Do you think Kanye West has done enough to redeem himself for his "faux pas" against Taylor Swift at the awards last year?

Now he has written a song to show her how sorry he is….is it time to accept that he’s sorry and move on, or does he need to do more to prove himself?

Answer #1

I think that he’s apologized sufficiently. I still don’t like him much, but he tried to make up for it and went through a lot of trouble, so I say let go. You can only be punished that much for your mistakes.

Answer #2

That was pretty classless of him… But thats up to taylor swift

Answer #3

He is still a d!ck in my opinion. Sometimes sorry isnt enough. She will never get that moment back, he humiliated her on her special night. He apologized on twitter a few days ago as well, hes just doing it to sell his new songs. It took him a YEAR to do all this, like seriously ? The damage was done.

Answer #4

I agree with Irene. He should have never did it at all, now he’s going to suffer like Taylor did when he interrupted her.

Answer #5

I agree…people just need to forgive and forget sometimes. If he is genuinely sorry for what he did, then I say it should be left in the past.

Answer #6

If he was “genuinely” sorry he would have apologized the DAY after it happend, not a year. His career suffered because of his stupid move & now hes trying to get fans back, hes not sorry, its just another stunt to sell his music.

Answer #7

Irene is speaking the truth, I used to like Kanye, but not after that stupid stunt he pulled. If Taylor were reading this, I’m sure she’d agree

Answer #8

If humans dont give him a second chance, God will for sure. I am all about second chances. :) As long as someone is trying to grow.

Answer #9

Well, that is why I said “IF” he is genuinely sorry. I don’t know the whole story, so I couldn’t tell you whether I thought he was, or wasn’t actually sorry. However, I do agree…that if it took a year to apologize, then he is most likely just trying to get people of his case and gain his fans back.

Answer #10

Still he made effort. How can we really tell if a person is genuinely sorry? He was drunk, which made him an idiot and caused him to make an idiotic mistake. I’m not saying that I’m a fan of him all of a sudden, but it is never too late for an apology. A lot of people feel regret years afterwords, we don’t know what is going on in the persons mind.

Answer #11

I just read an article about it (since I didn’t know much about it)…I don’t agree with what he did, I believe it was rude, and obnoxious. I think he should have kept his opinion about who should have won the award to himself. He doesn’t control who gets the awards. It was not his place to say whether Taylor Swift should have won the award or not. However, I don’t think it should ruin him. Yes, he was wrong, but everyone makes mistakes….I think everyone would should let it go, not exactly forget it, but just let it go. Maybe it was a publicity stunt, maybe he was just voicing his opinion, and maybe he is really sorry. Nobody can say whether he is actually sorry or not. Maybe it took some time to realize what he did was uncalled for, and feels bad about it….maybe he is just trying to win everyone back. Nobody knows but him.

Answer #12

I agree with Irene Kruger….(I didn’t know he was drunk!)….that changes it a little bit. People do stupid things when they are drunk, they aren’t thinking clearly. I don’t think he would do something like that if he was sober.

Answer #13

See if this was the FIRST time it happend, i wouldnt care, but its not, hes done it to other people aswell, he wasnt sorry then, he isnt sorry now.

Answer #14

That’s what the news said. Don’t know if it was true.

Answer #15

How do you know he isn’t sorry? I still maintain that if he apologised and went through effort to apologize then it is fine. Why should he be punished for doing something wrong for the rest of his life.

Answer #16

Because when you are sorry you dont keep doing the same thing over & over & over. He acts like a d!ck everywhere he goes, if he doesnt win suddenly to him something is wrong, he has offended TONS of artist during award shows, the only difference is this was Taylor Swift, Americas sweetheart, people felt so bad for her because she does nothing wrong, in the end this time it bit him in the ass & he lost a lot of money & fans. Tweeting sh!t doesnt make him sorry.

Answer #17

Well, I didn’t hear that he has done it before….and I don’t know if it is true or not. I don’t think any of us know the WHOLE story. The media does twist things a lot you know….

Answer #18

i think Kanye should hav been a little more careful going to that awards show drunk. He KNEW he was going to be live on television, and because je over drunk, that showed he didnt care what he was going to do. he brought it on himself.

Answer #19

He HAS done it before. ill show you the video of one i remember quite well.

Answer #20

Like I said we don’t know what a person is like inside and how he felt at that time. I’m still maintaining that he did enough for people to forgive him.

Answer #21

G*y fish cant redeem themselves, he just needs to stay at the bottom of the ocean. it’s a South Park refrence if you think im insane XD

Answer #22

I know he did it before. Doesn’t mean that he isn’t sorry.

Answer #23

no offense to anyone here….

First of all personally there is a reason why his career took forever to take affect & why everyone dissed him…too bad someone actually gave him a chance & he became a success!

I may have found 2 songs of his in his entire career that I actually enjoyed listening to when he is not being a racist pig…(dont front everyone we all know how racist he is…he shows it all that time! Only this time, he picked on the wrong biatch to stick it to! Beyonce was all smiling & laughing about it all proud up there…(let me just state for the record…I loved Beyonce til that night…I never really paid much attention to Taylor Swift’s music til that night & maybe know 2 songs because of it…so it is not all that bad…with that said what Mr Kanye West did was a disgrace…it was humiliating…not to mention intentional to make some noise because Mrs Beyonce was in the same nomination & Taylor won…so his little stunt back fired right up in his face…) Did he really mean that apology back then…hell no…that is why Mrs Beyonce wanted to show good faith & allowed her to have her moment when Beyonce won…to show that she has a soul, and is willing to share the grace…let me tell you…if she wouldnt have done that Mrs Beyonce would be as sorry as Mr Kanye is atm!

Maybe now he learned his lesson after he dropped down & his crap isnt selling…for the bios person he really is! I say let him fry in his own ju!ces til its all dried up!

Sorry…i am not a Taylor fan, actually a really huge Beyonce fan, but I had a moment of truth that night…and the reason why i still listen to her stuff is because she showed remorse…she did something heartless…publicity stunt or not…she showed some respect & class & that is one reason why I am still giving her the time of day…As for Kanye…pfft not a chance in hell!

Just my 2 cents!

Answer #24

I personally don’t know why people made such a big deal in the first place. I don’t know if it’s just because I don’t like Taylor Swift but what he did wasn’t that bad. At least to me it wasn’t. He said sorry so let’s move on. I can’t believe some people even wished him dead. That makes me confused cause he could’ve done a whole lot worse. And it seems that more people love Taylor Swift out of it because they feel sorry for her. People blew it way out of proportion and they should just let it go

Answer #25

oh come on…what he did wasnt that bad. you guys are acting like hes hitler or something. And i dont see how it was racist. we all make mistakes. in my opinion, obama shouldnt have been elected president. if i go out there a make a public statement about that are you guys gonna say im racist? he apologized. everyone needs to get over this whole thing

Answer #26

everybody makes mistakes. we are human..he did enough on my count. he humiliated himself, lost fans and what more? isn’t that enough?

Answer #27

Well i think it was very wrong for him to do that but he was waisted at the time im sure he didnt really want or mean to say that to Taylor.

Answer #28

He interrupted Taylor during HER moment of an award that SHE received, even Beyonc’e was shocked, not sure about embarrassed, and to make it worse, it looked like she wanted to cry after he left. What man makes a woman cry, and on stage in front of billions of people.

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