the rare exception, power to the people !!!

Answer #21

Get a friend(adult) to throw water balloons filled with…hmm…dirt, egg, a worm or two, and ink? x3 Be sure they have a mask on.

Answer #22

do this while your kids are away at school. superglue the mailbox shut, egg them like theirs no tomorrow, put rubber cement on the doormat, paintballs are a good idea. and waterbaloons filled with glue and dog poop are a very, very funny outcome for them. have fun :)

Answer #23

we have the same problem too but we’re the kids trying to deal with the annoying ones down the block. The one thing that drives their parents crazy though is stuffing their mailbox full of the neighborhoods junk mail. for the kids…hm…id say if they leave any toys out in the night move them to the middle of the street and let time and cars play

Answer #24

we have the same problem…only we are kids and we’re trying to get revenge on them (my little brothers friends from down the street). Just wait until we get water balloons-that are half full with glue. Also another good idea is put all the neighborhoods junk mail in their mailbox- drives ‘em crazy every time- at least the parents anyway.

Answer #25

Fill a paper bag full of dog poo, light it on fire, ring the door bell, hide. LOL!

Answer #26

If its winter just poor water on there porch at night time that way by morning its ice. I did this when mine tried poisoning my dog because he always wanted there attention.

Answer #27

i use this auto dialer , its very good)

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