Lesbian- help christians

I need help from really devoted Christians

I’m Christian and I know whats right and whats wrong according to the bible.

I also know how the devil can put thoughts into your head to make you do something that you know is wrong.

I like guys but I really have a desire to try things with girls (im a girl) I know same sex relationships of any kind is wrong but I want to do it to maybe get it outta my system. if I do it now and ask to be forgiven later cause I will feel really bad about it will I be forgiven or will I go to hell?

Answer #1

I’m a Christian, saved by grace. I can somewhat relate to the temptations you are experiencing, as I have and do struggle with sexual sin. The best advice I can give (based on personal experience and the experiences of others) is that sin never pays in the long run- no matter how attractive and good it seems at the time! God gave us guidelines about sex because he loves us and wants what is best for us (healthy relationships and and the joy of pure sex) not because he wants to ruin our fun! It is Satan who aims to “Steal, kill, and destroy” by trying to sell us lies. I think you already know in your heart what is right, because if you are a Christian, the Holy Spirit will be nagging your concience. You mention wanting to experiment to “get it out of your system”. Please look closely and see that is a lie of Satan. Sin is addictive. The more we sin, the more we want to sin, and train ourselves not to listen to the Holy Spirit. If you have doubts about what God says about lesbian behaviour, check Romans 1:26 & 27. Yes God can forgive any sin… but consider the cost! Please don’t feel that I am judging you- it is not my place to judge and I am far from perfect. I just know in my own life that obedience to God leads to joy and blessing, and intentionally doing what I know is wrong damages my relationship with God and others. If you would like support and advice with this issue, settingcaptivesfree.com has excellent resources. Always remember that God loves you sooo much that He sent his son to die for you, and he longs to bless you. :)

Answer #2

If a person was born gay , it would mean that God made them that way . If that were true , it would not be a sin, but a natural thing . The Bible never condemns natural things ! yet, in Lev. 18:22 and 20:13 it is called ‘abomination’,while in Romans 1:24-32 , it is referred to as ‘dishonoring the body’ & ‘vile affection’ ‘against nature’ & ‘ volitional ‘ The Bible never once contradicts itself , nor does God ever practice double standards.

Even thaose people who reject the Bible as God’s word– the evolutonist, for example must face the truth,IFthe theory of evolution was true , being born gay might occur once within a zillion years , But, if it did it would require a mistake in the DNA structure,,, and thw foul-up, simce it works against the very survival of the humanspecies. {Gays do not re-produce… they recuit} That gays would occur in ‘millions ‘ of people by chance in generation after generation is ludicrous as it works against nature. The Gay lifestyle is a matter of choice against both genes and conscience.. and can be stopped by choice as well. DNA structure is absolute . Any errors in its function is man-made when tampering with it .

Homosexuality is NOT the ‘unforgivable sin’ John 3:16 applies to every human being .. and Acts 16:30-32 is clear. ‘ Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved’ when any person is in Christ , he/she is a new creature… former things pass away . The main question as always, is ‘What ye think of Christ ‘

Yes satan does put things out there for you to try to get away from God . You need to pray and ask God to forgive you and to keep him out of your head . all he wants is us to come to him and ask . as a christain God wants us to come to him if you need his protection from the devil he will give it . but you have to stop what you want to get out of to show him you really want him in your life dont make the mistakes over and over .

Answer #3

Wowo.. this is an absolutely wonderful question…


This is the one question… that many should be asking themselves…and one that the church… should be prepared to answer.

What you are experiencing is spiritual warfare.

This is an attack upon your mind, by minions that serve the one that hates God… Satan.

You have power over this, however, you have to understand how to use the power that you have.

The church… should have been teaching you.

Millions are in this same shape… and the church stands helplessly by… telling them how sinful they are… but, not telling them what to do about it.

I think… the church… the body of Christ.. are going to have to answer for this, to their King.

The answers are there… but, it takes much perserverance on our parts.. to find them.

It is much easier, to set in our seat of do nothing… and point the finger… and condemn… than, to seek the answers, that a dying world needs to know.

Sorry, folks, if that is kinda rough, but, God has conditioned me, for such a time as this. And I cannot be silent… anymore.

Truth is truth.

And the world needs to hear… the whole truth.. .not just part of it.

The bible says to seek truth, and you will find it.

It also says, that once you do find it, you are to shout it from the rooftops.

It also says that we have to give account…

So, accounting time, is drawing very near.

Now, back to the origninal question.

The good news is that you can be delivered from this.

