Should my sister get married at a mansion or a golf course?

well my sister is getting married and she wants her wedding at a golf course or a mansion that if we did pick that one we would have to stay the night before the wedding . which one

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well depends if its more like a golf clubhouse type thing... you can get some really beautiful pictures... I had a friend get married at one.. and it was GORGEOUS. but... Mansions... well they are mansions... it really depends on the couple..and what best expresses them.

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The mansion would be awesome.
If I were in a mansion I would feel like a million dollars.
Just gives you one of those feelings you want to last forever, a golf course... not so much. It also depends on what the males point of view is. You have to consider both sides.

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Mansion - far more romantic - better picture background - no-one yelling 'Fore' !!...Good luck !!

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ANSWER #5 of 9 would definitely be more romantic, and the mansion would be cool to spend the night in!

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One thing it's build in the 1800's so it's really creppy

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I'd go with the mansion too! :-)

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Personally, I'd go with the mansion. While both are beautiful, a golf course doesn't seen as romantic.

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