Laser Treatment for scars and acne - Does it really work?

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I recently went for a consultation at a place called Celibre ( in Orange County, CA. My face is not that bad but I do have acne along with some dark scarring. I have taken acutain in the past and I have been, and am currently on antibiotics. I also use benzol peroxide and retin A. When I went to the consultation for laser treatment at Celibre the lady recommended that I follow through with 6 treatments of the �Aramis Laser� � I think for collagen, and the �Yag Laser� � To shrink subatiouse glands. The package price is $3900 (includes 1 treatment of each laser, every 4 weeks, 6 times � all facial products that come with the treatment). The consultant I spoke with told me that the treatment is not going to clear my skin 100% for life but it will give me a better/clearer and more even complexion � is this correct? The main thing that I liked hearing her say is the fact that I don�t have to take any antibiotics anymore, I do not like taking them but I just want a clear face for once. I hate wearing makeup and feeling self-conscious. I am very interested in this new lazer treatment. However, I understand that there are so many different types of lasers. Can you advise me on this matter? What laser treatment reveals the best and safest results? Is it really true that I won�t have to take acne pills ever again? How can I have clear skin? Do you recommend any places in the LA area? Do you think it will be ok if I follow through with the lasers at Celibre? Thank you so much for your time, I hope to hear back from you soon.

Answer #1

Laser surgery has been in use for some time to reduce the scars left behind by acne, but research is now being done on lasers for prevention of acne formation itself. The laser is used to produce one of the following effects:

to burn away the follicle sac from which the hair grows to burn away the sebaceous gland which produces the oil to induce formation of oxygen in the bacteria, killing them Since lasers and intense pulsed light sources cause thermal damage to the skin there are concerns that laser or intense pulsed light treatments for acne will induce hyperpigmented macules (spots) or cause long term dryness of the skin. As of 2005, this is still mostly at the stage of medical research rather than established treatment.

Bottom line, hang in there, you will get past this! Sincere best wishes and good luck. Oh, by the way the site that helped me is:

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I was treated there for Acne and scars and my face looks amazing. I already told my coworkers to come! They were always willing to work around my schedule and were extremely helpful and friendly. It worked for me.

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I went to a consultation and was told there hasn’t been anything found to remove acne scarring yet. Some people have a little improvement in the appearance but it was not guaranteed. I was thankful for the honesty, they didnt just take my hard earned money!

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im 13—I got an acne lazer treatment to prevent new acne from comming and then I got the treatment for scars… It seemed to help/ ..

Answer #5

Actually, the truth is the aramis laser is newly approved to treat acne and does not yield very good results. In fact, treating acne with lasers is very complicated. Only one laser may not help altogether. One laser is used to treat the acne while another laser is used to often treat the side effects or redness to reduce any downtime. Also another laser can be used in conjunction depending on your skin type and skin color. I would make sure that a dermatologist is the one that is setting up your program. You need to make a decision based on the experience of the Doctor, the availability of equipment, and if the Doctor addresses your overall needs such as side effects, downtime, and effectiveness. I have seen good results with the Smoothbeam laser, but even that laser may not be right one for you. I looked on the Celibre site and this company honestly does not have the equipment to do the best job of helping your acne. I was shocked after reading about the Doctor Kaplan that he is a plastic surgeon for the neck or throat. He is not a dermatologist and he has another practice other than Celibre. Doctor Kaplan seems let Celibre borrow his degree and reputation, but practices at his own clinic. I find that repulsive. I conclude that because you claim it was lady that recommeded your treatment plan and cost to you and promised you results not Doctor Kaplan. I don’t even like how this company tries to sell themselves using cheap celebrity propaganda. This company seems to try too hard to sell their services and uses Doctor Kaplan’s name while operating as a type of medical spa. It also seems that they been in business for only 4 years. Laser treatments do work great. A simple explanation of how it works is that you remove the hair follicles that cause the pores to close and swell into acne. It’s like getting permanent hair removal on your face, but instead permanent acne removal. Well, it may come back, but with a little maintenance here and there and you won’t have to take any more pills. Don’t get me wrong here. The lasers to treat hair removal are not the same for acne treatment. The other benefit is that the lasers diminish the acne scars also. Remember choose the right Doctor and the right place. You deserve to get the best results whatever the costs. I don’t agree with the above answer by Alashka. Please, you can go cheap on products and maybe even some services, but this is your face we are talking about. Think about it.

Answer #6 Many people feel that their acne is overly embarrassing and unmanageable. I have read story after story of heartache, especially from teens that endure heartless bullying from schoolmates. There are so many different remedies and medications. What most people fail to realise is that each individual has a different biological makeup and what works for one person may not work for everyone. In some cases certain acne treatment can adversely affect already irritated skin. This further causes unnecessary embarrassment and frustration to an already uncomfortable situation. Propaganda fuels misconceptions about different so-called remedies and even causes. The idea that chocolate and oily food causes acne is unfounded. When in truth, makeup, unhealthy skin and even perspiration can cause acne. All of these factors affect the skin. But even your skin makeup can affect your skin and create back acne, scalp acne, large assesses or ingrown hair. There is an acne treatment questionnaire (just navigate to it on the right hand side) done by a company called SkinMed that will help to diagnose acne problems through a series of questions, and then it recommends the best acne treatment for each individual. Teen acne is typically the most difficult to diagnose because of hormonal considerations, but there is a special area meant just for teen acne that has a completely different set of rules when running the formula that determines the best medications or treatments. In some cases simple changes in hygiene and daily washing is all that it takes. The site also has a free offer on an acne facial cleanser that is made up of a three step process. The primary reason most teens, especially boys tend to have more problems with chronic acne is because of a lack of simply washing their face regularly. So this treatment is free and is a way to create a healthy daily routine, while gently healing the skin to prevent acne scarring brought on as a result of squeezing the sores. Once daily cleaning is practiced, and hormonal issues are taken into consideration, a proper treatment regiment can be highly effective. At the end of the day most acne, even teen acne , can be eliminated quickly and permanently with the right motivation. After all, we all want to be beautiful don’t we? Thanks For Reading – Burnface Rovers

Answer #7

Hi! Try to go to other place to ask the price, because everything is about money. A lot of thing what they are talking about can help, that’s just how much. Importent to go to good hands, who can fix this problem and will not make worse. Good luck.

Answer #8

The truth is that different acne patients respond to different acne treatments. The Aramis is not a new laser and has been FDA approved in the US since 2003 and has been in use in Europe for many years prior to the US FDA approval. While no one treatment will help with all acne, we are proud to report that we survey every single acne patient at Celibre and our patient satisfaction rate with the Aramis laser treatment program is 80%. While that still leaves 20% of patients unsatisfied with their results, it is a very high % when compared to other acne options. For more information on acne laser treatments visit and for laser acne scar removal visit

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