Lip ring ball fell out, no spare

Ok a few minutes ago I was watching tv and my lip ring ball at the front fell out, I saw it fall and went to pick it up but it slipped under the arm of the chair & now I cant find it. I've looked in under the couch, under it, beside it and all round the floor but its gone. I still have the acual bar in but I have no spare and the piercers is closed untill the morning. Im ok with it in now but I cant sleep with it like this in case I swallow it or the bar falls out and closes up. I've no earings/ other things like that here, anyone got any suggestions on what I could do?

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thanks bobcat lol I now have a piece of rubber stuck on(:
it seems like it'll work. thank youu

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they sell lip ring studs/balls at walmart

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your welcome :)

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take the eraser of a pencil and twist it on the bar and hopefully it will act like a ball

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lol, yeah but its 8pm I cant go till the morning.
& yeah we good(:

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im in ireland, no walmart

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