Mcdonalds breakfast?

Does anyone know if mcdonald serves french toast sticks for breakfast or is that burger king lol just wondering

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stop asking stupid questions

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I dont think mcdonalds sells french toast thngy ma jigs
they just sell english muffins and pancakes for breakfast

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Sonic sells them too..

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I've never heard of MCDonalds selling French toast sticks unless they have them and I haven't had them before.
I know that Burger King sells them. I hope MCDonalds does sell them but, if not, then it's Burger King.

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Burger King...

Joeysbaby...if you can't be nice then don't answer the question.

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never heard of macca's(Mcdonalds) selling those before.. lol O_o

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I'm pretty sure that's just Burger King.

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