How long does it take marijuana to exit the system for a drug test?

Answer #1

if your fat over a month skinny 20 days or so. if you work alot and sweat and stuff and drink lots of fluids you could get it gone 10 days or so

Answer #2

It takes between 28 and 35 days

Answer #3

depends on the person & the persons metabolism.

Answer #4

Girl, slow-ish metabolism.

Answer #5

always remember; That thc stores in the cells. Water, tea, sweat, vitamins all help to cleanse the toxins out your body.

Answer #6

Okay, thanks!

Answer #7

It depends on who it is, speed of metabolism, and how hard you are trying to flush your system.

Answer #8

Incorrect…. It takes a lot less time for many people, and a lot more time for some.

Answer #9

Just to be on the sade side. About a month. Drink lots of water and cranberry juice.YOu can probably pass in 3 weeks. There are drinks in smoke shops that clean it in 3days. Have seen it work.

Answer #10

Ummm I was in rehab 2 times for the stuff and they always told me the 28 to 35 days, not sayin ur wrong, just sayin

Answer #11

Cranberry juice actually does not help you flush your system, that is a myth.. Water is best and the only sure thing.

Answer #12

Haa, I’m in a family of doctors, about to major in premed right now. If I had ever gotten caught, I wouldn’t be able to be where I am… I think I would know honey.

Answer #13

OK then lots of water. And on the safe side wait a month.

Answer #14

35 to 40 days

Answer #15

But it also depends on how much you’ve taken in.

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