Maybe Girls Should Read This

No, it’s not a question. It’s fashion advice from a guy.

  1. Excessive make-up does not make you attractive.
  2. Shaving off and then drawing your eyebrows on makes you look like a clown.
  3. No one wants to ride an ironing board.
  4. Uggs are in no way cool, unless you’re dressing up for a Lord of the Rings convention.
  5. Bleaching and/or dying your hair hardly ever looks better.
  6. Expensive jewelry serves the same purpose as cheap jewelry: none.
  7. Unnecessary cosmetic surgery makes you a loser.
  8. REAL guys don’t like slutty women.
  9. Don’t read beauty magazines. They’ll only make you feel ugly.
  10. Just don’t follow fashion trends. There’s nothing desirable about a lemming.
Answer #1

The one I have a problem with is the Uggs. I LOVE my uggs! They’re so comfy! And hey, if you’re jealous, they make them for men too. Maybe you should go pick up a pair, because it’s kinda obvious you want some.

Answer #2

Ha. You have some good points but I think uggs are so warm and comfy that’s the only thing I disagree with.

Answer #3

wut you mean, real guys not likin sluty girl? hey, I’m a real guy & I like slutty girls!

Answer #4


Answer #5

Here my response 1st off whether I wear a little makeup on school days or more on weekends is none of your buisness I know guys like makeup (u don’t have to) cause I get lots of compliments

Another thing I have tons of jewlry but only wear 1 at a time (still not your buisness)

What I wear whether it follows fashion trends or not is none of your buisness and I don’t do it for boys but because feeling attractive makes me feel confident

What I choose to read is none your buisness and you shouldn’t judge me based on it. I love beauty mags because they are full of cute outfits relationship advice and other goodies.

My last statment is simply as far as boys are concerned after reading this 2 my bro he said and I quote ‘speak for yourself’ boys like girls who look good. good chemistry is usually the start of relationships other thing are important but so is how a girl feels about herself and if makeup or fashhion make her feel confident you are just going to have to live with it. Ultimently its our choice and right and you are entitled to but speaking as a woman and my bro speaking as a man your statements may be true for some people but not everybody.

Answer #6

#1- true. I dont wear any make up. and all my friends that wear excessive amounts of makeup always tell me I should wear, and im like, no. #2 - I’ve never touched my eyebrows. they are perfect. #3 - umm.. ironing board? #4 - I’ve never worn uggs, but all my friends keep telling me I should and that they are really comfortable. and im always like, no. #5 - I’ve NEVER dyed my hair and decided that I never will, even tho all my friends say my hairs not a pretty color. #6 - I’ve never worn jewelry and all my friends call me plain because of it. they hurt my feelings :(. but oh well. I’m not going to spend my money to buy something not nessassary. #7- everyone tells me I need nose surgery. because my nose is huge :(. but I don’t listen to them. I’m all like, no, I just dont have the money. #8 - im the farthest from slut you could ever be. #9 - haha too poor for them beauty magazines. #10 - fashion trends go too fast for me. I’m always wearing my sisters hand me downs.

see? AND YOU KNOW WHAT??? I’VE NEVER HAD A BOYFRIEND. but all my friends have.

maybe I should start following my friends advice instead of urs. haha or maybe I should get better friends.

Answer #7

I’m not any of the points you wrote!! I’M ME!! AND HATE UGGS!!! I never put make up, and if so I put lip gloss and maskara 2-my eyebrows are naturaly shaved!! if I shave them I’d look like an alien!! I also don’t like it! 3-my hair is blondish brownish goldish! so I really don’t need to dye it!! 4-I only wear a necklace that mom gave me when I was 4 and a watch from my granfather. 5-o REALLY DON’T need a surgery AT ALL! I think I look nice the way I am!! 6-I’m not slutty 7-I don’t read beuty magazines (I think they’re borry) 8-I’ve never followed fashion trends!! and you need to know that there are so many girls who are like me!! and we don’t do that for you guys to like us or love us!! we do whatever we think is right! or whatever we think is nice on us!! and about me, I don’t care WHAT people say! I follow my heart! and thats what we’re ALL suppost to do!! we should all follow our hearts!! hope I helped :)

