Life is like a puzzle quote

Do any one know the quote or any quote that contains “life is like a puzzle…” I forgot it…

Answer #1

“Life is like a puzzle. Every piece fits but it doesn’t mean it belongs there.”

Answer #2

life is like a puzzle, the more you try to solve it… it’ll puzzle you!

Answer #3

Life is a Puzzle With Difficult and Missing Pieces.

Answer #4

good quote…

Answer #5

life is a puzzle with many missing peices you just have ot find them and then you will have found urslef :)

Answer #6

life is a truth…accept it…

Answer #7

Life, a puzzle yet to solve

Answer #8

or this version

Life is an Adventure - Dare it. Life is a Beauty - Praise it. Life is a Challenge - Meet it. Life is a Duty - Perform it. Life is a Love - Enjoy it. Life is a Tragedy - Face it. Life is a Struggle - Fight it. Life is a Promise - Fulfill it. Life is a Game - Play it. Life is a Gift - Accept it. Life is a Journey - Complete it. Life is a Mystery - Unfold it. Life is a Goal - Achieve it. Life is an Opportunity - Take it. Life is a Puzzle - Solve it. Life is a Song - Sing it. Life is a Sorrow - Overcome it. Life is a Spirit -Realize it.

Answer #9

:) merci

Life is a challenge Meet it Life is a gift Accept it Life is an adventure Dare it Life is a sorrow Face it Life is a duty Perform it Life is a mystery Unfold it Life is a game Play it Life is a song Sing it Life is an opportunity Take it Life is a journey Complete it Life is a promise Fulfill it Life is a love Love it Life is a beauty Praise it Life is a spirit Realize it Life is a struggle Fight it Life is a puzzle Solve it Life is a goal Achieve it

Answer #10

Life is like a puzzle. You spend all that time looking for the piece that belongs, just to find that that piece has been chewed on or otherwise ruined. You then try your hardest to finish the rest of your puzzle, but that one piece is always missing.

I came up with that one on my own

Answer #11

Life is like a puzzle, hard as first , then easier at the end, sometimes it doesn’t work like that, sometimes we just give up at it, then become lost.

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