There should be mature Christians around you, that know what this is, and how to deal with it, but, unfortunately, many are way too busy with committees, etc. to search out the deep things of God. Religion has blinded their eyes.

It is not a sin to be tempted, it is a sin , once you act upon the temptation.

The bible says that the devil, as a roaring lion, seeks whom he may devour. He runs to and fro… searching out, ones that are vunerable.. to his whisperings.

It is his will, to lead you into a path, that will take you away from the path that God has you on.

He opposes God, at every hand. And he has an army of spirits, that obey his commands.

He cannot create.. but, he can oppress. He can also tempt.

This he does… with great glee. Knowing the end… if you do not stand against him.

And since the church has been playing church… and has not been about the Fathers business, multitudes are in the valley of destruction.

The church will have to answer for this.

We are the ones, that God has entrusted his spirit to.

It is his will that we , the body of Christ, seek and find the answers… then, have them ready, for those who seek them.

As a Christian, you have the power to bind, that spirit, that is trying to lead you astray. You also have the power, in the name of Jesus, to rebuke it.

However, a spirit, is just like a spoiled child… it will keep coming back.

Because it has the ability to make you think, it is actually coming from your own thoughts, it is very hard to fight… like trying to fight ones own body.

However, it is not your body, or your thoughts that you are dealing with.

Those thoughts are planted into your mind, by an outside force.

One that is bent on your destruction.

Wake up, see the truth, see how God intended for you to deal with this.

Read his word,

Seek his guidance, and wisdom, thru the power of his spirit.

Fight… against the powers of darkness that are trying to overcome you.

God gave each of us a conscience, this was to lead us into the truth.

This is what you are up against,

Your mind, on one hand, being influenced to do wrong, actually being seduced… because these spirits, have the power to make you actually feel them… but, your consceince is telling you, that this is not right… it is warning you, to not follow this path. For it is not the way of God, it is the way of his counterpart. Satan.

Fasting is the highest tool, that God has given mankind, to loose the bands of wickedness.. that are trying to bind us up.

As we seek the truth, thru fasting, (denying the self of certain things) and in seeking the truth, thru the spirit of God, (the Holy Spirit) and thru the word of God, (the bible) and thru the people of God (that have been trained in righteousness) then, you can be free.

This goes for any sin.

Answer #4

satan doesnt put thoughts into your head your responsible for your own actions and thoughts I dont beleive in any religion but everyones has the right to express there sexuality freely theres nothing wrong with it unless your doing it for the wrong reasons

Answer #5

If you are attracted towards both genders then you may be a Bisexual. and there is NOTHING wrong with that. you asked for help from devoted christians, and I am one :]

my church is extremely spiritual and uplifting, and you can feel gods presence so strongly. its full of good people who all know bible verses off the top of their heads. and we openly accept gays, bisexuals, lesbians, and transexuals.

we believe that there is nothing wrong with that, and that is just how they are. we dont believe it is satans fault, or that its going to get in the way of them going to heaven.

So dont be afraid to embrace your true self. Dont hide away, scared of what others might say. Be true to who you are, and if that means you like guys and girls, then so be it :D

need anything else?.. dont hesitate to message me :] im here for anyone that needs help!

Answer #6

* I like guys but I really have a desire to try things with girls (im a girl) I know same sex relationships of any kind is wrong”

If you are familiar with the Bible, as you say, then you know it condemns all sex outside marriage.

The good news is, the Bible allows your husband to have multiple wives, and there is no restriction against 3 ways as long as your both wives of the same husband. So just follow the sexual mores of the Bible, and your dreams will come true without any risk whatsoever of angering some ancient po-dunk god named YHWH.

Answer #7

I have no answer for you. I do not think that it is a sin to be homosexual.

I do know that amblessed, a Christian, has stated that “Anyone will unless before they take their last breath, they accept Jesus Christ into their heart/life - Salvation - this being done, you’re Heaven-bound !!”

So, I guess that means that you can do whatever you want as long as you accept Jesus right before you die. Seems like a great “get out of jail free” card.

Answer #8

I’ll get in quick before all the “you’ll burn you’ll burn” people get involved.

99.99% of the bible is about how God is all loving and all forgiving, seems a bit foolish to listen to that tiny percentage which contradicts the rest.

P.s. I’m not sure female on female is even mentioned, is the common quote not “he who lays with another man as one lays with a woman”, so even if you want to listen to the parts of the bible that were most likely just added to carry it favour and win it popularity you’re still ok.

Answer #9

The Bible says nothing about being a lesbian. If that is the lifestyle you’re drawn to, go for it.

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