Does a mailman deliver his own mail?

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Lol. I would think so yes. It's like pharmacists and doctors diagnosing themselves. :)

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my postman doesnt lol
he doesnt deliver in his area of where he lives,so another postman delivers his :)

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only if he is on his route

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Not necessarily. I suppose it depends on how large the city, town or area that he lives in. If it's a small area and they don't have many mail people then yes, it's possible. If it's a larger area, such as a city, then chances are that there are various different people doing routes and he may not be able to. If they have post office boxes in a building, chances of him 'delivering' his own mail is also slimmer.

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I'm almost sure that's illegal...

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yup thats right.. could we call it a conflict of interest...? na dont think it would go that far.

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but hold on... what if a postman thought his bird was cheating and was delivering her post to their house, would that not motivate him to open her majestys post?

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No it isnt... doctors can self diagnose... it just isnt advised.

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Only if it is on their route. We've got three post offices (that I know of) all within a 15 min drive from my house. Odds of the mailman living in their own delivery zone is slim given how many zones there are...

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but he could do that anyways... he lives with her... unless she's sitting by the post box waiting to grab the mail, in which case it would be a little obvious...

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yes he could and its against the law to open post not addressed to yourself.... but as an employer of hm would be able too but isnt allowed which could bring it into the conflict of interest category and therefor making it not allowed to deliver to family

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I don't think it counts as official. I mean, anyone could self-diagnose, really. With the internet now, people do it all the time. I know that they can't self-prescribe, that was my initial thought when you said "pharmacists," sorry.

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that doesnt make any sense. it's against the law, so what difference does it make whether he does it on his route or in the home, either way he's got access to it... so how would it be a conflict of interest?

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