Do you think life is *always* preferable to death?

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It depends on what it's like on the other side. Probably not always

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You don't know what it's like on the other side, so it doesn't depend on that. Expand on this more, for your own good :)

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No, definitely not. Some people suffer from terrible diseases and such- to them life might not be preferable to death. If I even understand what you're asking xD

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It does depend. How am I supposed to know what happens when we die? Life isn't always so great so the possiblities are endless. I doubt life is always preferable. Maybe to some people it is but not to me. The way I see it the other side could offer so much more and we just don't know it yet if that makes any sense lol

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I think life is always perferable. I'd rather be suffering from cancer or whatever else for years and be with my loved ones, than just not live any longer. Then again, I dont believe in an after-life.

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You're on the right track :)

life or death

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Alright so this blank opportunity is somehow better than what you already can acknowledge? It seems that's the point you're trying to make here. What I was referring to was pretty much life or death situations, not side to side values of life and death.

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Does believing in an after life really have anything to do with it? There's a form of cancer that is extremely painful, would you honestly put up with it for X amount of years?

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You asked if life was always preferable to death. When I think of death I think of more after that and I answered it. If I misunderstood that then my mistake

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Nothing wrong with not understanding? I'm thinking more of in a life or death scenario at the moment but sure, we can think of death in the aspect of "another reality" so to speak. But in that case, going back to a life or death situation, is it preferable to take the chance or being comfortable with the fact that you can live, now?

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Okay I'll try answering your question the right way lol. In real life or death situations I think it always depends on the kind of pain or situation you're in. Like if I had this disease or something with agonizing pain with no chance that it would ever go away and it was going to stay there and I wouldn't be able to go on in life normally then yeah I'd choose death. In other cases though if I have loved ones around me supporting me then I'd prefer life. If there was any chance I would be able to go on with life like how it was before then I'd choose it but I don't think it's always preferable considering the many horrible things other people have to deal with everyday. That answer it?

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lol sure, now I want to expand on it, let's say, you're in agonizing pain and you ask, well not so much ask rather BEG, like, your husband or someone you love to end your life? Do you think that's an agreeable choice to make?

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No sometimes it rlly not. U shuld be grateful 4 ur life but sometimes its hard to handle

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I don't think I can see myself ever doing that. I wouldn't want to die in that way but I guess you never know unless you're actually in that situation. More like I'd be shouting for someone to actually do something. Besides wouldn't my husband or that person get arrested in the end even if I was the one who had asked them to do it in the first place?

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Not illegal, you can always opt for assisted sui_ide.

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No. People are just scared of dying and no longer existing.

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Not necessarily. If a person has a very good life (or lifestyle) and is happy with their situation in life, I think death would be the furthest thing from their mind....Now, if someone hated their life, and nothing they do or others can help make their life more bearable, they take the easy way out and prefer death....It is interesting how we start off as babies, knowing nothing. We enter the world, needing to be taught how to pee, how to wash ourselves, how to take care of one self and when we get old and senile (almost time to give up living on earth due to old age), we are back to square one, needing to be taken care off, learning to wash and dress ourselves…It is a cruel cycle.

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If I were in that position , I would honestly put up with it just to stay with the people I love because that's really my driving force to keep going on in life and that's what keeps me happy.

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Nope, I certainly don't think that life is always preferable to death. Sometimes death is the only option for someone.

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Assisted sui.cide is only legal in Oregon (at the moment at least). And not just anyone can do it. There's a lot of hoops that have to be jumped through.

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no :(


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no :(


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Definatly not! some people are harassed so much that death seems better. and in some religions they are taught that the afterlife will be better than life.

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