Answer #8

Following your fashion advice it’s conforming to a fashion. You tell women not to act like “lemmings” but previous to that you are telling ‘us’ not to dress a certain way cause men don’t like it. Also I spotted you say “screw fashion” yet you claim what you are giving is fashion advice. I’m sorry but that’s very hypocritical. If I wish to shave my eyebrows off I shall do. If I want to wear ugg boots I will. It’s a sweet idea I guess but not particularly helpful. If these ideas were put into place it’d be a form of fashion thus breaking the 10th commandment :) and making it rather paradoxical. Not wearing make up doesn’t make you anymore yourself than wearing make up does. We are all given the right to chose and you shouldn’t judge someone on whether they bleach there hair. As you seem to be all for indivuality and what’s inside mattering, then why does a persons style affect you? If you don’t like Ugg boots don’t wear them.

Answer #9

This isn’t an answer. This is advice from a girl.

1.) Don’t stare at our butt…It makes us feel fat.(even if you like it.) 2.)Don’t wear “Clarks”. Ugliest shoes invented…maybe even worse than UGGs 3.) If you are under the age of 17 don’t talk about how huge your dick is, Chances are you haven’t hit puberty. 4.)Guys dye their hair just as much as girls do they just dont have the balls to admit it. 5.)Stop with the “pimp” hat and earrings…It’s extreamly tacky. 6.)REAL women don’t like horny men. 7.)Don’t read “Sports illustrated” It just makes you want a girls that hott. (btw those girls wear a lot of makeup) 8.)Don’t try and prove your tough by getting your butt kicked and saying it didnt hurt. we know it did.

Now think of how you would like us if we were “natural” That means hairy legs and underarms,Gray hair,zits,stretch marks,saggy boobs,sweat pants and a hoody…You like that don’t you?? :)

Answer #10

I suite exessive makeup thou because I do it well so that 1 doesnt apply to me because I constantly wear exessive makeup and guys think im hot

Answer #11

ugg boots were never meant to be worn outside. They are to wear around the house to keep your feet warm

Answer #12

well im not like any of those but I like uggs and I dont care if a guy does not like them I do. and what a guy think is not my life, I would not do things just because a guy like them I do them because I like them.

Answer #13

Wow, you make perfect sence and Im a girl. I wish a lot of people were like you. But you know, girls tend to look at me weird because I dont really give shi*.. I walk out with whatever makes me comfortable honestly, screw others.

Answer #14

Wow Kamex, you stuck quite the nerve conversation here:) are you really this passionate about this topic, or was your intention to create this discussion? Its pretty funny:) Trust me, I have freckles so I look like a little girl even at age 25 with out a little makeup. the people who love me tell me I am beautiful the way I am, I just accent my features with makeup, I love clothes, yet I wear what I want. and I don’t give a damn about if you like what I am wearing or not because I do…thats all that matters. So proclaim your desires for one day they may be heard, but remember you may be the only one who feels that way. which is fine because you are you so…there should be no more ruckus in this conversation in saying that. For some reason I like the way you think though/:)

Answer #15

who says were going to let Your opinion or any other guys run our life? maybe we like wearing makeup and feeling pretty. maybe we like expensive jewlry, because we feel like a princess. maybe we follow fashion so we can feel special. its what and who we are. we dont care whats guys think, its either they like it or too bad, find someone more your type. no makeup, and not even trying to be a better person. and I mean better as in being confident in yourself. such as wearing makeup and uggs and expensive jewlry. we know we dont really need these things, because we are already beautiful, but for above said reasons, we have/ need/ and use them.

Answer #16

This is your opinion maybe, every guy has his own thoughts about things. I’m sure theres guys that would disagree with some of the things. I think guys should be more concerned about what they look like and not what the women look like. I see a lot more guys that are way off in the fashion world then I do girls.

