Low budget cooking for young couples

does anyone have and good ideas for cheap thing sI can make for me and my boyfriend. We are on a tight budget and I am tired of the same crap all the time… Any advice on any whtings to try? Not to scary fat wise I hate eating thigns that are to fattening kinda freaks me out but he love shis meat and greasy stuff!!! ack

Answer #1

Here are a few of my favorite low budget quick meals:

Chicken Fedichinni Alfredo.

  1. 2 cans precooked, white meat chicken (you can also pan fry fresh boneless chicken tenders or strips with cooking spray or cook on george forman indoor grill, season w/ chicken grill seasoning, ect.)
  2. 1 jar rague alfredo sause (next to spagittee sauses usually)
  3. 1/2 box or package of fedichinni noodles or penni pasta (your choice)
  4. Shreadded parmashan cheese (optional)
  • Cook all ingreadients (excet cheeses) according to there directions and combine. Place in baking pan and top w/ cheeses. Cook on 375 for 10 to 15 min.

Chicken Marianara:

  1. 4 breaded chicken patties
  2. Hunts Spagittee Sause
  3. penni or spiral pasta (1/2 box)
  4. shreadded cheese (your choice I use parmashian and monsurella)
  5. 1 can diced tomatoes (optional)
  6. 1 can whole kernal corn (optional) cook chicken in oven until done cook pasta according to directions In a large sause pan simmer the spagittee sause. tomatoes, & corn Combine pasta and sause mixture *put pasta and sause mixture in a baking pan, top with chicken patties, then top with shreadded cheese.

Taco Salad: (breaded chicken tenders work great instead of ground beef) 1 pound ground chuck
taco seasoning mix 1/2 head of lettuce sliced 2 small bags of cool ranch doritoes 1 package shreaded mexican 4 cheese blend 11 can Fried Onions (like used in grean bean cassarole Optional: salsa, diced tomatoes, bell pepper, onion, bacon bits, cruitons, cucumbers Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing

Chicken, Vegies, & Rice: 1 pack boneless chicken breast 1 large package yellow rice 1 small package mixed frozen vegetables or 1 can veg-all 2 cans cream of chicken soup (use cream of mushroom or celery if you prefer it)

combine rice with the water and butter indicated on the package then mix in the vegetable sand soup w/ 2 cans of water place in baking pan and top with chicken (cover w/ foil) cook on 375 for minimum 30 min but check the chicken to get it completly done (buy thinner cuts of chicken or cut them to be thinner

I hope these are helpful to you. I have many more that are great on the grill indoors or out. take care mel

Answer #2

I have an Italian spag bol recipe passed to me by my best friend which I’ve adapted through the years. I’ve cooked it for my hubby and some other friends havent had one person not like it yet! even the most picky of friends have begged me to cook it again

about a teaspoon of garlic crushed ( a cheaper idea is to by the crushed garlic in a jar it lasts in the fridge for months) $1 per jar about half a teaspoon of chopped chilli (or chilli paste in a jar) you can add more if you like a bit more spice $1 per jar

im from Australia so you may have to translate prices and give and take for market differences. this is a great cheap meal we make on budget and most of the ingredients can be used again!

half a kilo of beef mince about $5 (for 2 people you can just use half of this or even better buy a whole kilo and cut it into 4’s and put the rest in the freezer for next time) a few garnishes of fresh basil is nice (optional) 1 chopped fine carrot about 20 cents for one or $1.50 for a whole bag 1 chopped onion about 20 cents or once again 1.50 for a whole bag half chopped capsicum (red or green) about 1.50 for a capsicum and you can use the other half for the next meal they last about a week a cup of tomato paste a whole jar is about 1.50 a can of chopped tomatos (home brand 50 cents) 1 to 2 cups of water (depending on how long you wish to boil and simmer the sauce) add a few tablespoons of salt depending on your taste and a bag of pasta (home brand 80 cents) and you only need half a bag for 2 people so you see you can get about 2 or 3 meals for under $10 roughly its beautiful served with some hot garlic bread! and grated Parmesan cheese too!

cook mince first with garlic and onion when the mince has just started to brown add rest of ingredients and simmer with lid on the pot for minimum hald hr its good if you can simmer for longer then an hr but this optional my friend believed that you would get more flavour the longer you simmered but im impatient and smell the delicious aroma within 15 minutes and have it on the table! serve your favorite pasta (mine is pasta bows for this recipe) im sure the whole family will enjoy and most men! write back if anyone cooks this and loves it

Answer #3

Me and my boyfriend are in the same position.

So we will make roasts, and the meat will last you all week and you can do tons of different stuff with it. My boyfriend hates eating the same stuff so I try to mix it up by doing really small silly things.

We make Chili Mac. Which is just mac and cheese mixed with Chili. It’s cheap. Feeds you both and it tastes really good.

If you buy bagels and make sandwiches on bagels instead of bread with cream cheese (light) instead of mayo it really changes the entire meal.

I also keep ground turkey in the freezer at all times and I make turkey burgers, or taco meat. Ground Turkey is just as cheap as ground meat but way leaner.

And keep different boxes of the cheap hamburger helper around. it’s easy and each kind is different.

Spaghetti is always good to have and I personally never get sick of it. but if you do, just buy alfredo sauce and it changes everything.

Those are some EASY cheap, and not to fattening ideas. :)

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