What are Linux and Ubuntu?

Are they better than Windows? What computer do they come with?

Answer #1

They are operating systems but they are open source and if you know how to do it you can modify it and make it better, or worse and summit the changes. They are not very user friendly for some people and their usability is limited. But once people get into it they really like it and have that feeling of being rogue by not having to use a Microsoft operating system.

Answer #2

Ubuntu is a distribution, or distro, of Linux.

Linux usually refers to a family of OS’s that can be found on anything from PC’s to Home entertainment systems, and thermostats - that are based off the Linux Kernel.

Linux is rather popular for servers due to its stability and how customizable it its. We have a server running a Linux disto that has been running non stop for 1197 days, or about 3.25yrs.

You aren’t going to see Linux bundled on any retail computers, but there are many distro’s that are you can d/l for free (Ubuntu being a very popular one).

Linux in general is very customizable, and you can find a distro to do just about anything you want, then add features you want to it, or find a distro with a lot of features bundled into it. Linux is so versatile is jokingly said you could run it on a toaster :P. Although, depending on what distro you get, it can be much more challenging that running windows. Installing programs is a little different, and in some ways better, in others more frustrating.

But if you are interesting in even taking a look at it head over to Ubuntu’s site (http://funadvice.com/r/14jlslmbp93) and d/l the latest Desktop release. Burn the .iso file to a CD using something like DeepBurner (http://funadvice.com/r/14jlslmbqni DeepBurner Free). Then pop the CD in, restart your computer and boot from the CD. When its done loading it should show you a screen with an option to “Try Ubuntu without making any changes”. This will let you take the OS for a spin w/o having to install it. Check it out for yourself then.

Answer #3

Ubuntu is one of the many Linux base O/S (distributions). Different distributions have different interface but they share the same basic Linux commands. Most distributions have slightly variance in basic applications (e.g. file management, utilities).

If you just start, Ubuntu would be a good choice since it’s one of the nicest distributions. I tried Fedora, Redhat but I like Ubuntu the most.

There are higher efficient, stable, and secured than Windows. That why businesses like them. However, if you tend to install many new software, adding new hardware you better be good at these commands.

Answer #4

Linux is an operating system, something like Windows, but very different and efficient than Windows and much secure as well. Ubuntu is a kind of Linux, there are various other kinds of Linux for example, Ubuntu, RedHat, SUSE and many others. They all use what is called a Linux kernel so they are all Linux systems. If one was to use a Windows kernel they it would become a Windows OS. Like WIndows 98, XP, Vista. Only thing is Linux is not specifically owned by any one company.

Answer #5

Linux is the base kernel of Ubuntu so Ubuntu is a Linux OS. After using them both Windows and Linux, Linux is much better than Windows. And guess what its FREE. You can download and use at any time you want. Since Ubuntu is the closest Linux similar to Windows it has become popular. Though other Linux versions also look similar there is a lot of difference in features. Not only that you can also design your own linux.

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