How long should you keep your bed mattress, and does this vary with the kind of mattress it is?

Answer #1

I would say, until it is no longer comfortable!

Answer #2

Well comfortable and health, I am more looking at this from a health stand point. I have a 3 year old pillow top, and do not want to sleep on a health hazard.

Answer #3

i think it depends on what kind off materess. if its a cheap one maybe like 5-8 years.

Answer #4

8 years seems way to long, 5 years is the longest I have keep one.

Answer #5

It would differ from brand to brand of mattress, but I’d say maybe 7 years? Make sure you vacuum the mattress every month or so and flip it over each season to ensure you get the best out of your mattress.

Answer #6

it would differ because of the mattress type and brand. But i dont think it’s a health hazzard if you have a mattress cover and mattress sheets to go on top of it….besides you’re suppose to change the sheets atleast once a week so mattress would last a very long time if you take good care of them.

Answer #7

You should keep your matteress for 8- 10 years and it doesn’t matter what type it is

Answer #8

Wow that is a long time.

Answer #9

& years seems a bit long, I do flip it and vacuum.

Answer #10

Ya I know but that’s how long your supposed to

Answer #11

Depends on the material. And on how you treat you mattress.

If you turn it around and vacuum it whenever you change the bed cloth, keep the room dry, open the window for fresh air every morning and don’t have problems with house dust mites or other monsters, then the mattress can last very long.

If you have one made of foam material, it will become flat and uncomfortable after 5 to 10 years, depending on how heavy you are (and on the quality of the foam)

Mattresses made with steel springs will be more stable. You use them until the cover is worn through.

I have a mattress with natural materials (horse hair and kapok wool). And that is 15 years old and still fine.

As for health hazards, it is bad if your mattress has vermin or mold. Shouldn’t happen if you maintain it correctly.

If you aren’t sure, there are shops where they clean and sanitize mattresses. Look in the yellow pages or equivalent of your home town.

Answer #12

Well I don’t think I could keep anything for 15 years, but thanks.

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