Answer #17

What the hell is an “ugg”

P.s where’s our list about things that aren’t very attractive about men? That list could go on forever…

Answer #18

LMao…I like what you wrote, but sorry to say…a majority of girls dont cake makeup on, shave their eyebrows, or act slutty. Most of us are just natural, and like the way we are. But heyyy…I love uggs…I think they are one of the most comfortable and convient boots I’ve ever worn…but thanks for the advice ;)

Answer #19

Well I think my boyfriend would say the exacttt same thing so I’m totally not arguing with that!

Answer #20

omg seriously this thing doesnt apply to every single guy on the planet (obviously) its just like a general idea. most guys will say that little or no make up is better than like having it caked on. and dressing cute doesnt always make you look better. it all depends on the guy.

and UGG’s are the ugliest things ever. they dont go with any outfit, they dont match with jeans and a nice fashion top. or even a t-shirt.

Answer #21

Hey I draw my eyebrows on. No one ever said I looked like a “clown” I actually got compliments on how I have a nice arched brow : ) , but I will say some girls do draw them on funky and Hi - arched and well clownish .Oh well to each their own right if you like it go for it : )

Answer #22

If your boyfriend doesnt5 only love for how you look that fine but I love it wuhen I look gotgous and my boyfriend eyes nearly jump outta of hois head you know and I think I can dress myself

Answer #23

Its true that some of us girl exagerate of those things,but I disagree with a few of what you said. Your going a bit out of line here

Answer #24

Reply to:”See how the guys like it when we turn up unshaved with no makeup on in a baggy t-shirt and hiking boots. Sexy. I think not. Some of those points are sweet but You guys have NO idea So shutup please”

Reply: Okay haha. My boyfriend would probably love me like that haha. only becasue he doesn’t love me for how I look. And he would say I looked beautiful… :]

Answer #25

Some fashion mags do make me feel just as bad unless theres good advice in the book somewhere. It doesnt matter what anyone thinks about you so wear uggs if you want! I don’t wear them bc I just couldnt pull them off with my thin legs (but the other boots wit the fur and about a 2-3 inch heel is my cup of tea :) ) I agree with strychnine. guys are probably so used to seeing girls with caked on make-up that if we did show wit nothing on, theyd probably appologize for what they said. That’s one of the main causes of self-conscious girls is guys telling them what make-up to wear and how to act. How would you like it if we instructed you on what to wear, how to get your hair cut, your face shaved, or how to act/present yourself.

Answer #26

Ok…I HATE uggs! there so sick! so I agree on that. I think a little make-up is ok…but I agree on the excessive amount is sick. I dont believe you with the ironing board thing… if you had to choose between someone who was 20 pounds over weight, or 20 pounds under weight…im sure you would choose underweight. Real guys dont like slutty women…well the problem is, they always seem to go for the slutty women…so were damned if we do, and damned if we dont.

Answer #27

haha, im with strychnine thanx for the advice, I’ll keep it in mind, but its true, if we showed up unshaven without makeup in our baggy clothes and hiking boots you wouldnt be happy. women put a lot of time into their apperance, and one of the worst things a guy can do is tell a girl she put too much effort into it. yes, sluts are bad and yes, some girls try too hard, but most girls who wear makeup and keep up with the trends and dye their hair and wear jewelry are just trying to be pretty for YOU BOYS, so appreciate it.

Answer #28

Better friends is what you need

Personally I wear and read what I like as I’ve said before. But wouldn’t it b funny if all the girls on this page wrote something telling the boy who wrote this how to dress and act? No offense but anyone who thinks they understand women/men/human psyc is stupid. Each person responds differently so reallly leave us alone we can figure things out ourselves. Uggs are cute I love to read fashion magazines and I love earing and I’m a good person so whatever.

Answer #29

fashion advice is just that…advice…not a rule.. people should do whatever makes them feel beautiful and good about the way they look. They shouldn’t do or not do..wear or not wear certain things because a guy doesn’t like it. Fashion magazines are intended to give you tips and show you the fashion of the moment..if you look at it too intently and try to BE a fashion model you have self esteem issues..not a fashion crisis to worry about.. I think most people know that the pages of the magazines are intended to make things look flawless, but that people are not flawless…not even the models in the magazine..which is why..they airbrush..

