What would you do 4 a klondike bar?

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push a bunch of kids down at a playgroud wearing a cowboy hat a tutu and 1 rubber boot singing the final countdown

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Not much because I don't even know what a klondike bar is lol xD

3 musketeers bars?

ANSWER #3 of 9

I would do just about anything for one.. The Reese's kind are the SH!T.
But the real question is- What would Jesus do for a Klondike bar?

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ANSWER #4 of 9

Now, if we were talking about pickles...that's a different story.
haha I love pickles. ;)

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ANSWER #5 of 9

I'd sh*t my pants

What does a 4 oz. portion of chicken look like?
ANSWER #6 of 9

Anything.. ^.^

Which sweet/candy bar are you?

ANSWER #7 of 9

nothing I dont like them

Which is the healthiest way to consume an egg 4 nutrients
ANSWER #8 of 9

I would rather you not ask that question

Which do you prefer for breakfast? Cerial? or Breakfast bars?

ANSWER #9 of 9

I don't know, I'm hungry ^_^

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