What kind of SUV is economic wise good?

ima b gettin a car in like 6 months but i dnt really like cars i think an suv is better, i was thinking a Chevrolet Tahoe but i need sumones input

Answer #1

My grandparents have a Tahoe, and they love it. Gets decent gas millage from what they have told me (I don’t remember exact numbers tho). And its very comfy to ride in or drive for long trips :D. Plus its a Chevy, how can you wrong :D.

Answer #2

Chevy Tahoe-Great choice. You’ll get maybe 17 mpg on a good day, but when it comes to safety and the reliability of the 5.7 Liter Vortec engine, where do you go wrong? Depending on the year, if its after I THINK (not sure on this one) 1996, it should be easier to maneuver than the older ones.

Answer #3

17mpg isnt “good’ i honestly dont like honda or toyota but they usually have the most economical cars. im guessing the Rav4 or the CR-V. they should get atleast 20mpg city. depends on how much ur gonna be driving really. if u like to drive a lot then get something with atleast 20mpg. more performance=less economy. the tahoe isnt so economical. for a young person 17mpg is gonna take a lot of ur money unless ur parents will pay for it.

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