What do you think about Lady Gagas meat dress?

I think its amazing, & what it stands for is just incredible.

Answer #1

I think the color was just gourgous on her she didnt over do it or to little :D its a good use of meat on the other hand lmfao :) -K-

Answer #2

i,personally, think its horrible that she wore meat. but i think shes amazing for doing something someone else wouldn’t off knowing that she is going to get alot of negative feed back from it.

Answer #3

I seen people on America’s next top model do this. They dressed in meat, and did a photo shoot! :) I think anyone who can wear meat, and still look gorgeous…is awesome. :D What exactly does it stand for?

Answer #4

what does it stand for??

Answer #5

She tells Ellen DeGeneres on her show that it was tied to her protests against the U.S. military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy toward gay soldiers.

Lady Gaga says it was not meant to disrespect vegans or vegetarians, but to say, “If we don’t fight for our rights, pretty soon we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on our bones.”

Answer #6

oh nvm

Answer #7

I don’t mind it. I think it’s cool and to me it shows just how unique Lady Gaga is. And I find it stupid that PETA is making it into this huge thing. Honestly when I first saw it at the VMAs I thought it was just a cool looking dress then I find out it was a meat dress lol

Answer #8

I think its kind of ugly and very gross. I dont get what it stands for either.

Answer #9

Im veggie so personaly it makes me feel sick!

Answer #10

Ooh… I agree with that. :) That’s awesome! :D

Answer #11

What a waste of meat…

Answer #12

if she feels comfortable wearing it, why not? She can wear whatever she wants. Hopefully the meat doesnt smell.

Answer #13

i like it:-) amazing.

Answer #14

Thank you! I mean, sure, it’s an interesting statement, a bit of a stretch, but did she fry it up and eat it afterward at least? Have like a dressmeat party, or something?

Answer #15

If they threw it away, that cow basically died to be worn for a few hours :P

Answer #16

i think she is fu*ked up in the head O_O


Answer #17

She looks like she’s been flayed. The wearing of it doesn’t bother me as much as the wasting of it - there is enough meat there to feed a few families and she made a dress out of it? That’s the part I find shameful.

Answer #18

I would have been very upset if I were the one who had to sit beside her!

Answer #19

sorry still not on the ga ga tip regardless of what crazy sh!t she pulls off. media whore anyone?

Answer #20

oh yea see her at a baseball game a month or so back, she stole Jerry Seinfelds box seats and then proceeded to give the finger to the fans.. six of each, half a dozen of the other..

Answer #21


EWWWW!! Thats just gross to think about because wereing cold wet clothes already get gross but MEAT?? Come on! And even if it was’nt cold warm but still raw meat??!?!?! I don’t know which is worse but both are NASTY!!

Answer #22

lol, exactly what i was thinking!

Answer #23

I grew up in the generation of Madonna and everyone was always in an uproar over what she wore or didn’t wear and how she lived her life. I think it’s amazing that a celebrity cares enough about the issues to make a stand and face it, the only way to truly get peoples attention is to do something big. We waste so much meat everyday and now we get in an uproar over a woman wasting a few steaks for a good cause, we should be ashamed, not her.

Answer #24

the design of the dress was good until it was RAW MEAT!!!YUCK!

Answer #25

the design of the dress was good until it was RAW MEAT!!!YUCK!

Answer #26

Its so NOT okay for me. I know she’s just doing that to show off or something but its not cool. I know she’s against PETA but there’s a lot more proper way to express that than wearing a stupid meat dress.

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