Lady GaGa vs Gwen Stefani

Who do you think is better: Lady GaGa or Gwen Stefani? (Please give a resonable explanation not just because one’s prettier than the other)

P.S. I personally love Lady GaGa, I just want to see what other people think.

Answer #1

Gwen foe shOWE. Major labels put out same crap. There are other original female artists out there that are more eccentric like Robyn, Chiki, Ladyhawke…these are some true originals!!!

Answer #2

I dont think they compare as much as lady gaga vs. kiley minogue

Answer #3

GO GWEN!!! Lady GaGa sucks crap

Answer #4


Answer #5

Gwen Stefani stole her image from Madonna, but at least she did it better.

Fergie stole her image from Gwen Stefani, and she didn’t do it well. (Hell, Nelly Furtado claimed Fergie tried to rip her off too)

But the comparisons of Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue (less popular Madonna clone that’s been around since 80s and gets worse every decade) seem more legit.

The Lady Gaga and Xtina (Christina Aguilera) comparisons seem pretty legit now too. But then again Xtina is a clone of Britney whom is herself a clone of Madonna.

Basically the whole pop music scene is a clone of itself.

You got Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore that tried to ride off Britney’s fame. Now we have Rihanna trying to pull off the whole ~entertainer~ image by having poor vocals but attempting to make up for it with her rather controversial performances as of recent (sexing herself up, and resorting to wiping her crotch across the stage @ VMAs).

Answer #6

I think lady gaga is kool amd all, but she’s oviouly tring to be liek gwen stefani, besides, gwen;s music is better than lady gag, but I do love pokerface and love game better than some of gwen’s music

Answer #7

Gwen Stefani! On the sweet escape album cover gwen has same hair that lady gaga has sometimes and recently lady gaga had the marlyn monroe hair and red lipstick in Its my life music video gwen stefani has that hair and she never goes out without her red lipstick. Also the weird style is also a gwen stefani. But I love lady gaga and she and gwen stefani are very differnt in many ways but Gwen stefani is more layed back and most of her songs are more appropriate for all ages vs. lady gaga singing about a disco stick and songs about getting trashed and all that stuff I think over all gwen stefani is a much better role model and person. But then again lady gaga does some unique stuff

Answer #8

I love lady gaga!! but gwen is the queen when you compare them, gwen could sing paparazzi 10 times better…but I like gaga too

Answer #9

Ok… I have loved Gwen since the beginning, I am talking more than a decade. I haven’t even been into GaGa for a year. Having listened to every song that both these chics sing leads me feel that GaGa’s songs and voice are a little better than Gwen’s. BUT… Gwen gets the trophy for being the most stylish and real. I don’t think GaGa has got it figured out yet. If you look at her Lallapalooza performance (which was before she was known) she seems to be totally different. I think she is really talented but GaGa’s attitude/attire is definitely an act. Gwen is probably the same chic at home as she is on stage… awesome. I really think GaGa has the same sound and style of songs as Gwen, but she can also belt it out like Christina Aguilera (Gwen just leaves a lot to be desired in that department). My personal opinion is that GaGa knows she sounds exactly like Gwen and Christina and that is why she over does it - to set her apart from both of them. GaGa is my favorite artist at the moment though!

Answer #10

I absolutely luv them both! Gaga has a few celebrities who she highly looks up to and is inspired by. Though Gwen is never mentioned in her speeches, it is sooo obvious that she dresses like her (only a bit more outrageous), sounds like her, and they look alike, are dyed blondes (natual brunettes), and a whole list of things they have in common. Gaga’s obviously copying Gwen, as being/ having been both their biggest fans on earth, I almost consider them one artis.

Answer #11

Lady Gaga is IT! As Akon could say ‘so damn beautiful’. Only one thing, she needs a good f**k, from me! I love her songs too! Great!

Answer #12

Gwen Stefani obviously she rocks and I love her to death her songs are awesome and inspiring while lady gaga well…let’s just say she causes no emotion whatsover and she’s just uninspiring.

Answer #13

I love them both. Gwen has amazing writing skills and I really admire No Doubt. Lady Gaga as others have mentioned does have the whole Gwen think going on. I’ve said this before they souhds vey simliar and look very similar.

Although, Originalfad I wouldn’t agree everyone stems from Maddonna. Who do you see going round with bulging biceps and veins popping out of ther arms, wrinnkly and still wearing tiny clothes at the age of 51?

Gwen Stefani wasn’t like Maddonna. Fergie most definalty doesn’t dress like Gwen and Rihinna is actually talented. Yes, everyone gets vibes from others styles and mixes it in to theirs. Check out lady Gaga’s hoods? Grace anyone. She’s even admittted she takes a lot from her. Everyone is a mix of everyone!!

Answer #14

I think that they are both pretty equal. I wouldnt say that Gaga is copying Gwen, I’d say that she idolises her. They sound pretty similar (especially in Lady Gaga’s song Paparazzi. I have no idea where kylie minogue comes into it, the only thing in common they have is hair colour

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