Answer #30

Men don’t write the beauty and fashion magazines. We didn’t, and don’t, tell you to do that excessive crap. I don’t care if your reasoning is “we’re doing it for you guys”, because not only is it just stupid in and of itself, neither I, nor any other guy I know, find any of that crap attractive. It’s not what you wear that makes you attractive, be it trendy clothes that’ll be out by next year, expensive and pointless jewelry, or face paint. It’s you’re personality and how you look for real. Any guy who WOULDN’T appreciate you without all that makeup and crap isn’t a guy worth having around. But what do I know about what guys like? I’m just a guy, after all.

Answer #31


Exept for the ironing board bit. I am not quite fond of my frizzhair. :[

Answer #32

uhh… you know most of that stuff isnt true.

Answer #33

this is hilarious

Answer #34

I don’t really do any of those things listed. But not because I want guys to like me, just because its the way I like to dress and look. I don’t ever dress to impress others, I dress to impress MYSELF. But its nice to know that according to you, my style is accpetable among guy though.lmao

Answer #35

hahaha I love 9a and 10… this was funny!! but honestly I love Uggs they are adorable and keep my tosies warm.

Answer #36

I agree with sex kitten uggs are adorable and warm

Answer #37

I love uggs. and I don’t get #3..

Answer #38

I agree with the list but I don’t agree with hair bleaching/dying part…I think it depends on how they bleach/dye it

Answer #39

ok lets see the one I have issue w/ is #4 because I mean UGGs are so not ugly they are warm

Answer #40

hey, please don’t dis uggs!!! their warm, comfortable, and match with everything!

Answer #41

loll… I loved #2 and #4! that is so true. X)

Answer #42

well I agree with the list except four uggs are warm and cozy

Answer #43

those are so true!!! exept for #4. I love my uggs. and I have died my hair before.

Answer #44


Answer #45

All so true! Uggs are placed with Crocs for most ugly shoes ever!!!

Answer #46

okay now can we get a hot guy’s opinion?

Answer #47

whats “Lmao” ? “ohbabyitsbrit”

Answer #48

imme- lmao means lafin my a8s off. [:

Answer #49

I aggree, ugg boots are really ugly. And expensive too.

But they’re sooo warm, so I bought a cheap fake pair for winter because they were only £4 :)

Answer #50

Some of these things I deffinilty disagree with, UGG’s are really warm and comfortable MY boyfriend likes them he doesnt care that I own them!AND beauty magazines dont make me feel ugly.Sorry but all guys have differnet opinions!

Answer #51

Sorry but I love uggs! they are so warm and I think they will always be in and guys wear them tooo

Answer #52

After reading that, I felt so pretty

Answer #53

You sure got people talking, luv the list and I agree!! (especially about bleached hair!)

Answer #54

See how the guys like it when we turn up unshaved with no makeup on in a baggy t-shirt and hiking boots. Sexy. I think not. Some of those points are sweet but You guys have NO idea So shutup please :)

Answer #55

Do you realy think that girls try to look nice for guys ??? give me a break it is called, power, social status, when we know that another girl looks better than us it makes us feel threatened, inferior perhaps, no one likes these feelings, that is why we have to look effing gorgeous, it just makes us fell better about ourselves, feeling beautiful is a beautiful feeling. you don’t even know.

Answer #56

You can do whatever the hell you want, I’m just tired of hearing girls say they do all this crap for guys like we make them do it when we don’t even care/don’t like half that crap.

Answer #57

#1 Guys shouldn’t let themselves get unibrows. #2 You shouldn’t go without a shower for days. #3 You shouldn’t let yourself go. #4 You shouldn’t fart in our faces. #5 You shouldn’t think you control us women #6 You made this stupid list, so I made one, too. #7Guys should wipe up their pee when they pee in the floor #8 I like this list. #9 Don’t show your freakin boxers in public. #10 Maybe guys should read this.

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