Why is my own question locked so I can't type on it?

Why does my own question locked I asked if im an anerexic and then one advisor asked my question and now I cant write back on my questoin so why is my question locked and what doed it mean

Answer #1

if you are worried about an eating disorder, please go to a Dr. No ONE knows how you feel but you…what the the advisor said is wrong I think.

“ And, if that’s you in the picture, my uneducated non medical professional opinion is that you’re obsessing over your weight when there doesn’t seem to be an issue.”

Only know you know and you cant always tell if someone is struggeling with an eating disorder by looking at them. If you wonder, then something is going on…go to a Dr. I wish you the best! (Mother of a 15 yr old with anorexia Diagnosed at 14)

Answer #2

Hi there!

Some of your past questions: http://www.funadvice.com/q/anerexia_135706 http://www.funadvice.com/q/journals

And, if that’s you in the picture, my uneducated non medical professional opinion is that you’re obsessing over your weight when there doesn’t seem to be an issue. And, if you want a professional medical opinion, you’ll need to talk to a doctor.

The reason questions get locked that deal with sensitive issues is because I’m one of the owners & co-founders of the site. A lot of the time, I set the policy personally. Sure, I get help from the advisors & other owners, but at the end of the day, they do different stuff, and here I am, answering your question on a saturday at 11 PM when I’d really rather be reading my book :)

My goal with FunAdvice is relatively simple: be a fun place people can ask questions, give advice, and make friends. Or keep in touch with friends they already have. Or learn new things.

One thing I am NOT willing to have FunAdvice ever be is a place where people hurt themselves or help each other hurt themselves. Or a place where spammers try to take advantage of the community and post tons of commercial junk, and interrupt the intelligent, fun and interesting conversations people have here.

There are a number of things we’ve added to the Terms of Service over the years (nearly five) since we started, and it’s a work in progress. By singing up for FunAdvice, you agree to the rules we have, and the rules as they change over time.

The spirit of what we’ve been trying to accomplish hasn’t changed for nearly five years, which I’m proud of. And today, despite our growth, I firmly believe the community is safer, more fun and more interesting than ever.

However, the one thing we’ll never do is help people hurt themselves. There isn’t anything good that comes from trying to learn more about a mental disease that puts people in the hospital…if you have it, we wouldn’t be able to tell you, because we’re not doctors and one thing we can’t give you is medical advice.

I hope this helps explain more of the reasons why your questions were locked, and you had one deleted as well.

If you ever want to discuss further, feel free to drop me a note or post more questions here in the community section.

Answer #3

f*uuck honestly your not anorexic you can’t even spell it… its stupid little girls like you who think its a fun game when really people struggle battling with eating disorders everyday. Why would you want something that kills you>? huh Your stupid I hate people like you

Answer #4

I agree.. I think We (everyoneon funadvice) should ban together and repost any offensive comments, and ask for those people to not be able to do that. Overit for example, is the first one I would have kicked, because for one, you DONT INSuLT PEOPLE!! and for two, YOU DONT INSULT PEOPLE YOU DONT KNOW!! ITS NOT NICE!! and besides, I think its unfair that people who do nothing get in trouble and those who do stuff dont get in trouble. sorry about the fact that my anwser doesnt pertain to the question… I just say, look at the example/explantation given by lex icon it seems pretty fair and reasonable for the question.

Answer #5

Ignore the “Overit” twit. Her clothes got too tight and cut off circulation to her extensions. Anyone can tease about a spelling error when they have spell check on their comp. The fact that her grammar is wrong is what’s really funny. lol

You’ll know if your anorexic or not. If you are, talk to someone you love and trust. If not- why were you ever worried to begin with? Do you feel like your getting over looked and need some attention? There are plenty of intelligent, SUPPORTIVE people @ FunAdvice. Make some friends!

Answer #6

Whatever…all I know is that the same thing happened to me. In fact, one adviser erased my ANSWER to a question and then copied my exact answer and re-posted it as her own. It was shocking as well as sad that the adviser couldn’t come up with her own advice. But, I do love this website and that’s the only thing I have to complain about.

Answer #7

AttentionHam !

  I completely AGREE what you said about the advisor. She didn't give any advice on my question, said goodluck, and I have a feeling she 'Locked' my question on purpose.

I didn’t understand why, but I posted another question and if it gets locked too, I’ll just keep on posting until they gave me a straight answer “ WHY? “ !! Besides, that was pretty rude to erase your Q’ and then post it as her own! She’s new here too isn’t she? I think she’s looking for trouble!

Answer #8

I love how we stay on topic here :)

Answer #9

Talk about questions being locked, how about locking some answers? Overit’s answer was not very nice to o koole123. I don’t think it’s nice to call anyone stupid on here, & especially if you don’t even know them.

Answer #10

A question gets locked for a few reasons. In this case, I think it was locked because the advisor answered your question pretty well, and no additional answers were really needed.

Sometimes we also lock threads because:

~they would involve us giving information on something illegal (ie: hacking myspace accounts) ~the subject could be found offensive to some/all users ~the thread has turned into a battleground (ie: people throwing insults at each other)

If you want to respond to the advisor, you could try sending them a funmail.

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