Does it matter that we have less ads than all the larger sites?

Do people care that we have less ads per page than any social network that’s larger than us? I’ve been wondering this for a while. When logged in, we have less ads than myspace, facebook, bebo, hi5, answerbag, yahoo answers, wikianswers…essentially, all of them.

Is that a big deal? Is it important to you? Or, would it not matter if we added 3 more ads per page?

Answer #1

Ohh and heey again =] I seem to be posting quite a lot on this question but hey..

I have just noticed that clicking on the ads actually take you away from the restaurant. They should open up a new page. Isn’t it in the interest of FunAdvice to not take you away from the site?


Answer #2

it’s better like that

Answer #3

It’s better..

Answer #4

Less clutter and much cleaner is the way I like it.

Mama K

Answer #5

It is nice but I don’t mind ads so much as long as they aren’t the pop-up variety.

Pop-ups are evil.

Answer #6

Oh yeah… DEFFO no pop-ups. =]


Answer #7

As long as you remember this is a social network not a billboard. The ads pay the bills. Stay away from popup and animated advertising.

Answer #8

I don’t like adverts where something flickers or moves - I can’t read the rest of the text on the page if something is distracting me. You don’t have any of them, and I appreciate that.

Answer #9

It’s much better without ads. Personally, I find them annoying. They distract me from the website. Also.. I find that I get a bad impression from websites that have more ads.

Hmm =]


Answer #10

Definately hate pop ups.

The only other kinds of ads that annoy me are the “”shoot this and win”” and the “who’s celebrity chest is this?” variety.

NORMAL ads are fine.

Answer #11


Ads are annoying and pointless. I love to surf without being stopped by 100 popups, thats why funadvice is my favourite.

Answer #12

:) Ok, thanks. Just in case people are wondering…no, we’re not planning on cluttering the site with a billion ads.

I’ve thought about it, but I hate ads, too. Which is why we have less than any larger & comparable site.

Answer #13

The ads you do have are nice and unobtrusive, and make funadvice a nice, pleasant place to visit. There’s nothing I hate more than in your face ads - pop-ups are especially bad although I don’t have that problem since I use Safari and have the “block popups” option on.

To me, it matters a bit, but in a good-for-funadvice-big-brownie-points kind of way. But that’s just me :)

Answer #14

I really don’t care as long there’s not pop ups and crazy annoying things. =P

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