LG Xenon--I love/hate it!! Who else here has one?

I just got the new LG Xenon, and it’s given me major pains. I love the features and the phone itself, but I hate how difficult it seems to be to find compatible accessories. I finally found a usb cable but now I am having issues trying to get my micro sd card to work. The phone says it needs formatted but an AT&T representative told me no micro sd card needs to be formatted and to contact LG. AAARRRGGHHH!! Who else has the LG Xenon? Have you had any problems with it?

Answer #1

Ok well I got my Lg Xenon (in blue) on sat. (3 days ago) and I got a memory card today and I out it in and it worked fine I was bluetoothing sum songs to it and I was done and I cant remember what I was doing and it said car ejected! and I took it out and put it back in and it wont work my sisters has an lg too (Lg Cookie) and I put her memory card in mine and it worked so I don’t know what is wrong with my memory card!? im thinking that it needs to be formated? but I don’t know what that is or how to do it!?

Answer #2

for those who try to use your music as rigntones.. go get a ringtone maker and make it first.. like the other person said, your ring tone cant me too long..xenon dont have the application installed for you to make your own ringtone. If you have a computer why not just get a card reader instead of using a damn usb data cable, its just makes it so much easier for now and later with your new phones.

Answer #3

I have the lg xenon, if you want to have a certain ring tone for txt messages, go to settings, tap more, go to applications, tap messaging, go to message alert, then sounds and then you can pick whatever tone or song you want, just make sure it’s only about thirty or fourty seconds or it takes up a lot of memory.

Answer #4

so im thinking about getting the LG Xenon but im not really sure if this is the phone I want… any suggestions? please? thankyou!!!

Answer #5

To set music as ringtones on the LG Xenon, it must only be 300 kb or lower. Anything higher then 300 kb, it won’t let you set it as a rigntone.

Answer #6

I have the data cable and I connected it. License issues. Tells me that I am unable to use license, try to format mini card. I did not do that (dont know how) but I can load the mini card with files from my computer and load it on the xenon that way. I am try to use my music as ringtones but xenon only lets me use included ringtones and will not allow me to use my music as ringtones. I did change my music wma files to mp3 files but xenon will not let me use them as ringtones. The play on the phone.

Answer #7

I have the lg xenon too and on my old phone I could lock the messages, does anyone know how to do that? I want to lock it so if anyone else gets my phone they cant read all my text messages, but I cant seem to figure out how. help!

Answer #8

you cant

Answer #9

I have a question about putting ringtones onto my LG Xenon. I can bluetooth them over to my phone, no problem. And I can set it as the ringtone, but it’ll only show up in the “Audio & Ring Tunes” file under the Organizer category and not under My Music. I can’t change the ringtone to something I want at free will. I mean, I can bluetooth over 3 songs that can all be used as ringtones, but I can’t alternate between them at free will and have to re-send them via bluetooth and set it as the ringtone from there. Is there any possible way I can just alternate between ringtones on my phone without having to resend them?

Answer #10

Go to settings, then sounds, then message Tone. Select sounds and pick the one you want. As others have said your custom tones can’t be larger than 300 kb.

Answer #11

Okay, here is what you do if you see the error “unable to use license” when you connect the USB cable to get to the pictures on this phone. Go in the “Settings”, click “More”, click “Connection”, click “USB Connection”, set it to “Mass Storage” here (default is “Music Sync”). This should do it.

Answer #12

my touch screen broke on my lgxenon. does anyone know how to get to your inbox through the key board?

Answer #13

well I bought the usb port you put you micro sd in I got it 4GB at radio shack and I spent about 30 overall so go there.

Answer #14

I have the lg xenon and im answering jessy44444’s question… to add favs you go to the home page and theres a left button at the top and has a person icon on it. tap that. now just tap in the middle of nowhere and hold it until a toolbar comes down at the bottom of the screen. there will be a plus sign and you just click that and thats how you add favs when your done you click the ok button. to add a pic to your contacts you just go to your contact list, click your contact, choose edit, and there will be this big square when you get into edit mode. tap that and you will b able to choose a pic from your album or you cn take a new one. good luck.

Answer #15

Is there any possible way to set a custom ringtone for incoming text messages?

The preset messages for incoming text messages are retarded, but I can not figure out how to change it to anything else.

Answer #16

Hating it.

Does anyone know a way to use custom ringtones for incoming text messages?

I can set custom ringtones for contacts for incoming calls,, but I can only use preset ringtones for incoming text messages.

VERY annoying.

Any suggestions?

Answer #17

to put a song as a ringtone, it cannot be any longer than 30 seconds.. try this site, you can download the ringtones for free to your comp, and transfer them to you phone.. just make sure the song you download id 30sec or less, not all of them on that site are. http://www.mytinyphone.com/ringtones/

Answer #18

Correction * It has to be under 300kb. It does not matter how long it is. It could be 2 minutes with bad quality.

Answer #19

Lg Xenon does not have that feature.

Answer #20

Lg Xenon does not have that feature.

Answer #21

Sorry you cant.

Answer #22

You cant :l You can only use the ones already on the phone. To change it go to Messaging > Message settings > Message Alert >Sounds

Answer #23

I honestly don’t like it now -- like when I first saw it i was like oooh yea i like it but after a year with it i wish i wouldve gotten the blackberry instead . idk if anyone else noticed that AIM on the phone just sucksss ! like you have to keep pressing available so your IM can get sent or so you can recieve it . i also dont like the metal shiny thing around the phonee . lol & i have like alot of music in the phone with my memory card but i dont like that it doesnt have a regular earphone plug -_- hm i also dont like that its hard to send a message when yr typing on the touch screen, i think its easier on the keyborad but idk i just hope i get a blackberry soon or some other phone , lol .

Answer #24

you can go on myxer & make yr ringtone , thats what i did & just saved it on my comp & put it on my sd card , try that & see if it can workk , my ringtone gets saved under audio & ringtones too & it works for mee

Answer #25

i did actually , just make sure its not long maybe like 30 sec long & you can change it to that , thats what i didd & i have my own ringtone for incoming txts .

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