Anyone still like Kanye West after what he did to Taylor Swift?

Did you all watch the VMA’s when Kanye West jumped on the stage in the middle of when Taylor Swift won the “Best female album” award? Then he said Beyonce should have won.

I couldn’t believe he did that. Does anyone still like him after that?

Answer #1

He was a big jerk,but her at least learned from it,I think…

Answer #2

I adore beyonce she is like my idol but you could tell by her face she was in shock she was like :O I think she is really nice for inviting taylor back up, I think kanye west needs to grow up and if he thought beyonce had one of the best videos of all time(which I agree with him) then he should tell her on her own not when Taylor was trying to give her speach I thought thats was disgraceful !!!
Love Beyonce’s biggest fan :) xxx

Answer #3

NO I always have not liked him hes cocky

Answer #4

I didn’t think it was that big of a deal all he said was beyonce had one of the best video’s of all time.. he didn’t say she should of won. he implied it I guess you can say but really it wasn’t nothing major bc she got her moment.. kayne has some good music out there you have to give him props it was just freedom of speech..taylor swift is the one who made the change to the pop music instead of just sticking to country she should just suck it up I honestly don’t like the chick and don’t feel sorry for her. you should feel sorry for beyonce she got put on the spot and had to pick up the piecesss she is a great artist and deserved that award not some little country singer and I’m not hating on country bc I’m a big country lover I just hate her

Answer #5

I think some losers do but soo many people hate him now…I deleted him off my itunes!

Answer #6

I hate taylor swift. she was cool at first, but she is just stupid now. love story was overplayed and annoying and you belong with me is getting really lame after hearing it for the 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000th time. I actually didnt think it was a big deal until I heard all the media from it. I dont think it was something to be so appalled at.

Answer #7

I don’t really like him as a singer but some of his songs aren’t bad. I don’t really like Taylor Swift anyways, so I wasn’t too angered about it. Although he did drink before the show, so that could be a factor there.

Answer #8

I was never fond of him from the beginning. Although I do like his songs. But the Taylor Swift incident made me lose a lot of respect for him.

Answer #9

Heck no,it’s the biggest talk at my school,one of my friends who is still a fan of his I told them he’s a complete jacka** for what he did,I said more stuff but I can’t put it in my answer. I’m pretty sure Taylor is still pretty hurt from it and Beyonce looked so embarrassed from it.

He deserved to get booed off stage and honestly,I did the same thing even though I was at home watching it.

Answer #10

He seems racist, but I cannot judge him. Nobody is perfect. I am not a big Taylor Swift fan. I love Beyonce, I feel worse for her, because Kanya put her in a rough spot. As far as I am concerned Beyonce is an angel.

Answer #11

taylor deserved that award! Beyonces video was freakin stupid anyways! Didnt have nothin to it just her shakin her a** in the camera! She shouldnt have even won the award she did for that stupid video! Kanye just a POS and I find it funny out of all the things he was nominated for he didnt win NOTHING! So not only is he a big POS D-bag.. he’s a BIG LOSER haha sucks to be him! Just trying to get some attention but too bad for him it was all negative! I love that Taylor got a standing applause from the crowd and they booed everytime Kanyes name was mentioned! I LOVE IT! lol. LOVE TAYLOR SHE’S AWESOME AN DESERVED THAT AWARD! SCREW KANYE! NEVER LIKED HIM IN THA 1ST PLACE!

Answer #12

I didn’t watch the VMA’s but I heard about this. I personally don’t like Taylor Swift OR Kanye West. But from what I heard, I don’t think there was really anything wrong with what he said, but he should of waited until AFTER Taylor was finished talking instead of interrupting her. Or even better, he could of told Beyonce how he felt about her video personally after the awards.

Answer #13

Eh, Kanye needs to go crawl in a hole with the man-lady he calls a lover. =] I’m glad all these celebrities are lashing out at him and shunning him. He should feel like THE BIGGEST jerk walking around the planet today. TMZ has some pretty good articles about what the celebrities are saying and such and some of them aren’t being to eloquent, but they are all getting the point through loud and clear. I think Kanye should be kissing his career goodbye after last year’s outburst and then an even bigger one this year. Heck, his video was up for Video of the Year with Beyonce’s, it wouldn’t have surprised me if he had jumped on stage and said, “Yo girl, I’m happy for you and I’m gonna let you finish, but I had the best video, the best video of the year.”

Answer #14

I have never liked Kanye West. He’s a whiney, egotistical, talentless jerk who pouts and throws tantrums whenever he doesn’t get his way. He’s a spoiled brat who has obviously been over-indulged his whole life and therefore feels entitled to spout off whatever nonsense jumps into his head because he’s vain and ignorant enough to believe he’s right.

Mr. West needs to grow up, stop acting like a cry-baby and behave like civilized individual.

Answer #15

I didn’t watch it, and this is the first time I heard of it (I don’t get out much lol) but Kanye West has been in the music industry for a while. He should know how to behave and that’s pretty childish and immature of him. Obviously, people felt Taylor Swift deserved the award more than Beyonce. I remember he did that before a few years ago, when he felt he should have one but didn’t, so he jumped on stage and had a temper tantrum. That’s so unprofessional.

Answer #16

no I love taylor swift shes so pretty and me and my mate ran up the street singing love story shes the best hes a d**k for putting her down if he did she shouldnt listen to him x x

Answer #17

Kanye West = Gay Fish ^_^

Answer #18

he was being a bich and needs to grow up!!!

Answer #19

Ehh… It was pretty rude, but I still like some of his songs.

Answer #20

I never liked kenye west like no offense but hes not even a good artist his music SUCKS well thats just my opinion but after the whole taylor swift thing it made me hate him even more I have a lot of friends who literally threw out his cd’s and took of all his music from there ipods and pc’s

Answer #21

yes I still like him!! he sed what he thought and you can knock I guy 4 saying whts in his hed

Answer #22

I wast surprised, he always does sh*t like that I never liked him anyways

Answer #23

I wasn’t fond of him to begin with, lol

Answer #24

it was taylors first award I hate him

Answer #25

I still love Kanye…he didn’t hurt my feelings lol! Why should people actually take that OBVIOUSLY STAGED incident to heart?? I love Beyonce too…thats why she ended up winning “video of the year” anyway! She worked hard for it!

Answer #26

he really is a gayfish lol

Answer #27

I think he was so fricking stupid. I dont like him well I dont like him as a person but his music is good. taylor deseverd that award because her video was super creative I mean I love beyonce but taylor deseved that award

Answer #28

I dont like him at all he is very imature, ignorant, and EVIL I just dont see how anyone (drunk or not)could do that to anyone exspecially at their 1st VMA

Answer #29

yes very immature and ignorant, I think beyonce should have won but taylor swift won and thats that so yes very mean

I heard beyonce let her speak when she won an award so 2 thumbs up for her

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