Is the LG Shine slide phone good?

okay I dropped my blackberry in a hot tub about three weeks ago and my mom ordered me a shine phone because it is about $600 for another blackberry. anyways has anyone herad anything good about the new LG shine?

Answer #1

good? haha;not reallyy! I have the LG shine slider. it sucks; I have charging problems,also its outbox inbox drafts and all that for texting only holds like 200 or something all together. and I dunno I just hate hate hate hate it!!! im dieng to get a new one!!Exspecially because the chargins problems. chargers suck for them; so I went to walmart and got one that fit because I had two from at&t and they broke/don’t work right. and the walmart one worked for about a week. then it started not working; I’ve had it for less than a year and I’ve been thru 5 LG shine slides. they suck that bad. Good Luck=] ohh. and have fun with it!!! the key’s suck=[no joke.. anyways;; I would recomend not gettinig it!!!

Answer #2

okay I have one and they rock! all my friends are jealous too. whatever on that whole battery thing! they are really cool

Answer #3

I wouldn’t recommend the lg shine. I just got it 3 days ago and I already had a huge problem. I haven’t used it more than anyone else has and the battery over heated. I went to pick it up and it was so hot I burnt my finger. The lithium ion batteries that come with the phone I guess can over heat and cause fires. Luckly I got to it fast enough. The battery was literally expanding, the back of the phone was bulging up, I thought it was going to explode. and I guess this is really common for lithium ion batteries, so I wouldn’t recommend this phone.

Answer #4

This phone looks absolutely gawjus to me and I am thinking about getting one. The phone generally looks hot and I would kill for something so cute! All I’ve heard is that the scroller sucks when you try to text… But personally, what the hel do you need the scroller for when you text anyways???

They aren’t overally expensive and I’ve heard they have a lot of fantastic features. It’s said to be versatile and able to withstand hard knocks. What a totally cute phone!!

Answer #5

Its alright. The buttons are just really small, thats the only thing I don’t like about that phone. Other then that it looks cool.

Answer #6

go on google and type in lg shine and go to images they are reallly nice

Answer #7

My friend has that phone. She’s had it for a little while now, I think its really neat and when I finally need to get a new phone I wouldn’t mind something like that. The buttons feel neat to press to me, and the shiny screen looks quite wicked - from certain angles in the sunlight, someone next to you can’t see your screen and so can’t see what you’re writing which can be really good from a privacy perspective. Its quite easy to use too in my opinion - certainly better than my phone. She’s never had any trouble with it.

She’s recently discovered its quite robust too - she accidentally spilt contact lens cleaner on it in her handbag, with the liquid going into her phone. The screen had what looked like water stains for a few days, but the liquid appears to have dried into shiny little clumps in such a way that it looks as if she has a 2nd wallpaper on her phone of little stars which is actually quite neat. And yes, it still works perfectly.

Answer #8

you probably got the phone already but just wanted to put my 2 cents in… I really like the lg shine but there is another huge defect… the lcd lens screen loves to just randomly crack in your pocket you may only see half the screen for a day or less before it all goes black. 120 pics, 19 videos, 4 speed dials… I can only use it for the speed dials luckily.

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