I have recently bought the LG KS360, I realised it had no memory so I bought a 4gb memory card for it, I put music on it but it is stored in External Memory in Others. The music is on my phone saved in External Memory in Others…but it wont let me play the music unless it is on the MP3 player on my phone. I cant move this file and I would really like to listen to my music, does anyone know what I can do? Please help me!? x

Answer #1

If you mean you want to listen to the music on your computer, yuo’ll need to hook up the phone to the computer to transfer / synch the files, OR you can use a card reader if you have one for the memory card to transfer the files.

Answer #2

to gemmababex I have the exact same problem I dont know what to do it’s so frustrating…xx

Answer #3

I’ve had the same problem.. its as easy as putting the mp3 files in the sounds folder instead of other, now your phone can play mp3,s

hope it helps

Answer #4

Hey guys, Sorry I havnt been on here in about 5 months! So I havnt had a chance to answer your questions… So firstly to leahmaybeth… I managed to get it in external memory by selecting the external memory file when I plugged in my phone usb… unfortunetly after the first use I broke it and now have to use a bluetooth dongle so I have to do the same thing that you do.

To hotgooseberry… Unfortunetly I dont think I can help you as my phone usb is broke so I cannot connect it with my laptop and the discs dont do anything really

Thanks for the advice everyone, I’ve now worked out how to get the songs to play but my new problem is is that every time I try to send a song to my phone it tells me theres not enough memory, dont think I will ever win with this phone, definetly not a reccomendation, hopefully should get a new one for christmas. x

Answer #5

heyy evry1,

I was wondering if someone cud help me. I recently got the lg ks360 and I got a memory card and everything for it and I was trying to get music off my computer onto the phone. It says on the computer that my music has gone onto the phone but its no where to be found

please reply ASAP

Many Thanks

Answer #6

Hi, How did you change the settings on your phone, so that the files go to your external memory … instead of to the phone itself. I also bought a memory card and I cant find how to change the settings, so at the moment im having to end the music one song at a time and then move it to external memory, one by one. Its so tedious and annoying. I’d really appreciate it if you could help :)

Answer #7

On your KS360 go into Menu > Connectivity > USB Connection and set it to Mass Storage. Then plug your phone into your computer with the USB cable. On your computer two windows should open. At the top of one window it should say ‘Removable Disk (F)’ and on the other window it should say ‘Removable Disk (G)’. The one with F is your phone memory and the one with G is your memory card. So you can drag and drop files into the folders inside which ever window (G or F) you wish to save those files to.

Hope that helps.x

Answer #8

Help. also when im trying to send music from my computer to my LG KS360, and when I click send or something like that it says on my phone memory full and I have a memory card and it holds 250 songs and I only have 39 songs so please help!?!? I have also delited all of my messages , calls, photos I dont need etc. PLEASE HELP :(

Answer #9

does anyone know how to hack in to the OS LG KS360? I have a lot of trouble with it. just bought it maybe a week a go and it’s already bothering me couse you cant use touchscreen options to write a msg ; and applications and games do not run to sidescreen (like msn or some web pages like opera links and so on) and plus have some trouble with memory card reading, I put some things on memory card and it does not recognise them (music, thems) and other things I put on it… pls if someone know or know the site I can look for hacks or advices post… thx in advance

Answer #10

I need someone to help me PLEASE!!!

Just this morning I turned on my LG KS360, and the screen just turned of. The phone was on but the screen wasn’t.

I don’t know what to do.

Please help ASAP!

Thank you for your help.

Answer #11

I have resently had a ks360 for xmas and after the first go on trying to upload things it wont let me go on to my m emory card

Answer #12

I’ve recently bought a lg ks360 second hand phone with no discs provided I’ve tried hucking it up with my laptop but having no joy can you help please.

Answer #13

hi. I got a LG KS360 for xmas but it can’t play MP3 files I loaded from the PC. it only plays them if I got them via bluetooth. they are in external memory/sounds yada,yada,yada - but I’m still told “format not supported HELP

Answer #14

Hi, I’ve got a KS360 but it doesn’t play MP3 files from a PC, only ones that were sent via bluetooth. It’s very frustrating. Can anybody help?

Answer #15

Thank you tenphoon - just drag music into the ‘sounds’ file in the external memory and the problem is solved :)

Answer #16

hi everyone I’ve just got a lgks360 phone and im having the same promblem with the music cant seem to find it on my phone ,also I need the pin to compare music with my friends anybody got any ideas on what the pin mite be thanks

Answer #17

Hey, I got this phone, first you have to move from the computer the song that you want to the phone, then pass the song from phone to the memory card. You need to pass one by one or two by two, it’s hard, but you have your own music again on the memory card and you can already hear. I hope that I help you ;)

Answer #18

I have a ks360 and all of a sudden my screen stopped working. all the buttons work fine just the screen screwed up. help

Answer #19

Your memory card needs to have a file called ‘Sounds’ if it doesn’t, create one. Then put all the music you want in that file and you should be able to play the music from there.

Answer #20

my son just a KS360, need to unblock the call barring on it, but need pin2 number, anyone know the operator number to get it ???

Answer #21

I have a lg ks360 and I want hack into other phone how do you do that because my friend got my other friends secret stuff and I want it do delete it please help me someone give me a site and god bless you for it love that person sooo much

Answer #22

hi guys I have just got the lg ks360 and was wandering if anyone could tell me how to upload music onto it from my laptop

Answer #23

need help asap just got a ks 360 and when I got 2 blue tooth music it says memory fukkbut its empty

Answer #24

I have the ks360 aswell and I got a memory card and didnt have any promblems at all! im not sure what you need to do! I can play music on the mp3 and in my stuff! :) im not sure what you can do ? pheraps change your setting and see if that makes a differance ! x soz x

Answer #25

Hi, im finding that I need 2 different number formats for my sms and calls. can anyone help me with this or do I have to go inquire from my sim operator?


Answer #26

hey guys, I’ve just rently bought the ks360 too and I’ve installed the lg suit and everything but I cant seem to find out how to copy music and stuff to my phone. theres no external file on my computer and the PC usit doesn’t have an option to let me transfer files can anyone help me pls!!!

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