Does anyone else think that Lady Gaga is far from the next Michael Jackson or David Bowie?

This is just my personal opinion. I believe that while she is talented and marketable, I think she is highly overrated. I’m just asking for opinions and views, out of curiosity. No hate, please.

Answer #1

DEFINITELY. She’s too weird, I don’t think she will be very popular in the next couple of years. She’s definitely overrated. Some of her songs are good, but I’m not obsessed with her.

Answer #2

I totally agree. The whole ‘weirdness’ of her will get old soon. People will get bored of her.

Answer #3

Who says that? They’re crazy.

Answer #4

Bowie is WAY better than GaGa

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Answer #6

Okay her Born this way clip has gone abit far,I think its disgusting. I dont like her the way I use to when Pokerface came out.

Answer #7

Pokerface was an okay tune, but after that I lost interest really fast. I find that her songs were made out for more than they actually were, and every time I turned on the radio or watched a music channel on TV, I heard the same song by Gaga over and over again.

Answer #8

Personaly, this is my view so please, can people not take this to any offence ect. but i think she is a bit of an attention seeker, people tend to like her music, she isn’t horrible so that is a good thing. but her constant things that are… ‘different’ is showing me that she wants the spotlight, alot.

Answer #9

Her first songs where good(like her first 3) then she got to weird so I stopped listening to her but she was already fading away

Answer #10

Who is Lady Gaga? LOL

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Answer #12

Thank you, Alyssia. :-D

Answer #13

She’s not really anything special (though I do like her music). Tbh, I don’t think Michael Jackson’s all that great, either. His music was catchy, but I still just don’t get it.

Answer #14

yes, i dont even beelive she should be compared AT ALL to great artists like michael jackson or david bowie

Answer #15

@ ANNIE: Thanx for saying that :) I could never understand what was so brilliand with that little pederast Michael Jackson.As you say; some of his music was good, but still, he was just a weirdo.

And as far as Lady Gaga go, I don’t think I’ve heard more than 1-2 songs from her on youtube, but comparing her to David Bowie is blasphemy!

I once met Bowie at a little coffee shop in Berlin. He was very nice and polite, and we talked about music for ten minutes before I left him alone. That was sooo cool :D

Answer #16

Yeah. The sparkly outfits went waaaaaay over the top of what M.J. did.

Answer #17

My wife and I saw the Fame Mama in concert just this last Tuesday. (This comment summarizes and expands on what I wrote about it in a status update afterward.) I’m impressed not only by her talent, creativity, craziness, and fun music, but also by how hard she works for her fans and how much she loves them. And I loved the mix of ages and generations, more than any other concert I’ve ever been to. It was mostly young people, maybe 15-25, there with each other in groups and gay or straight couples. But there was a father with three adolescent daughters in the row behind us and a young mother with her 6 year old son in front of us, and more like that than I expected, including folks in their 70s (the two of us are both around 60). That’s like four generations in one concert! I should say that that is a big part of what I like about FunAdvice, too (except for the dancing part, lol), so it reminded me of all of our community here. And everyone mixed it up with each other there, too, with more conversation among strangers than most concerts I’ve been to. We were befriended by a young woman sitting behind us who came solo. Watching all the hot little fame monsters in their gaga-esque outfits was a fun part of the show, too! {8^J All in all, a very warm and happy crowd. And lots of standing up out of our seats and dancing!!!

I love how much attention Gaga gives, in a variety of ways, to building a rapport with her fans. It’s hokey, but sweet, and she makes it as real as possible. (That reminds me, the 3 daughters I mentioned before were invited backstage, though I forget why.) I was a big fan in my youth of a couple of artists who did that in a much simpler “flower-child” sort of way (especially “Melanie”), and I still appreciate it. Lady Gaga gives her little monsters lots of big-sisterly encouragement - to care for themselves, for each other, and for others, and at the same time to rebel and be whatever they want and let loose as wild as they feel.

I hadn’t been exposed to Lady Gaga much and didn’t really even think about her at all, until I happened to see her videos for Bad Romance and Paparazzi (sp?). Those kinda knocked me back on my ass, lol. Very creative, witty, wild (but accessible), and entertaining. My wife has a long-time interest in the aesthetics and history of fashion, and we both reveled in Gaga’s costume creations. So then I found some of her old singer-songwriter stuff on Youtube from before she was a pop star and discovered to my surprise that she’s a really serious musician, composer, and songwriter! She didn’t get “discovered,” like most popstars do these days; instead, she climbed her way up the old-fashioned way, by honing her craft and her performance skills while she worked the clubs in NYC for years.

I don’t rank her with my personal musical heroes (Leonard Cohen, Pete Seeger, Donovan, Robert Johnson, and a bunch of Jewish music that you probably never heard of, lol), but as pop music goes, she’s a solid win in my book.

Btw, I like David Bowie and Michael Jackson both ok, but I don’t know that much of Bowie’s music, and I’ve always thought Michael Jackson was best as a dancer.

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