Kitchen ideas to improve my use of space

Does anybody have any kitchen ideas I can use to improve the use of the space in my kitchen or tips on space saving techniques? The kitchen is really small, and the counters are a disaster in terms of organization. Thanks!

Answer #1

For the most part, I agree with Dawnslight, with this addition:

Go Up, and get it off the counter. If cupboard space is limited, get a rack that can store your dishes, but can also double as a drying rack, get a pot rack, a magnetic strip along the wall can be a good place to store knives, small metal shelves mounted on the walls are good places to hold glasses and cups- even better if these could also double as places to dry them, You may have to move some small appliances- allow yourself 1 at the most 2- the most popular one that you use and maybe a microwave (you may even end up relocating other appliances to near by but still accessible areas), turning a nearby closet into a small pantry will also help, adding a nearby work station/work surface can also help for prep work. I’ve been able to cook great things in incredibly small kitchens, and by small I mean a converted bathroom with a hot plate on a shelf over top of the toilet with the shower being used as the pantry/ prep area and the refrigerator in a closet down the hall.

Answer #2

first take everything and remove/put back only what u use the most/get u a small self and put in acorner/put things u use let there/if its open shelf cover it with a old color sheet/rug/may a bed spread,with will make the room lighter and a little bigger/and the other stuff put in a box,store in closet/or were u have room for it.

Answer #3

Go to a website like Martha Stewart or something like that, and ask that same question….Because I have no idea. Sorry. Familycoach

Answer #4

Hi save_me

I’ve lived in a small one bedroom apartment with limited kitchen space. Any small appliances I didn’t use alot I stored in a tote and stored them either in a closet or under the bed. I also used hooks to hang cups in the cupboard. What ever you absolutely need on the counter then just stick with that. You can also hang from a wall a nice rack that holds pots & pans. Trays, cookie sheets can be stored on the bottom of the broiler of the stove or even inside the stove. if you can find a small three shelf unit you could put a nice cloth over that to hide your serving bowls or tupperware..etc. The cloth just adds what your trying to store with such a limited amount of space..Hope these suggestions help ya.


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