What kinds of things do you pack in a carry-on bag for a 5-hour plane journey?

Answer #1

Your carry on bag should have essentials to get you by for a while should your checked luggage get delayed. Put medications, essential personal care items (only small amounts of liquids are allowed now), extra spectacles or contact lens supplies, a change or two of underwear, and perhaps a change of clothes. A travel pillow and a hoodie, small blanket or shawl will make it more comfortable to sack out at the airport if your flight is delayed. I also bring some healthy snacks so I wont’ be at the mercy of airport vendors. A box of Larabars, bags of nuts, and fruit are much healthier than most airport fare but remember you can no longer bring a bottle of water with you so buy a bottle after clearing security.

Answer #2

I usually go on much longer flights than 5 hours but I pack a blanket, a travel pillow, a pad of paper and a box of pencils(if I get bored), sanitizer, lotion, pair of fuzzy socks, extra shirt, underwear, my iPod, peanut butter in a small tupperware and crackers, usually I bring some fruit and other snacks too, I always bring my hair brush and extra hair bands xD, feminine products, and tissues.

Answer #3

Thankyou very much, this has helped a lot.

Answer #4

I thought you couldnt take any food products on a plane, only if it buy it on the plane?

Answer #5

Well that has not been the case for me the past few years o-o They don’t let us take vacuum packed dates but they have allowed crackers and chips and raisins so far o.o I think when we were in the US a few years ago they took my moms apples away from her in one of the air ports XD lol

Answer #6

But they don’t usually do anything about most snacks

Answer #7

fully charged laptop, video games, reading books, little neck pillow, sweater ( they blast that ac on the plains), head phones because theirs suck, writing book, pens not pencils unless you bring a sharpener and somewhere to hold all the mess, blind folds if you want to sleep it through

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